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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Ghost Cats Haunt House

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Issue date: Saturday, Feb. 18, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Ghost Cats Haunt House.

Hey Gus:
"I have been a ghost hunter for a few years and have come 
across some really weird things. But none stranger than 
what I'm about to tell you:

"I have a strong bond with cats. I can usually tame them 
down if they're being bad—even the wildest ones, though 
that takes more time. My wife even calls me the cat 
whisperer, lol.

"I'm puzzled by two aspects of this. One is that when a 
stray cat is hurt or sick, they always seem to find their 
way to my house to be healed or have me lessen their pain. 
It's heartbreaking, but I have had a few die in my arms. 
What's more wrenching is that they seem to be reaching up 
for me while dying and even look into my eyes. It tears me 
up when this happens. Why and how do these cats know to 
come here—and why do strays trust me as much as they do?

"The second thing that puzzles me is that I have at least 
two cat ghosts that haunt my house. One is solid black and 
the other is a yellow tabby. My other (alive) cats will 
sometimes interact with them, either by watching or playing
with them. Even stranger, the black cat is unlike any cat 
that ever visited or even died here.

"Typically, I only see the back half of the ghost cats as 
they are running away. But once the black cat and I came 
face to face for about ten seconds before it disappeared. 
Why am I being haunted by cats and is there any greater 
significance to this that I should be aware of?"

Ban on Bounty-Hunting for Witches.

Authorities have called a halt to private-sector witch 
hunting in the rural Northern Province of South Africa. 
Business operators in the profitable sector are furious, 
stating that government witch-hunters lack the motivation 
to nab suspects and may even be on the "take." Dr. Joseph 
Jambotta, a London-trained physician told a newspaper 
reporter that witches have been "freed" by the edict. "The 
result is that witchcraft is dominating this area," he 
added. From 1999 to 2004, 500 people accused of the black 
arts were killed by for-profit witch hunters. Since the 
ban took effect, only one suspected witch has been murdered
despite stiff opposition from organized bounty hunters.   

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Prominent Lawman Opposes Witch-Hunting Ban.

Sergeant Prince Makogoshing heads up the witchcraft desk 
in South Africa's allegedly "witch-infested" Northern 
Province. Responsible for investigating any claims that 
witchcraft is being practiced, the veteran police officer 
is among many who think that innocent citizens are being 
put at risk by the government ban on privately funded witch
hunting. In a newspaper interview, he cited the case of a 
female witch who flew to a neighboring village on a dinner
plate. Once there, she turned into smoke and entered the 
home of her enemies, upon whom she cast an evil spell. 
Maskogoshing strongly disagrees with a court ruling that 
found the woman merely insane.

Hi Gus:
"As a Pagan, I read with some amusement the recent 
discussion about a person's weight when they go to Heaven. 
We have no Heaven in our religion, but rather a place to 
rest between lives called Summerland. This is where we meet
loved ones who've crossed over—both humans and animals—
because most Pagans believe every living thing has a soul. 
It is also in Summerland that we review our past lives to 
determine what our future lives should be based on what 
lessons our soul has yet to learn.

"So, in Summerland we see not only the body we have now 
but what we were in past lives and what we will be in 
future ones. Pagans believe the body is merely a shell for
the soul that allows us to operate on this earthly plain."

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Facing Up to the Other Side.

Hello Gus:

"I have been a faithful reader of your newsletter for three 
years, yet have never written about my experiences or asked 
a question until now. But this past weekend my friends and 
I were getting into some deep discussions after a long night
of clubbing and this puzzler came up that I'd like to toss 
out to my fellow PI subscribers: If you have extensive 
facial surgery, can souls from the Other Side still find 
you? In other words, if you radically change your appearance
to the tune of, say, $50,000 of nips, tucks and lifts, will 
your deceased loved ones still recognize you? For instance,
take Cher or Joan Rivers. These are two beautiful women. But
their faces look so different now than the ones God gave 
them (IMHO), if they attended a séance, would Sonny or Edgar
communicate with them? Or would they think the ladies were 
hoaxsters? Hey—I warned you this was gonna be D-E-E-P. 

         GopherCentral's Question of the Week 

Do you think that the caricatures of the Muslim Prophet 
Muhammad should have been printed and reprinted?

Please take a moment to share your opinion, 
visit: Question of the Week

Do you have questions...comments...leads? Send an email to 
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