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Publication: Gizmorama
Gecko makes surprise appearance in egg

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Gizmorama - Gecko makes surprise appearance in egg
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Good Morning,
I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who wrote
in about the Gizmo or Gadget they could not live without for
a day. I will publish results tomorrow, so email me at 
gizmo@gophercentral.com with your thoughts.

Until Tomorrow,

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	 Citrus peels compound could help diabetics

Citrus fruits may have a compound in their peels that could 
help diabetes patients and even prevent the disease, researchers 
say. The compound, called emulin, was discovered while 
researching the weight-loss properties of grapefruit, WKMG-TV 
in Orlando, Fla., reported Sunday. Researchers hope to extract 
the compound from the peel of the fruit, then filter and purify 
it to make a tasteless substance that acts as a sugar buffer 
when added to foods, the station reported. In addition to 
speeding the removal of excess sugar from the bloodstream, 
Emulin reduces the amount of carbohydrates absorbed after meals 
and the amount of glucose manufactured by the liver. "This 
product mimics the activity of insulin," A&M metabolics 
researcher Joseph Ahrens said. Type-2 diabetic rats fed the 
equivalent of a brownie with emulin showed a drop in glucose 
by as much as 27 percent. Scientists said if the product is 
approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it could 
be on the market within two years.

Electronically Counts EVERY Coin You Deposit...

Store Price: $14.99 

This incredible Money Machine electronically counts every coin 
as you deposit them. Displays a running total of your savings 
so you’ll know exactly how much you have. 

A fun and educational way to teach children how to count and 
save. Top twists off for easy access and re-sets to zero to 
start all over again. Takes 2 AA batteries (not included).
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	 Gecko makes surprise appearance in egg

An investigation is planned to determine how a gecko got 
inside a chicken egg, Australian scientists say. Dr. Peter 
Beaumont -- president of the Australian Medical Association 
in the Northern Territory -- said he was cracking chicken eggs 
for a meal when he found the dead lizard in an otherwise 
unblemished egg, The Daily Telegraph said Saturday. "I was 
cracking the eggs into a pan when I noticed one of them was 
all cloudy. I looked at the shell and saw a tiny gecko," he 
said. Beaumont said the animal's carcass was lodged between 
the egg's membrane and the shell's interior, indicating the 
gecko had not entered the egg after it was cracked. He speculated 
the animal might have tried to feed on a chicken embryo by 
climbing into a live chicken, only to become trapped in a 
developing egg. 

Relax & Energize, Revive Tired Muscles & Relieve Stress...

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Release stress by massaging muscles and by activating 
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GREAT pressed into your muscles. Try them on your back, your 
feet (my favorite!), and hands. They are amazing... Makes a 
GREAT GIFT For Men, and Women. Great for Foot massages and foot 
spur relief. Great For Stress Relief, Pregnancy Relief Foot Rub, 
Back Rub, Hand Rub, Self Massage.

Using mini massage balls this massager will relax tense muscles 
and stirs up circulation. It's both gentle and comfortable to use.
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      There Must Be More To Mars Than Ice And Dust

We’re only days away from Phoenix’s encounter with the Red 
Planet, and all we can think of now is what incredible mysteries 
about that planet are about to be revealed. There is one clear 
mission that NASA’s Mars Lander has, and that is to either give 
hope or eliminate the idea that life on Mars is possible.
The mission will stretch over 90 Martian days, the equivalent 
of 92 Earth days, at temperatures of minus 73 C to minus 33 C 
(minus 100 F to minus 28 F) and will start at a site in the 
north region of the planet. Beyond the soil and icy layer, 
scientists expect to determine whether this permafrost region, 
covering as much as 25 percent of the Martian surface, is 
habitable, as Peter Smith, Phoenix principal investigator at 
the University of Arizona, Tucson pointed out. The theories 
regarding the Red Planet are contradictory, and while some 
give hope that life could exist beyond Earth, others reduce 
this possibility to almost nothing. Everything now comes down 
to finding two essential compounds of life forms: carbon and 
water.Earlier this year, scientists warned that NASA’s Spirit 
and Opportunity missions have uncovered what they called a 
"life-threatening fact" on the Red Planet: the high 
concentrations of minerals constitute a harsh environment even 
for the toughest microbes, which is why they considered the 
life-on-Mars theory to have only “a ghost of a chance.”
Phoenix’s mission is to hopefully prove them wrong, and 
establish whether conditions on the exploration site have ever 
been favorable to microbial life. Moreover, the Mars Lander 
will try to establish the presence of carbon-based elements 
and whether the ice ever melts here, in response to long-term 
climate cycles. With the help of instruments onboard, Phoenix 
will check for water and carbon-containing compounds by heating 
soil samples and examining the resulted vapors. This will be a 
key element in establishing if the Red Planet is a setting for 
past or future forms of life.


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