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Publication: Garden Guides
February Gardening

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                   GardenGuides Newsletter 
                  Tuesday, February 6, 2007 

Good news for my fellow gardeners, Punxsutawney Phil did not 
see his shadow on this Groundhog Day, meaning, according to 
lore, an early spring for the United States. February is a 
very difficult time for gardening, so below is a Regional 
Gardening Guide for the month.


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February may well be the toughest gardening month. Thank 
goodness it's short. Gardeners in warm climates don't know 
what kind of weather to expect from day to day or from day 
to night. Gardeners in cold climates have put the holidays 
behind them and just want to see the sun shine again. 

But that doesn't stop the true gardener from working on his 
garden. February is for planning and for seeing the first 
signs that spring is around the corner. And it is especially 
for pruning. So take advantage of those rare sunny days and 
get back in your garden. 

Here are some regional tips for gardening in February. 
However since February weather is so unpredictable, you'll 
have to use some judgement. 

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- Finish up your seed and plant orders 
- Keep an eye on houseplant pests 
- Get your garden tools in order 

Cold Regions: (Zone 7 and Lower)

- Prune trees and shrubs, both ornamentals and fruit 
- Check flower beds for plants that may have heaved 
- Replace mulch as needed 
- Check outside plants and trees for animal damage 
- Cut some branches for forcing indoors 
- Rejuvenate holly bushes with a hard pruning 
- Check evergreens for sign of desication 
- Start seeds of cool season vegetables and flowers	

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Warmer Regions: (Zone 8 and Higher)

- Watch out for cold snaps and be ready to protect tender 
- Start to rejuvenate annual flower beds 
- Keep watering, unless there are restrictions 
- Propagate some new plants from cuttings 
- Continue planting cool season vegetables like: broccoli, 
  cabbage, kale, lettuce, onions 
- Harvest winter crops before they bolt 
- Plant out cold hard annuals like: pansies and Icelandic 
- Start seeds of warm season vegetables and flowers 
- Begin dividing perennials 
- Plant fruit trees and bareroot roses 
- Finish pruning roses and fruit trees 
- Use dormant spray on roses and fruit trees and shrubs 
- Plant regional bulbs like: amayllis, crinums and calla l
- Pot up saved tubers and corms like: begonias and cannas 
- Weather permitting, you can start dividing perennials 

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