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Publication: Spritual Healing
From St. Germain

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Spiritual Awakenings with Dawn Silver

February 8, 2006

Dear Violet Flamers,

Mike Quinsey channels a number of incredible ascended masters and I have enjoyed his e-zines for quite sometime. This week’s message is so important that I put off the e-zine I had been working on to bring you the following channeled message from St. Germain, master of the violet flame of transmutation. In his message for humanity, he teaches us who we are energetically, especially in regards to visitations, ghosts and re-incarnation.

I have always felt St. Germain’s presence in the work I do. As I’ve written before, he came to me in a vision, the first one I was aware of, when I was 15. He took me through an amethyst crystal cave and I smelled violets everywhere. I have learned that oftentimes when ascended beings visit, they leave the smell of fragrant flowers. What a treat that is to remind us that there is much awaiting us.

Before I answer a question from Sara of Columbus, Ohio I thought you might like to know about the Sea Angels Psychic cruise that I will be teaching on in October. I have been fortunate enough to sail with this "floating university" for four years now. They feature a variety of great speakers and authors. You will have the opportunity to take their classes as part of taking the cruise and earn CEU's and certifications. This is a great opportunity for those with credit hours to fulfill. This year I will be doing classes on Astrology and Crystal Healing from my "Jewels of the Lotus Crystal” Healing Series. For more information go to Sea Angels Psychic Cruise 2006. We will be taking an eight day cruise through the Caribbean, visiting many great ports of call. The price is incredibly reasonable, with all food included. You can pay it off monthly, at $100/month, so it is quite doable. This cruise is a lot of fun and brilliant...a great way to learn. I hope to see you there.

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Spiritual Awakenings
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Indian Fire Walking
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Sara from Ohio wants to know about a potential relationship with a "special guy" at work. Sara, you have some nice energy in your chart right now for a nurturing and sensitive relationship to take place. It shows you are reflecting on him quite a lot, as your progressed Moon is conjuncting your natal Mars in your 11th house of hopes, dreams and wishes. But with transiting Uranus going through your fifth house of romance, it may be exciting but possibly not long-lasting.

I see something much more grounding and permanent happening in about 4 years from now with your progressed Sun aspecting your natal Venus in Cancer and in the house of second marriage. It will be a meeting of the man of your dreams and will also nicely aspect your Scorpio rising and Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. Until then, do not shy from relationships, for it is how we grow. Since I know nothing about him and how he fits with you, I have pulled a few oracle cards from the "Jewels of the Lotus". They tell me that there is indeed energy there and nice unconditional love. But he is in a place of needing to clear old energy. While it may be nice for him to get "into the relationship game" again it does not appear to be a possibility with longevity for him at this time. If that is okay with you, then great. But, if not, you are being asked to forge a clear path to the heart and seek unions with enlightened individuals without a lot of extra baggage. Our office dream boy may need to heal a bit more, so proceed with caution. Remember to love yourself here!

And now the wisdom of St. Germain.

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From St. Germain, February 1, 2006

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

The idea of living within an illusion proves to be the most difficult one to comprehend. Clearly you are physical Beings, and what you see around you has body and is of substance. When we the Masters appear to you often our manifestation is accompanied by an auric display, that reveals us in a light form because we manifest in a higher vibration. When you see what you call ghosts, that is often the etheric shell of someone who has departed Earth and left that energy behind. Some of you see E.T’s and like the Masters they can come and go at will, and yet all of this real to your senses.

The illusion that is referred to relates to the matrix that you have created around you. It is one that is the substance of your collective consciousness, having been created according to your beliefs and desires. This is your reality as you perceive it, and it is very much like entering a playroom that has been designed for one purpose only. When you enter another room you find a different arrangement yet they are in essence just rooms. You have created a “room” for each phase of your development, and it changes from the earlier one according to what expresses your new level of consciousness.

Think for a moment, if for example you found yourselves suddenly transported to ancient Egyptian times how strange you would find it. You would most likely feel out of place, and unable to adapt to an era that was so different to your present one. Yet, in its time it was an advanced civilization that functioned in a highly organized way. As you know, you can go “back” into time and some have actually had experiences where they have seen it as it was. Again none of this is an illusion, but could I say that it is simply different to what you are used to now.

You have programmed yourselves to think a certain way, and each time you incarnate your belief system is tested against what you subconsciously brought with you. A new you has gradually emerged, yet the matrix will continually impinge upon you. You will be aware that some Beings come directly from the higher dimensions to incarnate upon Earth. They carry their higher consciousness with them, and are aware that they are in some way different. However, they are strong enough to maintain it in an alien environment. All of this is real to the individuals concerned yet it is all part of the illusion, brought about by your freewill to create as you desire.

The reality is that you are not what you think you are, that is apart from those of you who already understand the truth. You are not a physical Being, but a higher Being that has dropped into the lower dimensions to experience duality. What you see manifest around you is but a pale reflection of what the higher ones are like. Your reality is in the higher dimensions where all is understood from the perspective that you are gods. To a greater or lesser degree, you use your powers of creation that become increasingly more powerful as you move higher.

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Death is perhaps the biggest illusion that many people believe to be the total end to life. The reality is that life is infinite, and death of the physical body is to allow the release of your soul from it. It quickly gravitates to its appropriate level which is still within the Earth’s influence. However, these levels at their higher points are nearer to your true reality. Albeit that your powers of creation are limited, they bestow upon you abilities that you do not have upon Earth. These can be described as “Transit Realms” because you will only remain there until you decide what your next experience shall be. Most incarnate back upon Earth, but it is possible to move to other dimensions or planets. This will depend on what will best further your evolution.

Earth is a convenient illusion in which to experience in a way that cannot be achieved elsewhere. It is not your true reality, and whilst you are upon it you play out all types of situations that are created by you all collectively. This is why as you fully enter the end times, you have to clear away the thoughtforms of old and allow the new to manifest. Then and only then, you will begin to see and experience your true reality which will restore your creative powers. It will also give you back your freedom and sovereignty and light up the golden path to the higher dimensions from whence you originally came, your TRUE REALITY.

Dear Ones, you can release yourselves from the old vibrations by building your vision of the future. Let go that which has served its purpose well, as the Earth too is also reaching out for its higher _expression. You are ascending together, and a wonderful cleansing with magnificent changes will lead you into the Golden Age. It awaits you now and nothing on Earth will stop it manifesting, it is decreed as such and so shall it be. Give thanks to the Creator for this new _expression that is finally to release you from bondage, and propel you into the future.

I am St. Germain, and wish that you should all be open to new ideas and perceptions. The old has almost served its purpose, and as all does when its use is no longer required, it returns to source. Thank it for having served you well, and let it go. The Heavens watch with great interest as you emerge from the darkness, and their Love and Light speeds you ever onwards.

Thank you, St. Germain.

Some of us believe it has been a tough political week. So I leave you with the following: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln

Next weeks e-zine will be on Soul-Mates. Just in time for Valentines Day and written by the Sea Angels Cruise founder, Tina Michelle. Bon Voyage!

Until next time,

Ciao and be blessed,
Dawn Silver

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