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Publication: Gopher Bits
Violent behavior modification experiments.

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           GOPHER BITS - Friday, October 13, 2006
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I recently picked up an old favorite on DVD, "The Great 
Outdoors" with the late, great John Candy and SNL alumnus 
Dan Aykroyd. In my opinion one of the best comedies ever 
put on film. Just for you folks I actually sat down and 
transcribed one of the funniest scenes in the movie. 

This is shortly after John Candy as Uncle Chet scared the 
hell out of the entire family with the bald bear story. 
Uncle Roman goes upstairs to his little girls' bedroom to 
tuck them in and reassure them that there is nothing to be 
frightened of. A great quote for Friday the 13th, I think. 

  "Good Evening. How's it going? Listen girls, ah, as 
  your father I feel it incumbent upon me to set the 
  record straight on the validity of the tale that 
  Uncle Chet shared with us this evening. I know that 
  a terrifying story like that, coming from the mouth 
  of a recognized authority figure, can be traumatizing 
  for kids like yourselves. I know that because I had 
  a similar experience with my Uncle Roy and a story he 
  used to tell about a family that went into the woods 
  and was attacked by a band of escaped army psychiatric 
  patients who had been subjected to violent, hellish, 
  torturous behavior modification experiments. It seems 
  they escaped from the metal boxes the army kept them 
  in, found this family in the woods, fell upon them, 
  slaughtered them and ate them. Now, that story gave 
  me nightmares not to be believed. I don't want Uncle 
  Chet's bear story to upset you in the same way. I'm 
  here to say that there actually is no bear and that 
  all of what Uncle Chet was saying was just a yarn 
  spinning for our entertainment." 

   --Dan Aykroyd as Uncle Roman in "The Great Outdoors"


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A new medical building containing 100 offices had just been 
completed. Mark was hired to paint the numbers 1 to 100 on 
the doors. How many times will Mark have to paint the number 


"We'd have more luck playing pick-up sticks with our butt-
cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before 

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Paris Seeks Restraining Order Against Shanna Moakler...

Paris Hilton is so distraught following a recent encounter 
with Shanna Moakler at a Los Angeles nightclub, she is taking 
out a restraining order against her. Paris is seeking the 
order in response to an incident early last Wednesday at the 
Hyde night spot, during which Moakler allegedly punched her 
in the face. Paris is quoted in the Star, "I'm scared of her. 
I feel like I have to do something to protect myself." The 
hotel heiress was talking to her former flame Stavros Niarchos 
III when Shanna apparently approached her screaming expletives. 

Paris added, "She threw a punch in my left jaw so hard." She 
then says Niarchos threw his drink in Shanna's face, but adds, 
"He never touched her. She was never touched by anyone." Both 
women filed police reports regarding the incident, with 
Moakler claiming Niarchos pushed her down some stairs. Moakler 
was reportedly unhappy about reports suggesting Hilton is 
romantically linked with her estranged husband Travis Barker.

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-------------- A Baby By Any Other Name... -----------------

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husband is an avid sports fan, you might not want to let him 
be in charge of naming the baby. Otherwise, you might end up 
like Leann Real, who now has a bouncing baby boy named ESPN. 
Real had promised her husband that if they had a son he could 
pick the name. Well, she made good on her promise, and ESPN 
Montana Real was brought into the world this week. Proud papa 
Rusty chose ESPN (pronounced Espen) after the sports network 
and Montana after football legend Joe Montana. "We were the 
talk of the hospital," Rusty Real said. "The nurses kept 
asking my wife if she was really going to let her husband 
name him ESPN. She said, 'Oh, yes.'"

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********************* WEEKLY JOKES ********************** 


Mary: "My last boyfriend said he fantasized about having 
two girls at once." 

Jill:  "Yeah, most men do. What did you tell him?" 

Mary: "I said, 'If you can't satisfy one woman, why would 
you want to piss off two?'"

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    ? This Week's BRAIN TEASER and MOVIE QUOTE Answers ?
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A new medical building containing 100 offices had just been 
completed. Mark was hired to paint the numbers 1 to 100 on 
the doors. How many times will Mark have to paint the number 

TEASE ANSWER: 20 times

9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 
96, 97, 98, 99


"We'd have more luck playing pick-up sticks with our butt-
cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before 


- John Candy as Del Griffith in "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"

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