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Publication: Liquidation Alerts
Genuine Jade Necklace Under $3

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LIQUIDATION ALERTS...                          June 20, 2006  
         "Items for everyone at BELOW COST prices"   

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Liquidation Alerts!

Hey guys, remember me? It's your old editor, Anisa. Michele 
took the day off so I told her that I would love to do today's 

When I left doing this newsletter, I started writing Deal of 
the Day because I love giving people "great deals." Since I'm
substituting for Michele, I thought I'd pass along one of the 
deals my readers loved!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   


Normal Retail: $59.99

I ran this item in Deal of the Day and got into a little
bit of trouble for it. The head honchos were not too
happy that I lowered it so much. In my defense, I couldn't
get in touch with any of them to get it approved... so I
made an executive decision.

Boss A told me I have to be a little more careful with 
price reduction in the future. Instead of making me pull
the product down from the site, he is allowing me to keep
it at this price for the next week. So my mistake is your 
benefit. Check it out:

   Bring Good Luck & Fortune With This Genuine Jade 
         "Stone of Heaven" Elephant Necklace... 

For thousands of years, Jade has been the most sought-after 
jewel in the orient. In China, people treasure it more than 
any other gem and call it "The Stone of Heaven". The saying 
"Everything has a price, but jade is priceless" is never more 
true, when you see this gorgeous pendant necklace that commands 
attention. 1" high, with a gold-plated chain it makes a great 
gift for anyone as the Chinese believe it can bring safety, 
wealth, health, longevity and peace of mind to anyone who 
wears it. 

If you hurry, you can pick up one or two necklaces for JUST 
$2.99. This is not only below our cost, but below wholesale 
pricing too. Don't wait order today by visiting: 
Today's Steal of the Day


You WILL Save up to 80% on Thousands of Great Products...


From brand names and bedding, to furniture and fun stuff,
there is something for YOU at as much as 80% off. Thousands
and thousands of items are available. Visit your online 
outlet store today for exclusive, discounted offers:
Save up to 80%

END OF Liquidation Alerts   
Copyright 2006 - NextEra Media

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