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Publication: Gizmorama
Gizmorama - NASA technology aids Calif. firefighter

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Gizmorama - NASA technology aids Calif. firefighter
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Good Morning,

Today I have quite a range of stories for you today. 
Ranging from infrared devices, NASA technology and a Lab 
holding fatal germs, what more can you ask for? 

Until Tomorrow,

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      Infrared device may help dementia victims

EASINGTON, England - A British dementia patient's progress 
using an infrared device in an experimental helmet could 
be "hugely significant," the device's developer says. Dr. 
Gordon Dougal, a general practitioner from Easington, 
England, treated dementia patient Clem Fennell with his 
infrared device when Fennell's family sought help two 
months ago, The Daily Mail reported Monday. He showed 
remarkable improvement in three weeks, Fennell's wife, 
Vickey, said. "My husband, Clem, was fading away. It is 
as if he is back," she told the British newspaper. "His 
personality has started to show again. We are absolutely 
thrilled." The helmet hasn't been proven in clinical 
trials but the family said the effects of the twice-a-day, 
10-minute sessions were incredible, family members said. 
Fennell now can converse and go shopping unaccompanied, 
tasks that eluded him before the treatment, the newspaper 
said. Dougal said he believes the device, which bathes the 
brain in infrared light, could help thousands of dementia 
patients. Dougal, a director of the medical research 
company Virulite, developed the helmet with Sunderland 
University. The helmet has skull-penetrating 700 LED 
lights, thought to be the right wavelength that stimulate 
brain cell growth, slow memory decline and reverse 
dementia symptoms, The Daily Mail said. 

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        NASA technology aids Calif. firefighter

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. - Firefighters battling California's 
wildfires are getting information from a drone aircraft 
equipped with a NASA sensor, U.S. space agency officials 
said. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service 
partnered to get wildfire imagery, responding to requests 
from several California agencies, NASA said in a news 
release Monday. The remote-controlled flights by NASA's 
unmanned Ikhana aircraft have a sophisticated autonomous 
modular scanner developed at NASA's Ames Research Center 
at Moffett Field, Calif. Ikhana's sensor can detect 
temperatures from less than one-half degree to about 1,000 
degrees Fahrenheit, NASA said. "NASA's emergency imaging 
gives us immediate information that we can use to manage 
fires, identify threats and deploy firefighting assets," 
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said. The Ikhana 
aircraft is imaging almost 4,000 square miles from Santa 
Barbara north to the Oregon border, providing information 
about the location and size of the fires and the  terrain 
around them to field commanders, NASA said. "The NASA-
Forest Service team gathered six weeks earlier than 
planned because of the extreme fires in Northern 
California," said Vincent Ambrosia, NASA Ames' principal 
investigator for the fire mission. "The team will provide 
state and federal agencies with critical fire intelligence 
by using NASA aircraft and technology." 

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          Lab holding fatal germs loses power

ATLANTA - An Atlanta laboratory holding several potentially 
harmful germs, including a fatal strain of avian flu, lost 
power for at least an hour, officials said. Four buildings 
were left without electricity Friday when a backup 
generator malfunctioned at the Centers for Disease Control 
and Prevention, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.
CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said no employees or members of 
the public were harmed in the incident. The power failure 
is the most recent incident in a series of technical 
problems at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
campus, the newspaper said. "It's important for people to 
understand that even though we lose power to these 
facilities from time to time, worker safety and the 
public's safety is not in jeopardy because multiple, 
redundant systems are in place, separate from those that 
rely on power," Skinner said. 


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