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Publication: Gopher Ebay
Tenacious D, Boxing Gloves, Wall Safe, and More

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                   May 25, 2006                 

Found a great website the other day that I thought 
you all would enjoy. It's the #1 website for free, 
safe and easy to download screensavers and wallpapers.
They feature the best selection. 

Happy Bidding!
email Serena

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          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Should the Mexican government pay healthcare costs for the 
11 million illegal immigrants from Mexico?

     Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit: 
Question of the Week

TENACIOUS D vintage school of rock JACK BLACK punk L
Auction ends: May 31st

If you love Jack Black....or know someone who does then this 
shirt is just what you need to bid on.
TENACIOUS D vintage school of rock JACK BLACK punk L

MotorTrend Windshield Repair Kit - NEW 
Auction ends: May 27th

The Motor Trend Windshield Glass Repair Kit makes it easy 
to repair your car windshield with this handy kit. Simply 
place the plastic bridge over the damaged area, insert the 
specialy formulated resin and screw injector. That's it! 
Your windshield will be ready for the road with professional 
results that will last! Now you can instantly repair chips, 
cracks and scratches on any windshield saving you time and 
MotorTrend Windshield Repair Kit

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Start an Affiliate Program. And now it's easier and more
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Auction ends: May 30th

Get in shape and have fun with this set of boxing gloves 
and headgear. You'll feel like a real boxer in the ring when 
you put on these authentic boxing gloves and throw some 
punches. The two pairs of gloves weigh a little under a pound,
and the two sets of headgear are size large. They both lace 
up and fit most teenagers or young adults. Comes in colors 
red or black, colors vary unless specified.

Hidden Wall Safe - NEW
Auction ends: May 26th

What looks like an ordinary socket is actually a mini-wall 
safe! An unlikely place for thieves to look. Keep your money, 
jewelry, and other valuables in the compartment behind the 
socket. Easy to install. 
Hidden Wall Safe

Is Your Pet Part of the Family?

If you're like most pet owners, your pet is extra special to
you and your family. We understand that and have devoted
our site and services to reflect this. Here are five reasons
why we are the #1 site on the net for you and your pet.

* Convenience - your pet's medication delivered directly to
  your door.

* Free Shipping - you can get free shipping on orders over $39.

* Price - Save on all your pet's health care needs.

* Quality - just like your vet, we provide US FDA/EPA approved

* EXTRAORDINARY Customer Service - We truly care about your
  pets and want to help.

Come and visit... we'll help you save time and money.

Save at 1-800-PetMeds

Wolfgang Puck 20-piece Cookware Set $ave 50% 
Auction ends: May 27th
Get ready to take your cooking exploits to a new level with 
our set of Wolfgang Puck 20-piece Cookware. You receive 
virtually everything you need to cook for your family or a 
crowd including 2 covered saucepans, a universal steamer 
insert, covered chicken fryer, stirfry and stockpot; open 
omelet pan and giant, do-almost-anything braising pan with 
stainless rack and medium dome lid. And to ensure that your 
cooking tools are as great as your cookware, we're also 
including 5 of them for spectacular results every time. 

Wolfgang Puck 20-piece Cookware

3 in 1 Megaphone with Light & Siren - NEW 
Auction ends: May 26th

This compact and portable megaphone can be heard and seen 
up to 100 feet away because of the bright LED light and 
powerful siren. Made of tough ABS it's a great item in a 
Disaster emergency kit, at sporting events, boating, family 
gatherings and more. Requires only 3 AAA batteries (not 

3 in 1 Megaphone with Light & Siren

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     This Summer Turn Your Door Into a Screen Door

The warm summer months are upon us and it is time to keep 
your home cool without worrying about pesky bugs invading 
your home. Instantly install this screen door on any frame 
up to 36". And with the hook and loop hinge it opens and 
shuts as easily as any door. When you no longer need it, 
simply remove, twist and fold for easy off season storage. 
This is the only screen door available for under $20. Get
better ventilation in your home now when you visit:

Instant Screen Door

Tao XM Satellite Radio Portable Receiver
Auction ends: May 27th

XM's programming is so good, you'll want to take it every
where you go — and thanks to Tao, you can. With the TXM1020 
XM2go radio, you can listen to XM at home, in your car, and 
through a set of earphones in the great outdoors.

Tao XM Satellite Radio Portable Receiver

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