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Publication: The Daily Recipe
Frozen watermelon

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It's the big 4th of July weekend and looking forward to
having Friday off again. Just got back from the vacation
and ready for some more mosquito bites. That's the only
thing about camping I can't stand. I just heard from 
someone yesterday Listerine mouthwash keeps them away?
I'm about to try it. Check out more debugging tips in
below's Corner today too.
Now here's a great idea for a FROZEN WATERMELON (not the
drink) that's even more refreshing than say a freshly
sliced watermelon. This is the ice cream concoction
that looks like a watermelon when it's all done...even
has mini chocolate chips for the seeds. This is one of
those things you'd see straight off the crafty magazine
pages but it IS easily possible to make. If you have room
in your freezer to chill this I challenge you to put it
together. You'll be thanking me later!



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3 pints vanilla ice cream, slightly softened
3 pints raspberry sherbet, softened
1/2 cup (3 ounces) miniature semisweet chocolate chips
14 drops green food color
2 cups frozen whipped topping, thawed

Line an 8-cup mold or mixing bowl completely with aluminum
foil. Working quickly, spread the vanilla ice cream 1 inch
thick over the bottom and sides of the bowl. (It'll probably
slide down the sides a bit.) Immediately place in the freezer
and freeze for about 1 hour. When the ice cream has become
somewhat hard, but not frozen solid, spread it all the way
up the sides to the top of the bowl; then replace it in the
freezer for about 1 hour, until firm. Place the raspberry
sherbet in a medium-sized bowl and add the chocolate chips;
blend until evenly mixed. Place in the vanilla ice cream-
lined bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight,
or until completely hard. When ready to serve, in a small
bowl, mix the green food color with the whipped topping until
evenly blended. Remove the mold from the freezer, remove the
plastic wrap, and invert onto a platter larger than the mold.
Remove the mold and peel off the foil. Spread the whipped
topping evenly over the ice cream and serve immediately, or
freeze until the topping is firm, then cover and keep frozen
until ready to serve. Cut into wedges, just like fresh

Yield: 10-12 Servings
Categories: Ice Cream, Desserts
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                 MARZEE'S CORNER


                      PICNIC TIPS:
                Tell those bugs to BUG OFF!

When insect repellent and bug zappers alone just don't
cut it....here are a few bug-off bits:

Insects are attracted to bright-and dark-colored clothing
and shiny objects like jewelry. Wear white, tan, and other
muted colors. Wear long sleeves and pants, and consider
tucking your pants into shoes or socks. Don't go barefoot.
Apply insect repellent to shoes, socks, and pant cuffs.  

Fragrances attract attention from biting insects so skip
perfume or cologne, and choose unscented hair care products,
skin lotions, and sun block. 

Citronella lamps and candles help to keep mosquitoes away.
This lemon-scented Asian grass can also be found in skin

Use airtight containers for food to prevent aromas from
attracting pests. Choose tubs with clear plastic lids so
you can see what's inside.
In the backyard or a park, plan to eat after dark, when
wasps and other stingers are asleep. FYI: dusk is prime
biting time.

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END OF THE DAILY RECIPE "Until we eat again!" 
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