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          GOLF TIPS - Friday, January 11, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

I love Hank Haney's advice. Do yourself a favor and go out and
buy his book:  "The Only Golf Lesson You'll Ever Need" because
it's fantastic. Today's issue has three tips from Haney.

Remember: Stay limber in the off season.


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3-Wood To Chip
By Hank Haney

On this tip I want to talk about a shot where you are facing a
real difficult situation from just off the edge of the green.
You don’t have a very good lie and there is a difficult pin 
placement, the flag is tucked behind a ridge. Remember
sometimes the easiest play is just the safest play, and the
safest play in this situation would be a putter. Just roll the
ball along the ground because your worst putt is never going
to be as bad as your worst chip, so a putter is a good play.

A variation of that is to use a three-wood. It is a shot that
Tiger Woods has used a lot and many other people have been
trying with quite a bit of success. You hit this shot just as
if you were putting.

Grip down on the club so that that your hands are all the way 
down to the shaft at the bottom of the grip; Stand close to
the ball and upright with the club; and hit the three-wood
just as you would your putter.

Now the three-wood has some loft on it so it will get the ball
just on top of the first cut of grass and then the ball will
roll over the green to the hole. It is a very safe play and
can be very effective. So try the three-wood when you are just
off the green, it will roll just like a putt and it is easier
than a chip.


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One-Piece Takeaway
By Hank Haney

How you start the club back away from the ball sets up your
whole golf swing and amateurs always want to know what I do
to get a one-piece takeaway. Well, the one-piece takeaway has
a few moving parts to it, so I don’t know if it would really
be called a one-piece takeaway, but here is the correct

A few things happen when you take the club back. The first
thing is that your wrists hinge up and down in the golf swing.
Now it does not look like that when you are swinging because
you are doing several other things at the same time. You are
turning your left shoulder as you go back, you are swinging
your arms back and up, and you are rotating your forearms.
You cock your wrists, you turn your shoulders, you swing your
arms back and you rotate all at the same time.

This is the takeaway that gets your golf club coming back
right along the angle of your shaft and right on the correct
plane. If you get your takeaway on-plane you have a better
chance of getting the rest of your golf swing on-plane and
hitting better shots. So cock your wrists up, not in, but up.
As you turn swing your arms back and rotate your left forearm
to get on the plane. If you don’t cock your wrists the club
goes inside too much. If you don’t rotate your arms the club
is going to be too upright.

Cock your writs, swing your arms back, turn your shoulders
and rotate your forearms. That gets you on the correct plane
and gives you a good chance of coming down on the correct
plane and hitting a better shot.


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Proper Body Movement: The Pivot
By Hank Haney

There are two elements to the golf swing: how you pivot your
body; and how you swing your hands and arms. The body pivot
is so important. If you don’t turn your body correctly then
it is difficult to swing your hands and arms on the proper
plane. When you turn your body what you are looking for is
you want to rotate and keep your body centered.

So I turn my shoulders keeping my head centered, turning back
and turning through. If I am going to make a mistake I would
always rather move back a little bit as opposed to leaning
forward and doing a reverse pivot. You keep yourself centered
when you pivot and you keep the bend forward from your hips 
the same the whole time.

If I am turning correctly, the angle that I turn at is the
same angle that I start at address. If I make an incorrect
turn I am either tilting my shoulders or I am leveling it out
too much. Keep your posture, rotate on your angle, keep your
center and turn back. The pivot is the key to getting your
swing back on the correct plane. If you do not pivot properly
you have little chance to swing your hands and arms on the
correct plane.

Both of these elements work together in the golf swing. If
you don’t have one then you probably do not have the other.
If you do have one it does not necessarily guarantee that
you will have the other one. You have to get them both
working together. The proper pivot is a great place to start.

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