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Publication: Gizmorama
New bioinformatics software created

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Gizmorama - New bioinformatics software created
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            New bioinformatics software created

SAN DIEGO - A team of U.S. undergraduate students says it 
has created a method using information about proteins to 
identify the location and function of specific genes. The 
group of University of California-San Diego students said 
the new area of bioinformatics is called "comparative 
proteogenomics," combining the fields of comparative 
genomics and proteomics, which is the study of all of an 
organism's proteins. "This could be a powerful way to 
improve both genome and proteome annotations and to address 
notoriously difficult biological problems that remain 
outside the reach of previously proposed bioinformatics 
approaches," said Professor Pavel Pevzner, a computer 
science professor who organized the project. "Our bio-
informatics undergraduates have shown that you can 
simultaneously analyze multiple genomes and proteomes, 
and use this information for scientific discovery." 
The work appears in the journal Genome Research. 


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       U.S. and Sweden sign hybrid vehicle pact

GOTLAND, Sweden - The U.S. Department of Energy says it 
and the Swedish Energy Agency have signed an agreement 
to accelerate consumer acceptance of plug-in hybrid 
vehicles. U.S. Energy Department Assistant Secretary for 
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alexander Karsner 
and the director general of the Swedish agency, Tomas 
Kaberger, signed the memorandum of understanding that 
outlines a one-year, $1 million cost-sharing arrangement 
to be equally funded by the two governments. The signing 
Monday "furthers the historic energy cooperation commit-
ment between the United States and Sweden as we work 
together to advance the research, development and 
deployment of plug-in hybrid vehicles from the lab to 
the marketplace," Karsner said. "The advancement of clean 
energy technologies, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles, 
will help address the serious challenge of global climate 
change while enhancing our countries economic growth and 
increased energy security." The Department of Energy's 
Argonne National Laboratory will work with Test Site 
Sweden to demonstrate plug-in technologies, support 
research and development, as well as share operational 
and consumer data and solutions to potential vehicle-to-
grid problems. 


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          NASA announces airliner design winners

WASHINGTON - The U.S. space agency has given top graduate 
team honors in its airline design competition to Georgia 
Tech, with undergraduate honors given Virginia Tech. Sixty-
one students from 14 colleges and universities around the 
world offered their view of what the next generation of 
airliners and cargo planes might look like in the National 
Aeronautics and Space Administration's annual competition. 
Students were asked to create a future subsonic transport 
aircraft that could carry up to 50,000 pounds, operate on 
runways 1,500-3,000 feet long, use alternative fuels, 
cruise at speeds between 595 and 625 mph and be quieter 
and more environmentally friendly than today's commercial 
fleet. "The invention, imagination and engineering 
exhibited in these college proposals was extraordinary 
and... bode well for the future of civilian aeronautics," 
said Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA's Langley 
Research Center in Hampton, Va. As part of the competition, 
six U.S. students received a 10-week paid summer intern-
ship at one of four NASA research centers. Non-U.S. 
student winners received an engraved trophy and certificate.
A list of winners is available at: 

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