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Publication: Today's Golf
Great Putting Drill

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, June 4, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

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Square Your Clubface
By John Elliott, Jr.

For this tip we have a red line on the ground, down the target
line, a red line on the center of the face of my 9-iron from
top to bottom, and we have a thick rectangular red line covering
the bottom grooves of my 7-iron horizontally. What does it all
mean? Well it is to help you aim better.

One of the four pre-swing basics in golf is alignment. Not only
do we align our bodies parallel to the target line but we try
to aim the clubface down that same target line. So the big red
line on the ground represents my target line and I will start
with my 9-iron. I have drawn a vertical line on that 9-iron and
I am going to place it on the target line so that you can see
what square actually looks like. You can try this yourself as it
is perfectly legal to do this for practice to have that line on
there. So the square clubface at address comes through my hands
as that controls the face.

Now I am going to switch to my 7-iron and you can see that the
rectangular red line at the bottom horizontally fits perfectly
behind the target red line. The idea here is that when I put my
club behind the ball I now want my face to be perpendicular to
that line and from there I would then spread my feet to take my
stance. I can look down the line and when that club returns to
impact on the downswing ideally it would merge with the red
target line and look right down the target line.

Don’t be afraid to take a marker and mark some of your golf
clubs up so that you can see what you are trying to do. Most
slicers start with the clubface closed at address and the do
not see it. Then they say "it’s closed, that should not make it
slice." Well what happens is since the clubface is closed your
brain tries to fix it and when it does then the ball curves to
the right. So if we can get you to set the club up squarely the
chances of it returning back to square are enhanced tremendously,
thus allowing you to hit a straighter shot. Use lines, learn how,
and have fun with it.


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Find Your Correct Swing Plane
By Hank Haney

I want to give you a tip on how to find your correct swing plane.
Everybody has a plane that they should swing on. How do you find
your correct plane? Well it all starts with your club shaft at
address, when you set the golf club down at address that becomes
the angle of your swing plane. Now that is provided that your
clubs are fitted for you correctly.

When you swing the golf club back, see, you are swinging back
right along the angle of the shaft. The club swings back along
the angle of the shaft, it passes through a point where the
club is parallel to the ground and parallel to the target line.
Then the club swings up, it’s above but parallel to the original
angle of the shaft at address. When you come down, right back
down the same plane and then through on the same plane again.
It’s a mirror image, the plane of your backswing and the plane
of your follow-through.

Now how do you know if your swing plane is correct? Well if
you’re not swinging on the correct swing plane, you’re either
too upright or you’re too flat at various points in your swing.
This swing would obviously be too upright; this one would be
too flat. Well this one’s too flat and then too upright. So
what you want to look at is how your club is coming into the
golf ball. If you’re hitting shots where you’re slicing to the
right, you’re probably too upright. If you’re hitting shots off
the toe and you’re digging into the ground, you’re swinging on
too upright of a plane and that’s what’s causing that ball flight.

If you’re doing just the opposite, coming into the ball on too 
flat of a plane, you’re going to hook the ball. You’re going to
hit it off the heel, and you’re also going to have a tendency to
hit shots thin. So finding your correct swing plane, first you’ve
got to understand where you ought to play, are you too upright?
Or are you too flat? Analyze your ballflight, analyze your
impact and you’ll know where to start with your swing plane.

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Mid-Range Putting Drill
By Steven Bann

This is a mid-range putting drill called “North, South, East,
West.” Mid-range putting is the most under-practiced part of
putting. Most people practice their short putts because they
are afraid of missing their short putts, and they practice
their long putts because they hope that their short putts will
be really short.

Mid-range putts are when you hit a good iron shot onto a green
and you expect to make birdie, or when you hit a nice pitch or
trap shot and you are trying to save par. If you don’t
practice it, you are not going to make those putts. Mid-range
is from seven to 15 feet.

This drill is called “North, South, East, West.” We line up
five balls from seven to 15 feet and we putt these from the
south. Now that might be an uphill putt as it is here. Then
we go over to the east and that will make it a right-to-left
putt, and then we come downhill and then we hop around to the
west we have a left-to-right putt. So you have covered the
four types of putts in the mid-range.

The aim of this game is to make sure that you get at least 50
percent of all putts so you make 10 out of 20. When you can
start scoring more than 10 out of 20, you are going to get
out on the golf course, you are going to look at putts and
you are going to recognize those and you are going to be able
to recall your success in practice and therefore make more

Here we go, the first from seven feet, putting from the south.
Then I work back down the line of balls and I start to get
the feel for this slightly uphill, left-to-right putt. I want
to get good positive recall for when I am faced with a very
similar putt out on the course. There we go, I just made four
out of five and I am going to go out on the golf course where
I know I am going to make more putts in this round.

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