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Rose Care: Preventing Black Spot

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GardenGuides Newsletter
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rose Care

The best winter advice for your roses is to remember that
healthy summer roses are always stronger through the winter
and fertilizing and watering regularly during the growing
season will make your plants better able to withstand harsh
winters. Late winter is the time to prune your roses -
killing freezes have passed and the roses are just starting
to break dormancy. Water your roses if there is no rain or
snow for more than two weeks, to keep roses healthy and
prevent them from drying out. Be sure to remove the soil
mound and any other protective covering when buds begin
to swell in spring

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Stopping & Preventing Blackspot

The name says it all — black spot. This is one of the most
common rose diseases. Symptoms include round velvety lesions
often surrounded by a yellow halo. As multiple lesions
develop in clusters, they form irregular patches of black
growth. Leaves eventually turn yellow and drop prematurely.

Black spot is caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae,
and it only affects roses.

The fungus produces spores. These overwinter on infected
plant debris. Black spot develops when plant surfaces are
moist, humidity is high and temperatures are in the upper
60s to lower 70s (F degrees) for several days. These
combination of factors often begin in early June (earlier
in some regions).

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Black spot is spread when water splashes the fungus from
infected debris onto the lower leaves of the plant. As new
generations develop, it works its way to higher leaves (
new spores develop in 11 days).

June is the time to start watching for small black spots.
Several fungicide sprays and dusts are available, but need
to be applied every seven to 10 days all summer (twice a
week during wet, humid periods).


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