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Publication: Garden Guides
The Magic of Annual Vines

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                   GardenGuides Newsletter 
                 Tuesday, February 27, 2007 

The Magic of Annual Vines 

For the cost of a packet of seeds, you can quickly create a 
show stopping garden accent or a living hideaway for children, 
hide a rusty chain link fence or an unsightly garage wall, 
and turn an ordinary balcony into a private garden. Started 
from seeds, annual vines will scramble to heights of 20 feet 
or more, highlighting features you want to show off and 
covering eyesores.


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Here are just a few of the many uses for annual vines:

1. Add a little magic to your garden by planting a trellis 
or pole with brightly colored morning glories and moon-
flowers. You'll have a burst of brightly colored flowers 
during the day, and luminescent white blossoms at night. 

2. Add shade and privacy to your balcony with annual vines. 
Because their root systems are limited, they can be grown in 
large planters on a trellis, or allowed to trail from window
boxes and big hanging baskets. The vertical growing habit 
will make a small area seem larger. 

3. Annual vines are ideal for introducing your children to 
the magic of gardening. Build a teepee of bamboo or fallen 
tree branches, and plant with scarlet runner beans or tall 
nasturtiums. Your children will enjoy their colorful 
(and edible) hideaway while learning about the wonders of 

4. Plant climbing vines along chain link fences and light 
poles to soften the look of your landscape. 
Annual vines will quickly blanket a problem slope or other 
area that is difficult to mow with colorful flowers. If your 
slope is difficult to plant, use a vine that will reseed 
itself such as morning glories or cardinal climbers. 

5. Plant vines along a southern wall to keep the house cooler 
in summer. 

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Annual vines are easy to grow. They like a sunny location with 
good quality, well drained soil. Plant your seeds according to 
the package directions, and keep them evenly moist until they 
germinate. After germination, you'll only need to water when 
the weather has been extremely hot or dry. Use fertilizers 
sparingly. An abundance of nitrogen will encourage your vines 
to produce an abundance of dark green foliage and few flowers.

Have your trellises or other support in place when you plant 
your seeds. If you can't plant right next to the support, 
insert twigs into the soil next to the seeds to lead the 
vines to their intended support. If the vine can't find its 
support right away, it will waste time searching and reaching 
for something to grab on to.	


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Recommended Annual Vines: 

Black Eyed Susan Vine
Unlike many climbing vines, this one isn't invasive so it can 
be incorporated into existing gardens without fear of crowding 
out existing plants. It's a great choice for hanging baskets 
and window boxes. 
Height: 5' to 10' trailing vine

Cardinal Climber Vine
The deep red flowers with white or yellow throats are sure to 
draw attention to your trellises, fences and poles. 
Height: 6' to 20' vine

Cypress Vine
This vine can add a tropical texture to your landscape with 
its interesting foliage and mix of bright red, pink and white 
flowers. With the right conditions, it grows to 20 feet. 
Height: 8' to 10' vine

Hyacinth Bean Vine
This striking vine will have your visitors asking if it's real! 
The flowers are followed by velvety purple bean pods. 
Height: 6' - 20' vine

Plant this fast-growing vine on a porch, near an entrance, 
or under a window where you can enjoy the evening performance 
and heady fragrance. The flowers bloom only at night, and 
unfold in 2-3 minutes, and event worth waiting for! 
Height: 10' to 20' vine

Morning Glories
In the summer, flowers open in the morning, and in the fall 
they stay open all day. Morning glories are grown as a ground-
cover in difficult areas.
Height: 8' - 10' vine

Sweet Peas
Sweet peas are shorter than most of the other annual vines 
mentioned here, but their outstanding fragrance make them 
worthwhile when height isn't important. They make a wonderful 
cut flower.
Height: 3' to 5' vine


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