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Publication: Diet Buddy
Get Your Body Moving!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, June 11, 2007

Get Your Body Moving!

Hi There Buddies...

Instead of TALKING about how I'm going to lose this weight 
and get myself in shape doing a regular exercise and diet 
routine...I actually stepped up to the plate this past week 
and STARTED my "new" weight loss program, which includes a 
2-mile walk, in the morning - 35 minutes - and another walk 
in the evening, not quite as long, 1-mile - 20 minutes.

To make things a bit more interesting I purchased a new 
pedometer which keeps track of how many steps I take, the 
distance I've walked, and how many calories I've burned.  
I'm really really giving it my best shot for that 10,000 
steps every day.

To distract myself from any huffing and puffing, I've also 
plugged a small MP3 player in my ears, which lets me focus 
on the beat of the music playing, instead of how much 
further I have to go.  So, it's is turning out to be "fun" 
after all.    

Along with that I've made a promise to myself to eat 
healthier, not snack as often in the evening, eat my 
"salads", that include anything from chicken strips, turkey 
chunks, ham chunks, bacon bits, diced eggs, green or red 
peppers, shredded carrot strips, shredded red cabbage, 
onions, parmesian cheese, croutons or crispy chow mein 
noodles on top (not everything at once)...AND to drink my 
WATER everyday to flush the fat out!

There are also many mouth watering fat-free or light salad 
dressings available, which can be used sparingly on top or 
on the side to keep your calorie count to a minimum.

Make it a point TODAY to get started with your weight loss 
plan.  Start incorporating healthier and leaner foods into 
your diet.  And everyone not exercising, get out there in 
this nice weather, even if it's just for a 10-minute walk a 
few times a day...you'll be elated when the numbers on your 
scale start to go down.  Mine have...and I'm thrilled.  
I'll keep you updated! 

Today, let's look at some additional benefits of getting 
outside and moving your body, compliments of Fitness 

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Walking and running can flatten your abs, and more!

"You can help strengthen your core, tone your glutes and get 
lean, defined legs by running or walking regularly," says Ed 
Laskowski, M.D., co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports 
Medicine Center in Rochester, Minnesota.  To see the most 
benefits in your abs, focus on keeping your core muscles 
engaged (imagine pulling your belly button toward your 
spine) and breathing deeply as you go.

Outdoor cardio time relaxes you!

Sometimes the last place you want to be is on a treadmill or 
a stationary bike beside a sweaty stranger.  "I love taking 
my dog to the Stowe Quiet Path, which is an off-leash area 
with a beautiful stream and impressive views of Vermont's 
highest mountain, Mount Mansfield," says Cynthia Gray, 
president of the Vermont-based Twin States Volkssport 
Association, a walking club.  According to a study in the 
American Journal of Preventative Medicine, people who walk, 
run or cycle on community trails at least once a week are 
twice as likely as people who rarely use them to get the 
recommended amount of daily exercise. 

Running may make you smarter!

A study from Japan found that individuals scored higher on 
intelligence tests after participating in a 12-week exercise 
program of running for 30 minutes two or three times a week.  
Another study, at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies 
in LaJolla, California, found that mice who ran regularly 
grew more brain cells in their hippocampus - than those who 
swam or were sedentary.

Walking is an excellent workout for beginners - and costs 
almost nothing!

"I started walking as a form of cardio that wasn't intimi-
dating but was still challenging," says Heather Washington, 
30, a software trainer in Savannah, Georgia.  "Walking was 
something I could do at my own pace with little equipment, 
wherever I wanted."  Aside from comfy clothes (including a 
good sports bra), all you really need is a reliable pair of 
athletic shoes, which should last about six months or 600 

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Walking is a no-fail way to lose weight!

A study from the Center for Physical Activity and Health at 
the University of Tennessee in Knoxville found that women 
who take 10,000 steps per day (about five miles, have lower 
body-fat ratios and waist and hip circumferences than their 
less active counterparts.  Walking is an easy calorie burner, 
too.  You'll shed 210 calories in 30 minutes when walking a 
15-minute mile; 420 when running a 10-minute mile.

These workouts provide huge heart-health benefits!

"Walking increases HDL [good] cholesterol, lowers blood 
pressure and assists with weight control," says Dr. 
Laskowski.  A study from Brigham and Women's Hospital in 
Boston  reported that brisk walking for three or more hours 
a week could reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart 
disease-related deaths in women by an astounding 35 percent.

Running makes you invincible!

(Or at least feel like you are.)  "After that first panting, 
painful slogging-through-pudding mile, my breath, my body 
and my mind all enter a kind of blissful rhythmic sync.  A 
weird inner energy seems to surface, and I have an elated 
'I can' feeling that crescendos into the ultimate post-run 
'I did' feeling," says Lynda Twardowski, 32, an editor in 
Traverse City, Michigan. 

Cardio workouts help you stay young!

A lifetime of moderate exercise, such as walking 30 minutes 
or taking a light one-mile run every day, could help fight 
the effects of aging on your brain, according to a study 
conducted at the Mcknight Brain Institute of the University 
of Florida in Gainesville.  And it's good for your bones as 
well:  "Walking is an excellent weight-bearing exercise that 
helps preserve bone marrow density and prevent osteoporosis 
or lessen its effects," says Dr. Laskowski.

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For every step you take, you're helping to save the planet!

The Worldwatch Institute reports that walking or running 
four miles instead of driving keeps about 15 pounds of 
pollutants out of the air that we breathe.  If a family were 
to walk two miles a day instead of taking the car, in one 
year they would prevent 730 pounds of carbon dioxide from 
entering the atmosphere.

These workouts boost your mood!

"Walking and running improve your sleep quality, mental 
performance and attitude throughout the day," says Dr. 
Laskowski.  A study at the University of Texas at Austin 
found that after walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes, 
people suffering from depression reported feeling better 
overall and more vigorous than before they exercised.


This is the perfect time of the year to get yourself out 
there if not already doing so and get moving.  We all can 
do it if we just try.  Now everyone get your sneakers on 
and get going !!!

Did You Know ???

That music can be very motivating.  If you have a diffi-
cult time concentrating during your walks or runs or if 
you have chosen not to do these because you think they are 
too boring, try bringing some music along with you.  
Choose something that is upbeat and lively so that it will 
help you move more quickly and make it fun.

Have a great week everyone !!! 

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.  


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