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          GOLF TIPS - Friday, May 2, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

My brother's driving has suffered lately and he discovered that
his 5 year old driver had somehow gotten a hole punched in it.
He went to a not so local pro shop, tested every driver that
suited his eye and bought the one he liked best. I played with
him the next day and he shot a 79 after missing short birdie
putts on 17 and 18.

Technology really has come a long way in 5 years. My driver is
about 8 years old--I'm thinking a trip to the pro shop might be
in order.


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Fat Shots: Causes and Cures
By Hank Haney

One of the worst shots in golf is the fat shot. The thin shot
usually finds the front of the green, but the fat shot goes
right in the lake in front of you. There are a couple of 
different causes. One is called the steep fat where your club
is coming in too steep and your angle of approach is too sharp
into the ground. It digs into the ground too deep and you hit
it fat.

Another one is what we call a shallow fat. Your club is coming
in too shallow or too close to the ground and too far behind
the ball. You then hit the ground, hit behind the ball and you
hit it fat that way. People who slice the ball usually hit it
fat because of a steep swing; people who hook the ball usually
hit it fat because of a shallow swing.

If you are hitting shots fat because your swing is too steep
you are probably tilting your shoulders instead of turning them.
So when you swing I want you to concentrate on keeping your left
shoulder up and turning back around. In a sense, making your
turn more level. If you swing the golf club more around your
body that will eliminate that fat shot. 
When you look at the other fat shot, one that is caused by too
shallow a swing, your emphasis needs to be on keeping the club
out in front of you and turning your body through. When your
turn your body through that brings the bottom of the swing
forward. It will allow you to contact the ball and then the turf.
If I turn back and don’t turn through I am going to tend to hit
the ground behind the ball.

So for the shallow fat, less back, more through. For the steep
fat, level your turn, swing the club a little more around and
you will eliminate one of the worst shots in golf.

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Wrist Action for Increased Power
By David Glenz

Wrist action in the golf swing is a very important element
because it adds a lot of whipping action to the golf club. A
lot of people try to cock the club with the left wrist during
the takeaway and never get the sense of how to un-cock their
wrists or what having a square clubface would be. A real good
drill here is to put a book between your hands and just take
it back and forth a couple of feet in each direction.

Get thewrist action where it feels more like a bending back
of the wrists as you take the book back and a through bending
of the wrists as you pass the impact position. That is more of
the correct feel of the wrist activity in the golf swing. It
will actually end up being different than it looks because
there is body movement along with the wrist cock. So as you
follow-through, although you might see a cupping of the wrists,
the fact that the body and arms are moving together will
naturally eliminate that cupping.

A lot of people are afraid of this cupping movement, but if I
were throwing a ball with my right hand my wrist action is back
and through, I develop a natural cupping of the wrist once I
have released the ball. Now what happens when I do that with
throwing motion with my wrist and I rotate with my body as if
I am swinging a club? The wrists actually never releases to that
cupped position because the body movement counteracts it. But
we need more of that type of wrist action.

If we are trying to rotate our body and intentionally cock our
wrists, we will never get a sense of the clubface being at a
square position at impact. What we are trying to do in this
drill is get a little bit of wrist whip while timing that with
the movement of the center of the body. For those of you who
played baseball, a real good correlation would be the throw
from the infield when fielding a grounder and just making a
snap throw forward with the wrist.

It would not be a twisting or rotary movement in the entire arm
but just a wrist release as the body is in motion. That is the
tricky thing, not only do the wrists have to set and cock, they
have to release in time with the body while the body moves along
with the wrists. Practice this drill with a book in your hand
and your body in motion and get your wrists loosened up. It’s 
going to add a lot of energy to your golf game.


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Control Chip Trajectory
By Laird Small

On these short game shots the ability to control your trajectory
gives you the player so many choices around the green. I have
three different ball positions here and I am going to hit three
different shots from the same technique, which means the same
grip, the same stance and the same type of swing. What is going
to happen is we are going to hit a low shot, a medium shot and a
high shot.

Where is see most amateurs struggle with this is that they are
trying to hit the low shot and the high shot from the same ball
position. If they want to hit it high, and I see this all the
time, is they tend to try to flip there hands to get the ball
up. If you are going to change and alter the trajectory based
upon the shot that you want to hit you need to change the ball
location in your stance which is going to change the golf club
and the relationship of the handle to the leading edge.

Let me show you exactly what it is going to look like. For a low
trajectory shot, that means the ball is going to run a lot when
it lands on the green, my ball position is going to be back
towards my trailing leg, my club handle is forward and my weight
is a little bit more on to my forward leg. Let's look at it with
a shot. The ball took off low and it is going to run quite a bit.
You notice that my swing was actually a little shorter too.

Now for a medium size trajectory you can see that the ball is
more in the middle of my stance, the handle is just a little bit
ahead of the clubhead, not as much as it was with the low shot.
The ball is going to go a little bit higher and not run as much.

For a shot that I really have to hit it high and stop the ball is
going to be more up in my stance with the handle actually
slightly behind the leading edge of the clubhead. You notice that
my swing was also a different length because I wanted to be able
to hit the shot different distances. This is how you do it. You
need to go out there and practice it a little bit and I think you
will find that around the green you will be able to have more
choices, see more opportunities and hopefully knock some chip
shots in.

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