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Cure That Slice

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, October 31, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Are you slicing? Try this: choke down on the club a little so
that the butt sticks out past the heel pad of your right hand
(if you're right handed). Make sure you see two knuckles on your
left hand and that the "V" cretaed by your thumb and forefinger
point at your right shoulder. Those small chnages could be your
ticket to a straight ball or at least a manageable fade.


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Reading Greens: Triangulation
By Mike McGetrick

What separates the good golfer from the average golfer on the
putting green is the preparation, and in particular, how they
read the greens. I would like to take you through a process
that is called triangulation. Number one is you start behind
the golf ball, number two is you walk the low side of the putt,
and number three is you go behind the hole. So let me take you
through that process.

When I stand behind the ball the first thing I want to identify
is what is the low side of my putt. I can look and see that
this green slopes from right to left, so I am going to walk the
low side of the putt. Why this is important is that you get more
information from the low side of the putt than you do the high
side. It is just like if you look up at a mountain you see more
detail of the mountain than you do from the top looking down.
So you never want to walk the high side.

When I stand here on the low side I am seeing that there is a
little right to left break. Then number three, I come behind
the hole, and this is usually my best read. The reason for
that is I am close to the target and second this is where the
ball is starting to slow down. Right now I can see that I
have an uphill right to left putt. Then I am going to walk
back to the low side, I am going to stand approximately six
feet from the hole, look back at the ball, and just see that
right to left uphill breaking putt.

Now I have the proper information to make the put. The next
key is when I come back behind the ball I am going to see
that this is about three feet of break, so I want to stand
directly behind the ball and three feet right of the hole.
Most people stand right behind the ball to the hole and they
have difficulty walking into it. So I am going to stand
behind the ball, in line three feet to the right of the hole
and I am going to walk in to it. Then I am going to aim my
putter three feet right of the hole, get set up, and now I
am just going to putt it three feet right of the hole. With
the proper read and the proper speed, give triangulation and
try and I promise you that you will be better at reading greens.


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Cure For Pull Shots: Ball Position
By Chuck Cook

A typical problem for somebody that tends to pull the ball is
the fact that they position the ball in their stance way too
far forward so that when they are setting up their shoulders
are actually looking to the left. During this swing, by the
time the clubhead arrives at the ball it is swinging around
to the left, thereby producing that pull we are trying to 

What you would like to do is have the ball positioned far
enough back in your stance so that you contact the ball while
the club is still moving slightly on the inside of the target
line or down the target line. By moving the ball back this
will help eliminate that pull. A good drill to do that is what
I call the "Variable Ball Position Drill."

What I would like for you to do is set a club on the ground to
tell you where your target line is and take your normal set up
with a ball on the tee. From there position a second tee about
three inches behind the ball and a little to the inside of the
line the ball is on, then position another tee another three
inches further back and a little further inside and then
finally a fourth tee on that same path and a little further

Then move the ball back to the backmost tee and take your set
up and practice hitting shots off the back tee. In order to
hit that ball your club will be moving well to the right of
the target line and you will start training your swing to go
more inside out. As you can make contact there move the ball
up to the next tee and practice making shots with the ball in
that position until you can make contact with the ball there.
Then move the ball up to the next tee and continue doing the
same thing.

What will happen is that at one of those tees the ball will
start at or just slightly to the right of the target line and
you will know that is the correct ball position for you to
eliminate that outside in swing and that pull shot.


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Today's Deal of the Day

Bunker Etiquette
By Laird Small

Well, I did not use enough club and I found myself in a bunker,
but since we are in a bunker, instead of talking about bunker
technique let's talk about bunker etiquette. I think that is
a big deal for those of you who are playing golf on a regular
basis and it can do a tremendous amount of good just around the
bunker and how to behave in it.

I am going to walk in to the bunker from the lowest side that
I can find. So here I walk in to the bunker from the lowest
side, I see my ball and ups. Steven, you dirty end of a mop,
look, you did not rake your bunker and I found my ball right
in your footprint. Now I have absolutely no chance. I know that
this has happened to some of you and I know how infuriating it
is. So when you clean up your mess after you have been in a
bunker make sure you rake your footprints. And if somebody else
did not do that then you go take care of that too. That is just
being a good citizen in the bunker and leaving it better than
you found it.

Let's see if I can hit this good lie bunker shot out of here.
Now this one in the footprint is going to be a little bit
tougher. See what happens, I hit the lip and it came back in.
When that happens it can ruin someone’s round or create one of
those "X" holes because someone did not rake their bunker.
You can call it the rub of the green but it did not have to
happen that way.

Many times when you hit a good shot you get so excited about
it that you are going to walk right up the face of the bunker.
What happens is that as you do that you tear the wall of the
bunker down, the sand comes down. The superintendent spent a
lot of time and energy trying to keep the faces of the bunkers
nice so if you walk up them you are going to tear the bunker
down. Walk in and out of the lowest part of the bunker. On my
way out of the bunker here I will get my rake, do my cleanup
work. If I have to rake up the face of the bunker I am going
to rake up the bunker so that the sand stays up on the face of
the bunker. I will make sure I do that and to make it look
nicer than when I found it I will clean up other footprints.
Make it look good on the way out, clean up all my marks (rake
toward the hole so that anyone shooting at the hole has a
decent lie.)

Once I get out of the bunker what I want to do is lay the rake
handle in the grass in the direction of the hole with the
teeth down. That is the way the superintendents put them out
on the golf course. It keeps the area looking nice. This is
some bunker etiquette for you to think about.

Oh, I almost forgot, one last thing. When you walk out of the
bunker sand usually stays on your shows. Get your club, hit
the side of your shoes and knock some of the sand out. What
will happen is that when you walk out of the bunker you will
track some of the sand on to the green that the
superintendent mowed very nicely. Then you will see sand
footprints all over the place. Do not be one of those people
that do that. Hope some of this etiquette stuff helps you
clean up around the bunker and make the area better than
you found it.

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