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Publication: Gizmorama
New laser system measures carbon-14

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Gizmorama - New laser system measures carbon-14
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Good Morning,

I hope you had a great 4th! 

It is hard to get back in the swing of things after having 
a long holiday weekend, but who am I to complain? 

Let's start the week off right with some interesting 
stories to get the brain ready for work! 

Enjoy today's stories!

Until Tomorrow,

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               Sex in Space Is Inevitable 

Weddings in space could be right around the corner, and ex-
perts figure the inevitable cosmic consummation will be just 
around the next corner. The Japanese firm First Advantage 
and the U.S.-based private spaceflight firm Rocketplane 
Global, Inc., announced last week they will host weddings 
in space for about $2.3 million apiece. For all we know, sex 
in space has already taken place. But NASA officials aren't 
talking about that much. "We don't study sexuality in space, 
and we don't have any studies ongoing with that," said NASA 
spokesman Bill Jeffs of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. 
"If that's your specific topic, there's nothing to discuss," 
he added, referring to "sex in space."

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          New evidence supports exploding asteroid

CINCINNATI - U.S. scientists say evidence found recently 
in Ohio and Indiana supports the theory of a giant object 
exploding 12,900 years ago over Canada. That theory -- 
advanced by geophysicist Allen West -- posits a comet or 
asteroid exploded just above the Earth's surface over 
what is now Canada, setting large parts of the northern 
hemisphere ablaze. The new evidence was discovered by 
University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor Ken 
Tankersley, working with West and Indiana Geological 
Society Research Scientist Nelson Schaffer. They said 
samples of diamonds, gold and silver offers the strongest 
support yet for the exploding comet or asteroid theory. 
Tankersley said he undertook the research to disprove 
West's theory. "My smoking gun to disprove (West) was going 
to be the gold, silver and diamonds," Tankersley said. "But 
what I didn't know … (was) that the likely point of impact 
for the comet wasn't just anywhere over Canada but located 
over Canada's diamond-bearing fields. "Instead of becoming 
the basis for rejecting his hypothesis, these items became 
the very best evidence to support it," he said. The 
research is to be incorporated into two television specials 
-- one for the PBS series "Nova" and a second for the 
History Channel. 


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           New laser system measures carbon-14

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - U.S. scientists say they've developed 
an ultra-sensitive laser-assisted ratio analyzer -- LARA -- 
that can measure slight changes in carbon-14. Carbon off-
sets increasingly are becoming a major component in the 
effort to reduce global warming, the Rutgers University 
researchers said. And as more organizations and businesses 
start trading in carbon offsets, the need for accurate 
measurements of carbon emissions is becoming critically 
important. Now scientists led by Professor Daniel Murnick, 
researcher Ozgur Dogru and graduate student Erhan Ilkmen 
say their newly developed analyzer can measure small 
changes in C-14 to better determine how much carbon dioxide 
is being released into the atmosphere from fossil fuel 
burning. Additionally, they said the technology opens the 
possibility of using non-therapeutic microdoses in drug 
research processes, along with expanding carbon-dating 
capabilities. Rutgers has applied for a patent for the 
LARA technology. The research is reported in the journal 
Analytical Chemistry. 


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