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Publication: Garden Guides
Saving Your Unused Bulbs

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                   GardenGuides Newsletter 
                 Tuesday, February 13, 2007 

If you find a bag of bulbs that you forgot to plant and the 
ground is now frozen, not all is not lost. Many bulbs can be 
planted in pots and given an artificial winter, and brought 
back into warmth in the spring to bloom. If they seem firm and 
not too dried out, they can probably be salvaged. Plant them 
in any type of container with drain holes. You can plant them 
much closer together and as long as the soil covers the bulbs. 
Water them once, stick a tag on them with the variety and date 
planted, and find a place where the temperature will remain 
between 32 and 45 degrees for the next three months. Your 
refrigerator is a good choice, but be careful if you store 
fruit in your fridge. Ripening fruit gives off a gas that will 
destroy the forming flowers within the bulbs. After 14 weeks 
move the pot to a cool (45-60 degrees is ideal) but bright 
location. When the blooms are ready to pop, you can bring them 
into your house to enjoy, but remember they’ll last longer and 
be less floppy if you can keep them in a cooler location. 

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Protecting Trees and Shrubs From Snow Buildup 

Cold, dry winds, variable temperatures, and sunny days are 
all hallmarks of a midwest winter. The combination of these 
conditions can be damaging to landscape plants, particularly 
stressed or newly planted evergreens. Because evergreens 
retain their foliage during the winter, sunny and windy days 
can cause excessive transpiration (water being lost through 
the foliage). 

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If the ground is frozen, the plant’s root 
system cannot replace the lost water and the foliage dies and 
turns brown.  Also, the heat of the sun on a very cold day can 
cause the temperature of the foliage to rise to a point that 
cellular activity begins.  If the sun dips behind a building, 
or when it sets, the foliage temperature quickly drops and the 
active tissue is frozen and often killed.  To protect ever-
greens then, we need to prevent moisture loss and protect them 
from the sun. 

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Regular watering well into the fall is the first step to help 
an evergreen with moisture loss.  Moisture reserves in the 
plant can offset excessive transpiration. Mulch the root 
system to help hold the moisture in the soil. A physical 
barrier, like burlap, will serve a dual role, deflecting 
winters drying winds and shading the plant from the warming 
sun. Placing three or four tall wood stakes around the 
evergreen and stapling sheets of burlap to them will serve the 
plant well. There also are commercial anti-transpirants that
when sprayed on the foliage forms a waxy barrier that prevents 
moisture loss. Make sure these are applied before the 
temperatures get below freezing and, if possible, re-apply if 
temperatures increase enough in mid-winter and early spring. 

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