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Publication: Gizmorama
Experts discover major Internet flaw

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Gizmorama - Experts discover major Internet flaw
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Good Morning,

Today is a big day for technology. You can read about the 
discovery of an internet flaw, a microchip that will aid 
lung cancer treatments and astronomers have determined a 
path of radio waves. 

Interesting stuff, eh? 

Until Tomorrow,

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         Experts discover major Internet flaw

LOS ANGELES - U.S. security experts have discovered a
major flaw in the design of the Internet's address system
that affects virtually every corporate computer network.
The flaw in the Domain Name System could allow hackers to
steer most people using corporate networks to malicious
Web sites, The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday. So
far, hackers haven't taken advantage of the flaw, and the
security experts say every major software company affected
is in the process of issuing patches to fix the problem.
The man who discovered the flaw, Dan Kaminsky of the
Seattle-based security firm IOActive Inc., says he hopes
the patches will be broad enough that hackers won't be
able to reverse-engineer them. "We got lucky in this
particular bug, because it's a design flaw," says Kaminsky.
"It shows up in everyone's network, but the fix is a
design fix that doesn't point directly at what we're
improving." Kaminsky says it took only a couple of hours
to find the flaw but fixing it will take several months.

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         Microchip to aid lung cancer treatments

BOSTON - U.S. medical scientists say they've found 
circulating tumor cells reveal genetic signatures of 
dangerous lung cancers, possibly leading to targeted 
therapy. Massachusetts General Hospital investigators 
say a microchip-based device they developed -- called 
the CTC chip -- can detect and analyze tumor cells in 
the bloodstream to determine the genetic signature of 
lung tumors. "When the device is ready for larger 
clinical trials, it should give us new options for 
measuring treatment response, defining prognostic and 
predictive measures and studying the biology of blood-
borne metastasis, which is the primary method by which 
cancer spreads and becomes lethal," said Dr. Daniel 
Haber, the study's senior author. CTCs -- circulating 
tumor cells -- are living solid-tumor cells found at 
extremely low levels in the bloodstream. Until the 
development of the chip it wasn't possible to get 
information from CTCs that would be useful for clinical 
decision-making. The current study was designed to 
determine whether the device could go beyond detecting 
CTCs to helping analyze the genetic mutations that can 
make a tumor sensitive to treatment with targeted therapy 
drugs. A pilot study of the device is to appear in the 
July 24 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. 


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       Astronomers determine path of radio waves

IOWA CITY, Iowa - U.S. astronomers have determined that
radio waves generated by solar particles high above the
Earth travel into space in a narrow plane. The findings
by University of Iowa scientists refute the decades-long
assumption that such radio waves disperse in an ever-
widening cone. The researchers studied radio waves called
the Auroral Kilometric Radiation generated by the same
solar particles that produce auroral lights. The scientists
said they analyzed data collected by instruments on the
European Space Agency's four Cluster spacecraft. Completing
analyses of 12,000 bursts of AKR, the astronomers concluded
the AKR beamed into space is confined within just 15
degrees of a narrow plane. Knowing how AKR is transmitted
is expected to give astronomers another method of finding
planets in other solar systems. "Whenever you have aurora,
you get AKR," said Professor Robert Mutel, lead author of
the study, who noted that aurorae and AKR have been
detected from Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest gas
giants in our solar system. Once planets have been
identified, astronomers will measure the frequency of AKR
bursts to determine the rotational periods of the planets.
The study appears in the journal Geophysical Research

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