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Publication: Gizmorama
Funny Ameriquest Commercials

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Gizmo Video - Funny Ameriquest Commercials
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Good Morning,
With the invention of TIVO I don't watch many commercials
these days, but this weeks clip was recommended to me by a 
co-worker so I thought I would check it out. After I did,
I just had to pass it on. Enjoy!

Please scroll down for the video link. 

Also, check out this link to enter to win a DVD from EVTV1

DVD Contest

See you next week, 

Email me at: mailto:gizmo@gophercentral.com 

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		*** Video Clip of the Week ***

Funny Ameriquest Commercials
I don't recall seeing any of these commercials for Ameriquest 
on television, but they should have made the cut. You decide 
out of these 5 commercials which one is your favorite.

This weeks video

  Don't Take Any Chances When It Comes to Your Health
   Why Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home Is Important 

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DEAL PRICE: $29.99

The North American Healthcare Association has shown that 
monitoring blood pressure in the comfort of your own home 
provides a more accurate reading by avoiding the stressful 
environment of the doctor's office.

Now for under $30 you can get the Wristech Blood Pressure 
Monitor which will provide a completely safe and accurate
blood pressure reading without leaving your home. Don't let 
the stress and hassle of the Dr's office affect the readings 
of your pressure. Use the Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor.
Visit: http://pd.gophercentral.com/r/120/a/8399/l/vf8aj5

Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor

* Last Week's Clip Results *
News Anchors On Air Laughing Fit Over Falling Runway Model - 3.9
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