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Publication: Gizmorama
Plant to turn waste into fuel

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Gizmorama - Plant to turn waste into fuel
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Good Morning,

Today's Gizmorama has a significant theme that runs 
through it. That theme is: Fuel. 

Gizmorama brings you fuel related topics such as fuel 
alternatives and hybrid vehicles. 

Fuel plays a big part in our lives, so take a few minutes 
to read about what is happen to our fuel dependency on 
this planet. 

Until Tomorrow,

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          Toyota to equip Prius with solar panels

Toyota plans to install a solar power generation system on
its Prius hybrid car, when the vehicle goes through a com-
plete makeover as early as next spring. The move will make
Toyota the first major automaker to install a popular model
with solar panels. The redesigned Prius will have solar
panels on the roof, which will supply part of the two to
five kilowatts needed to power the air-conditioning unit.
The Japanese auto giant intends to produce 450,000 units of
the Prius in Japan next year, about 60 percent higher than
the vehicle's output in 2007. It also aims to reduce the
Prius' weight to improve the gasoline-electric hybrid
vehicle's fuel efficiency.

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         Hybrid SUV hard to find, dealers say

DETROIT - A limited supply of hybrid SUVs is thwarting 
consumers' overwhelming demands for the fuel-efficient 
vehicles, industry observers said. The vehicles, especially 
in the face of $4-a-gallon gasoline, aren't on lots long, 
averaging 17-38 days, while a 60-day turnaround is the 
norm, The Detroit News reported Monday. Ford Motor Co. 
can't seem to make enough of its Escape. General Motors 
Corp. had problems with the battery for the 2007Saturn 
Vue hybrid, which slowed production for 2008 models. The 
Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon also are hard to find, in 
part because about half of the dealers decided not to 
sell them and also because GM produced only limited a 
number, the News said. "There's been a dip in inventory, 
and most hybrid SUVs are going at or just below sticker 
price," said Jesse Toprak, chief economist for Edmunds.com, 
a car-buyer's research Web site. "Whatever you find is 
going to cost you a bit more." "There's a growing level 
of interest to learn more about hybrids, and I'm sitting 
here and I only have two of them," Joe Serra, president 
of Serra Automotive, which sells GM, Chrysler, Toyota and 
other brands at dealers across the country, told the News.

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             Plant to turn waste into fuel

ATLANTA - An Atlanta company is building a facility in 
California that turns human waste into fuel that can run 
small power plants. EnerTech Environmental Inc. says by 
the end of this year its plant east of Los Angeles will 
be ready to convert hundreds of tons of sewage sludge 
from local sanitation districts into a pellet-like 
substance dubbed "e-fuel, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
reported Monday. The poop-to-power process is getting 
accolades from local officials and investors who say it 
could become a viable way to address high energy costs 
while simultaneously relieving sanitation systems. The 
newspaper said Orange County and other local sanitation 
districts dispose of their sludge by trucking it to farms 
for fertilizing livestock feed crops or inedible plants. 
Using high heat and high pressure to turn sludge into fuel 
was the brainchild of former Atlanta ad man Kevin Bolin 
and his 92-year-old grandfather, the Journal-Constitution 

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