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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Ghostbusting Grrrrs

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Issue date: Saturday, December 2, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hi, Everyone! Last week I had the chance to do a little 
'séance-ing' at a friend's house and although it was cut 
short by the arrival of some guests, we are definitely 
going to resume the session in the very near future. My 
friend Trish has been puzzled for many years over a vision 
she glimpsed one day, that of a man in mid 20th century 
clothing sitting in her basement in one of her chairs. She 
can describe him in great detail and has never been able to 
shake the feeling that this spirit is still present in her 
house. Just recently, she was telling this story to a 
neighbour whose family has lived in the rural neighbourhood 
for a few generations, and has extensive knowledge about 
the former inhabitants. This neighbour, when told of the 
spirit in Trish's basement, said the description sounded 
exactly like a former owner of the property and was able 
to give a name, so now the hunt is on for further data or 
photographs that would prove the man Trish saw is indeed 
the this same man in spirit form. 

This is not the first time Trish and I have attempted to 
contact this spirit. A few years ago, during another 
session, we didn't receive any immediate physical contact, 
but when we snapped photos of the room during our séance, 
I was not surprised that we found an orb exactly where I 
sensed this presence was standing at the time. None of the 
other photos of various locations around the room, all 
taken at the same time, produced an orb or anomaly. 

In any event, our latest séance produced plenty of cold 
chills and candle flame flickers, so I will keep you 
posted on any further developments. 


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Ghostbusting Grrrrs

It's pretty much accepted among paranormal investigators 
that ghosts are often evasive when they realize people are 
coming in to their space to investigate a 'haunting'. It 
is very common for photographic equipment and recording 
devices to mysteriously break down or malfunction in the 
presence of entities, and just when you want them to work 
the most. 

I recall an incident when I was visiting a highly 'haunted' 
home on an investigation and my SLR camera, which I had 
just loaded with a fresh roll of film, absolutely refused 
to work when I was trying to take photos of the area. The 
battery light started flashing, the flash wouldn't 
function, the whole camera simply 'balked', allowing me 
to only snap one picture with great deliberation and 
difficulty. As soon as I returned home, I took the camera 
out and tried it again, and it was in perfect working 
order. Hmm. Quite possibly, those spirits I was shooting 
at hadn't had a chance to touch up their make-up for a 
photo session, or perhaps they were afraid the photograph 
would steal their souls? *wink* 

During this same investigation, my watch, that I had been 
wearing constantly for years, suddenly stopped and although 
I didn't replace the battery for some days, I watched it in 
fascination as it began to move backwards and continued to 
do so for some time. 

A few years ago, I was doing a presentation at the Fairmont 
Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta. I again experienced some 
major problems with my SLR camera, and when the film was 
developed, I was awestruck to see that a picture I managed 
to snap while the camera was malfunctioning, produced a 
photo that, while it may actually be a double-exposure, 
contained several misty images that look very much like 
deceased family members of mine. 

At yet another investigation I was part of, at a renowned 
historical college/convention centre in Ontario, I captured 
a misty figure that looks much like a ghost wearing a 
hooded robe. I snapped this image in what appeared to be 
an empty guestroom in the most 'active' wing of the build-
ing. Interestingly, a short while after that photo was 
taken, a full investigative crew I was associated with went 
in at the college's request and set up a complete array of 
high-tech recording equipment for a thorough test. A locked 
off video camera malfunctioned wildly at about the same 
time the investigators tracked some ghostly voices and 
music on their sound system. The entire wing had been 
sealed off overnight and although the team was in another 
room at the time, it was quite clear when the evidence was 
examined later that the sound anomalies occurred at the 
same time the video recorder malfunctioned. 

If you have had any similar experiences, please post 
your stories to our forum at: 
or write to me at paranormal@zsuzsana.com if you wish 
to submit your story for potential publication in the 
Paranormal Insider.

Now, on to some great reader submissions - I hope you 
will post any comments you may have for these readers 
to our forum. 

May all your ghosts be saying 'cheese':>),


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I just read your November 4th issue and it was really very 
good. I live alone so I will probably avoid the mirrors in 
my house for a few days. : ) 

I myself have never had any paranormal experiences; how-
ever, my late husband did. As much as he did not want to 
believe in them they were very hard to ignore. He saw a 
man in the doorway of our bedroom in one house and woke 
me up but I saw nothing. He swore there was a man just
standing there and looking at us and he did not recognize 
the person. This happened over a period of time off and on. 
At the time he saw this apparition, our dog would start 
barking at the doorway. Scared the heck out of me but I saw 
nothing. I believe some people have this ability and others 
don't. In another house we owned he saw what he thought was 
the same man but wasn't sure. I always felt that perhaps 
it was his father who had died years ago. He said the 
features of the person were not clear but the fact that he 
saw this at two different homes made me think his father. 
Also, when his father passed away he was felt in the 
apartment where they lived. He is from an Italian family 
and they are very much into the supernatural and they 
believed that the persons spirit stayed around for 3 days 
and then left. Well, on the 3rd night the door between the 
kitchen and the dining room which was always kind of hard 
to open and close, suddenly opened up and no one was there 
so they think it was him leaving. Who am I to say other-
wise? All I know is that the hair on my arms stood straight 

In another other house my late husband felt and smelled 
something and again the dog also did. He said it smelled 
like a perfume that he remembered from years ago and not 
sure who it was who wore it but it was a familiar smell. 
When this happened the dog would stand there and kind of 
whine, not bark. Again I smelled nothing but this seemed 
to happen usually when I was at work and he was at home. 
We worked different hours at that time. 

The last thing was something that I did see. In the first 
house that he saw this man, he wanted to use up some 
Polaroid film and was taking some pictures of our dog 
Tammy down the hallway from the bedrooms to the living 
room. He saw something on the first one that he couldn't 
believe so he took another one. It also had something on 
it but not as much or as clear. I was in the kitchen and 
I remember it like it was yesterday. He said, "Look at 
this." The picture had all kinds of faces on it. Both did, 
but the one was so clear I couldn't believe it. We didn't 
recognize the people but they were definite faces. Perhaps 
it was some kind of fault in the film but I can't imagine 
this producing clear human faces.  We had this photo for 
years and then we moved from California back home to New 
York and then moved back to California and somewhere in
those moves the picture was lost. Really upset about it 
because when we (now I) tell people about it they really 
don't believe it. Oh, well, I know. Again, our dog every 
once in a while would stand in that hallway and just bark 
and bark for a while and then stop and walk away. 

When my husband passed away several years ago I wondered 
if he would contact me. I am not sure but I think there 
were several times that he did. Nothing concrete but some 
little things that happened. One was when I was trying to 
remember the name of a store that we used to go to years 
ago that is no longer in operation and I just couldn't 
remember it. I told my friend that Chuck would. When I 
got home, I went into the bedroom to change my clothes 
and the name of the store popped right into my head. 
Coincidence? Perhaps. 

The other thing was a dream I had when I dozed off in the 
middle of the day. In my dream I went into the bedroom, 
and Chuck was lying on the bed just in his shorts as he 
sometimes did. I asked him why he was there; he shouldn't 
be. He just smiled and stretched out and at that point I 
woke up. I really felt it was him telling me he was okay 
and no longer in pain. It was so real I got off the couch 
and went to the bedroom, but of course he was not there. 
I have had nothing further since that day. 

Again, I really enjoyed my first newsletter from you and 
am looking forward to the next. 

Patricia Cash

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Black Orbs?

I have a question for anyone that can answer. This concerns 
orbs or at least what I would call an orb. 

I believe ghosts exist. In fact, I am a ghost hunter in my 
area. I have my little group that goes with me at times 
and have some really interesting photos too, but I digress. 

I have ghosts in this house that I have lived in for years 
and most of the time we cohabitate with each other on 
friendly terms. Every great once in a while they act up 
and I threaten to bring a priest in which works on calming 
their antics down. Even have two ghost cats here, 1 black 
and 1 orange tabby. 

Later though I have had some odd sights that make me wonder 
what they are. It seems that I will catch, for want of a 
better term, black orb-like things that zip by within eye-
sight. My wife even saw what she described as a black wisp 
that partially blocked the light from the lamp. I have seen 
different colored orbs but never black ones. Does anybody 
have any ideas on what these black balls are? 

a reader 

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