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Publication: Today's Golf
So You Want To Hit A Draw?

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          GOLF TIPS - Thursday, June 19, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

How about that US Open? Boy was that fun! I loved the suspense,
the drama, the playoff, the extra hole and then...the triumph!

Good for Rocco and good for Tiger. Too bad we won't be able to
see Tiger for a while, because he really does make it compelling
to watch. Whether you like him or not, you have to appreciate
his accomplishments and his contributions to the game.


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How would you like to play on a golf course that has unrepaired
divots all over? It would not be very pretty would it? There is
a funny word called etiquette that we have talked about before
and part of etiquette is taking care of your golf course. So
whenever you are out on the golf course and you make a divot
like that you are going to have to fix it.

Down here in Florida, what we do is we put sand in that divot.
This sand container was on the golf cart, I brought it over
here and I am just going to fill that divot with the sand,
smooth it out and tap it down. This is all part of taking care
of your golf course.

If you guys are going to practice quite a bit over on the
driving range when you practice on the driving range you see
divots all over the place. I want you to start practicing like
a pro. If you come up to a place where pros have been practicing
on the range you are not going to see divots all over the place,
big holes in the ground. You are probably going to see a nice
line that starts here and goes back and forms a nice square
because we as pros know that we need to take care of our golf
course just like you do.

So what we are going to do is once we hit a ball, say that is
the end of the divot right there, I am going to bring my next
ball up and I am going to put it right on or close to the back
end of where that divot is. As I continue to hit balls my divots
are going to go back that way here pretty much in a straight 
ine. You have got to take care of your golf course because no
one else will if you don’t.


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Drawing The Ball
By Jimmy Ballard

A lot of times we are asked how to draw the ball. Now I want
you to understand that there is a big difference between a draw
and a hook. A draw is nothing but a perfectly straight ball that
falls to the left. A hook would be a big curve. In this tip we
are talking about draws not curves.

How you do that is very simple. You don’t alter your golf swing
at all; you simply alter the feet in the golf swing and the way
you set up. You change the line your feet are on. Your hips and
shoulders still stay square to your original target line. Now as
we set up for this shot, I am going to start the ball 10 yards
to the right of the target simply because that is how much I want
to draw it. So when I set up to the ball I am lining the blade
and the club 10 yards to the right of the target. My feet and my
hips, shoulders and legs are all in line with the flag.

Obviously if I was aiming the ball at the flag my body would be
lined up to the left of the flag because the clubface and my body
are not on the same line. So from this position here, to draw the
ball, all I would do is drop my right foot back which would make
me take the club back more on an inside path, which would make me
come a little more from inside-out when I released it. This will
get the ball to just turn over a little and fall left.

It is a very simple procedure, you don’t alter anything other than
you leave your hips and shoulders square and you drop your foot
back. All this does is gets you behind the ball so that you can
release the ball down the line and the ball will have a slight
draw to it. But remember now, hooks and draws are different.
You can control a draw because it only falls to the left. You
can’t control a hook because it is a big curve.


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In Between Clubs
By Laird Small

Number seven at Pebble Beach is a very interesting hole. It
is a shot where you are in between golf clubs, which is not
unlike some of the great par threes or even the shots that
you will have at your own golf course. You are in between
golf clubs on a specific yardage. Here I am a little bit
over 100 yards and it is downhill. I can hit my 50 eight
degree wedge, make a big swing and use a lot of wrist. I can
make a smaller swing with less wrist action, more arm feeling,
with my 50 two degree wedge.

Here is where a lot of players struggle in controlling their
distance and being repeatable in their shots. These are your
scoring shots and you are going to have more of these types
of shots on the golf course than you are of any other type of
swing. What a lot of players will do with a more lofted golf
club is they will go back and make a big swing and get a lot
of wrist action in the shot. That shot you will hit a little
bit farther and a little higher but you may not be able to
control your distance as well because your contact will be

Here is another option with a club that has less loft, in this
case a 52 degree wedge, I am going to make a backswing where I
have hardly any wrist action and it is going to be feeling
more of an arm swing. You are seeing Tiger and Phil doing a
lot of this on the golf course when they are playing in
tournaments to control the trajectory of the ball and to
control their distance. They are doing so it might be a nice
idea for you to look at it or investigate it for your game.

Remember, with these types of shots you are not really trying
to hit the ball as far as you can, you are really trying to
control the distance that you hit your ball and see if that
distance that you hit can be repeatable. So when you are
expecting to hit 100 yard shot you can make 100 type swing and
the ball should go that distance. Give this a try first on the
practice range and then transfer it on to the golf course. It
will save you tons of strokes.

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