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          GOLF TIPS - Friday, September 14, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

What great golf we are witnessing. These guys are all peaking
at the right time. The last few matches have been so exciting.
It's sad to know that the season is coming to an end, but at
least my family will be allowed to watch something else on TV
during the weekends. Up to now it's been all golf.


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Keys to High, Soft Flop Shots

By Eden Foster
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

The Mistake You Hate

Seemingly simple pitch shots that you end up hitting only a foot
or two because you scoop under the ball instead of hitting down
on it.

The Silver Lining

The reason you muff short pitches is that you stop turning your
hips on your throughswing, which causes your left wrist to break
down and sends the clubhead flipping out in front of your hands.
On most shots, wristy impact is a recipe for disaster. However,
when you have to pop the ball high and soft out of greenside
rough, you actually want to flip your wrists.

Get it Close by Getting Wristy

Set up with a slightly open stance and play the ball slightly
back of center. Take your regular pitch backswing, but as you
come back down, slow your arms and hips (something you do
anyway if you often muff pitch shots) and quickly break your
wrists through impact. Don't allow your arms to pass your body.
If it helps to think of folding your left wrist or bowing your
right, do it. At the finish, your right hand should hide your
left. While this is the opposite of traditional short-game
advice, it's exactly what you need in this situation.

Why it Works

Flipping the club past your hands increases the effective loft
of the clubface. So you get extra height on the shot you
normally wouldn't get if you adhered to the standard advice of
keeping your hands ahead of the club at impact, which most
recreational players do as often as Tiger misses the cut. Plus,
deceleration is common on short swings, so you don't even have
to practice this shot. The technique works with any of your
wedges, but to hit the ball extra high and help it land soft
(don't expect much spin with this technique), use your lob

Don't Try it When...

The wrist-break flop shot requires perfect timing and has zero
margin of error from a tight lie, so unless you have a fluffy
lie in greenside rough, don't attempt this shot.

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Swing from Trees

By Dave Pelz
Technical and Short Game Consultant, GOLF Magazine


Your ball is between two trees and you can't make your normal


You need to swing the club more upright, but trying to make
yourself "thin" by standing straight up and then swinging your
club vertically with your hands and arms isn't the answer. 
When you do that, you take your body turn out of the shot and
you'll almost assuredly hit a shank. On the other hand, if you
take your normal stance and posture then your backswing will
be severely restricted, and you won't generate the power you
need to reach the green.

Dave Pelz: How to swing from trees
Leonard Kamsler

Try bending over more from your hips and gripping down to make
your club shorter. The closer to horizontal you get your
spine, the more upright your swing plane will become as you
rotate your shoulders and body through your swing. Even though
the club is shorter, you can still make a full swing with a
more powerful body turn and a normal cocking of your wrists.
As a result, you can generate reasonable power to move the
ball a good distance.


Find a tree near a practice range and hit 10 shots with the
tree two feet behind your ball. Use your normal posture and
grip your 7-iron at full length. The tree should restrict
your normal backswing to no more than three feet, and
severely limit how far you can hit the shots. Next, set up
in the same place, but bend over more, grip down on the
shaft and stand closer to the ball. Take a slowmotion
practice swing to make sure your club swings up and misses
the tree. If it doesn't, bend over even more. Hit 10 shots
as far as you can. In all likelihood you'll hit these both
better and longer than with the limited-length swings.


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Ask Pelz

Question: When I'm putting, should my primary visual focus be
the ball or the spot at which I'd like to start the ball
rolling? I kind of half look at both, and I think that's why
I'm an inconsistent putter.

Answer: Most students in our schools putt best by first
standing behind the ball and imagining the entire track they
expect the ball to roll along. From this position they choose
the line they want the putt to start on. Next they make
practice strokes beside the ball to get a feel for distance.
Finally, as they move into the putt, they aim at a point
somewhere on the aim-line. Once aimed, they look at the ball
as they stroke, with their mind focused solely on generating
the proper speed and distance of the putt.

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