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Publication: Gopher Bits
Living on the edge.

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           GOPHER BITS - Friday, October 20, 2006
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The wife has given me a full schedule of Halloween prep-
aration chores and activities for this weekend, so I don't 
have much time to sit and chat. I don't have any exciting 
stories for you today anyway. The biggest thrill I've had 
this week has been frying breakfast sausages without my 
pants on.


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     ? Guess This Week's BRAIN TEASER and MOVIE QUOTE ?
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We capture light, and yet we don't. 
We reflect rays of sun, and yet we don't. 
Without us all the world is gray and dull for everyone. 
What are we?


"If you want to stay handcuffed to your dead brother, that's 
fine. But your not dragging me along. Not anymore." 

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Squirrely's Film Quotes and TV Trivia

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Speed Racer Collectible DVD Series

********************* CELEBRITY NOOZ *********************

Scary Spice Pregnant with Murphy's Baby?

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is reportedly expecting 
boyfriend Eddie Murphy's baby. Word is she's four months 
pregnant. It will be Eddie's eighth child and Melanie's 
second. According to reports, Melanie confirmed the news 
while shopping at Le Bra Lingerie boutique in West Holly-
wood on Saturday. She is a frequent customer and admitted 
that the pregnancy had left her feeling tired. 

In April, Eddie's divorce from his ex-wife Nicole became 
final. Eddie has five children with Nicole, a son with 
Tamara Hood and another son with Paulette McNeely. Melanie 
has a seven-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, from her 
previous marriage to Jimmy Gulzar. The news comes amid 
rumors that the couple are set to tie the knot sometime 
next month.

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*************** BIZARRE STORY OF THE WEEK **************** 

--Who Wants a Piece of $20 Million Diamond Wedding Cake--

BEVERLY HILLS - Los Angeles organizers concede what's being 
called the world's most expensive wedding cake because of 
its real diamond frosting likely won't be eaten by anyone. 
The $20 million cake was unveiled Monday night in Beverly 
Hills as part of the launch of the Luxury Brands Bridal 
Show, which begins next weekend. The opulent cake was a 
collaboration between Mimi So Jewelers and the cake design 
firm Nahid La Patisserie Artistique. CBS News quoted show 
organizer Ilona Sherman as saying: "I doubt anyone's going 
to eat it. Diamonds are too hard on the stomach."

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********************* WEEKLY JOKES ********************** 


A man picks up a young woman in a bar and convinces her to 
come back to his hotel. 

When they are relaxing afterwards, he asks, "Am I the first 
man you ever made love to?" 

She looks at him thoughtfully for a second before replying. 
"You might be," she says. "Your face looks familiar."

      (WARNING! Contains adult humor and language) 

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I overheard my father telling a family friend about my newly-
assigned mission in the U.S. Coast Guard. I work on a cutter 
that escorts cruise ships and international vessels under the 
bridges in California's Bay Area. But what my father told his 
friend was, "She's involved in some sort of escort service."

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I'm Walking Here....

Here's an item (the Telescopic Walking Stick) that I never 
really thought I would use. But I decided to try it out
when we went for a walk along a trail a few weeks ago. 

It was fun to use.... yes I said fun. When we would come up
to a stream, I would poke at things in it. I also used it
when I wanted to venture off the beaten path, just to make
sure that there were no snakes in front of me. Believe it or 
not, it made the walk more enjoyable. Check it out and the 
unbelievable low price. 

Normal Price: $19.99

Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a little
extra help walking around, the Telescopic Walking Stick is
just what you need. It's fully adjustable to fit your height
and the spring loaded shaft helps reduce strain on your wrists, 
back, knees, legs and feet. With a built in compass it will get 
you through hard rocky terrain or just across the street. 

Make Walking Fun with The Walking Stick

******************** WEEKLY VIDEO CLIP *********************

                Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster

It's a safe bet that this kid will never ride on a roller 
coaster again. The poor guy starts sliding out of his seat 
after the ride starts and he just freaks out. It's painful 
to watch, but it's hard not to laugh. 

View it at: Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster

More great videos for every interest at:  www.evtv1.com 

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    ? This Week's BRAIN TEASER and MOVIE QUOTE Answers ?
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We capture light, and yet we don't. 
We reflect rays of sun, and yet we don't. 
Without us all the world is gray and dull for everyone. 
What are we?



"If you want to stay handcuffed to your dead brother, that's 
fine. But your not dragging me along. Not anymore." 


Josh Hartnett as John Tate in "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later"

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