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Publication: Gizmorama
Water found in tiny beads from the moon

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Gizmorama - Water found in tiny beads from the moon
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          Water found in tiny beads from the moon

CLEVELAND - U.S. researchers said they've discovered water 
in tiny beads of volcanic glass collected from two Apollo 
missions to the moon. Jim Van Orman, a professor in the 
geological sciences department at Case Western Reserve 
University, said the findings suggest the water came from 
the moon's interior and was delivered to the surface 
through volcanic eruptions. The research team, which 
included scientists from Brown University, Carnegie 
Institution for Science and Case Western Reserve, said 
finding water on the moon's surface could have a big effect 
on any future plans for long-term manned lunar presence 
or using the moon as a launching point for explorations 
further into space. "Water contains the essential 
ingredients used for rocket fuel," Van Orman said in a 
statement. "Certainly, if there is ice on the moon's polar 
caps, that could be used. But if there is water in the 
rocks --and as much as our studies infer-- that is another 
resource that could be tapped." The findings are published 
in the journal Nature. 


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    Cosmonauts remove explosive bolt in space

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Two space station cosmonauts 
removed an explosive bolt from their Russian descent 
capsule Thursday in a spacewalk meant to smooth out 
their landing. The risky six-hour operation by inter-
national space station Cmdr. Sergei Volkov and lead 
flight engineer Oleg Kononenko was a success, U.S. and 
Russian space officials said. The cosmonauts cut away 
insulation around the live, explosive bolt. They then 
removed the bolt, which is part of the capsule's re-
entry apparatus, slid it into a blast-proof container 
and brought it back into the station, NASA TV showed. 
U.S. astronaut Greg Chamitoff remained inside the Soyuz 
so he could open a hatch for his crew mates in case of 
emergency. The repair was intended to ensure the Russian 
crew's safe return to Earth in October. The last two 
Soyuz capsules returned to Earth in a hurtling "ballistic" 
descent that forced those aboard to endure extremely high 
G-forces. The Russian Federal Space Agency believes the 
bolt -- one of five -- failed to explode on the previous 
two reentries, preventing a module from separating from 
the capsule. This threw off the aerodynamics and plunged 
the capsule through the atmosphere like a huge rock. The 
bolt's explosive force is roughly equivalent to that of 
an M-80 firecracker, NASA said. 


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       Evolutionary answer to flatfish eye enigma

CHICAGO - Fossils of two ancient flatfish prove the fish's 
asymmetrical, one-sided eye arrangement is a result of 
evolution, a study published Thursday said. The highly 
specialized group of bottom-feeding fish -- which include 
sole, plaice, turbot, flounder and halibut -- originally 
had its eyes on both sides of its head, but one eye 
migrated over millions of years, 28-year-old University 
of Chicago doctoral student Matt Friedman said in an 
article published in the scientific journal Nature. Until 
now, scientists have largely assumed the flatfish eye 
arrangement must have arisen suddenly because they could 
not see a benefit if it took millions of years, the 
Chicago Tribune reported. Even Charles Darwin had trouble 
answering critics who used flatfish eyes as an argument 
against his evolutionary theory after he published it in 
1859, the newspaper said. But Friedman found several 
examples of different types of flatfish -- including a 
50 million-year-old fossil recovered Verona,Italy -- that 
clearly showed one eye socket near the top of the skull, 
suggesting the eyes were "in transit" to the other side 
of the face, Friedman said. In addition, a misclassified 
fossil that turned out to be an entirely new flatfish 
genus showed eyes clearly is in the transitional stage, 
he said. 

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