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Publication: Today's Golf
Golf Pack Rat

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          GOLF TIPS - WEdnesday, April 23, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

My wife walked into my home office and spread her arms wide and
asked, "Why don't we sell some of this stuff on eBay?"

I thought for a moment and looked at my various clubs. I started
thinking, 'I could sell that one: no I used it a couple of times
last year. I could sell that one: no, it's good to use out of
hard packed sand. I could sell that one: no, it hits a nice
high fade...'

"Honey," I finally said, "I need all these clubs...Let me
rephrase; I want all these clubs. I can't see giving them up."

She kissed me and said, "OK," then left the room.


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Drawing The Ball
By Jimmy Ballard

A lot of times we are asked how to draw the ball. Now I want you
to understand that there is a big difference between a draw and
a hook. A draw is nothing but a perfectly straight ball that
falls to the left. A hook would be a big curve. In this tip we
are talking about draws not curves.

How you do that is very simple. You don’t alter your golf swing
at all; you simply alter the feet in the golf swing and the way
you set up. You change the line your feet are on. Your hips and
shoulders still stay square to your original target line. Now
as we set up for this shot, I am going to start the ball 10
yards to the right of the target simply because that is how much
I want to draw it.

So when I set up to the ball I am lining the blade and the club
10 yards to the right of the target. My feet and my hips,
shoulders and legs are all in line with the flag. Obviously if
I was aiming the ball at the flag my body would be lined up to
the left of the flag because the clubface and my body are not on
the same line. So from this position here, to draw the ball, all
I would do is drop my right foot back which would make me take
the club back more on an inside path, which would make me come
a little more from inside-out when I released it. This will get
the ball to just turn over a little and fall left.

It is a very simple procedure, you don’t alter anything other
than you leave your hips and shoulders square and you drop your
foot back. All this does is gets you behind the ball so that you
can release the ball down the line and the ball will have a
slight draw to it. But remember now, hooks and draws are
different. You can control a draw because it only falls to the
left. You can’t control a hook because it is a big curve.


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Ball Position in Set Up
By Hank Haney

One of the most commonly asked questions is where do I position
the ball in my stance. Should it be off the left heel or should
it move back towards the right heel as you go through the
progression of clubs? Well the answer is somewhere in between,
the ball should move back for shorter clubs but just a little
bit through your stance.

You will notice here that I have a driver, 5-iron and sand
wedge and the ball position has moved from one club to the next
but only a few inches. All I want to do is set the golf club
down on the ground just like the manufacturer made it. With the
driver the face progresses in front of the shaft, so when I set
that golf club down on the ground my hands are going to be even
to slightly behind the golf ball.

With a 5-iron the shaft comes into the head at a different angle
so now my hands are going to be just a little more forward, and
with a sand wedge even more so that way but it only moves a
little bit throughout the whole set.

Your constant set up position is with your arms. Your arms
should be set down right in front of your body. The triangle
that is formed by your hands, arms and shoulders should sit
down right in front of your body. The one thing that you might
want to check if you have a tendency to push the ball to the
right you might have the ball too far back in your stance. That
causes you to contact the ball to early and push it to the

If you pull the ball to the left you may have the ball too far
forward in your stance. This causes you to pass the point where
you should be straight and if you do not have the ball there
you contact it too late and pull the ball to the left. So check
your ball position if you are pushing or pulling, but start off
by getting your arms set in front of your body and set the golf
club down on the ground just like the manufacturer made it.

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Ball Position for Juniors
By Ty Andersen

Kids, here is a tip about ball position. As we have talked
about before with the set up I always have you do the same
thing. When I say the same thing I mean have you put the club
down heal, toe and sole flat on the ground behind the ball. I
have you put your feet together and then spread your feet out
under your shoulders. But where do I put the ball? It depends
on what club I am using.

In this case here I have a pitching wedge in my hand. This
club is built just like that so that the grip and shaft lean
forward. When I set up to this ball watch what I do here. Club
heel, toe and sole flat on the ground, feet together. I know I
want this ball in the middle of my stance so I spread my feet
out equally in each direction and the ball is in the middle of
my stance. That is with a pitching wedge.

If I am going to hit a driver I do not want the ball in the
middle of my stance because I don’t want to be hitting down on
it. I want to be hitting up on it. So what I am going to do is
I am going to take the driver and do the same thing, take the
heel, toe and sole, place it right down behind the ball, put
my feet together. Now I know I want the ball inside my left heel
so what do I do? I put it on my left heel. Put the ball on the 
left heel and step back with your back leg, that is going to be
the position for my driver. Same thing if I am on the putting
green and I have a putter in my hand.

If I have a putter I am going to put in on the ground, heel,
toe and sole flat on the ground, put my feet together. I know
I want the ball up near my front heel because I want to be
hitting up on this ball and I just place it there. The point
being you let the club set you up depending on the loft of the
club but your set up is always going to be the same no matter
what club you have in your hand. Heel, toe and sole flat on
the ground. Feet together. Spread them out and then basically
put that ball exactly where you want it. Whether you want it
in the middle, up front or in the case of chipping, you want
it off your back foot. If you follow these rules that is going
to be pretty close as your swing develops.

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