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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Former ECW Champion Passes Away

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2007

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Former ECW Champion Mike Awesome Passes Away
Story By: Daniel Pena
source: Wrestling Observer

Dave Meltzer is reporting that former ECW World Champion 
Mike Awesome (real name Michael Alfonso) has passed away. 
He was found dead on Saturday evening in the Tampa area 
according to those close to the family. He was only 42 
years old. 

At about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night, friends were going 
to his home in Tampa, Florida to pick him up and go out. 
He never answered the door and they found him hanging in 
the home. The death is believed to be due to suicide 
pending results of the autopsy. 

Also, WWE.com has confirmed his passing:

Mike Awesome passes away
Written: February 19, 2007

WWE is saddened by news of the passing of Mike Alfonso, 
better known to wrestling fans as Mike Awesome. He was 42. 

Mike Awesome's first major exposure came overseas, where 
he became one of the Japan's top stars. Awesome would 
eventually become a star and champion in America while 
wrestling for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Following 
his successful run in ECW, Awesome spent time working in 
WCW and later WWE before retiring to his native Tampa, 

While in ECW, Awesome was a two-time World Champion and 
Tag Team Champion. His matches with Masato Tanaka, 
including a show-stealer at One Night Stand in 2005 were 
among the most memorable in ECW history. 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

No Way Out Videos, Backlash PPV, Hulk Hogan Update
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: PWInsider.com

- There are post match videos from last night's No Way Out 
pay-per-view now available for download on WWE.com.

- The following Backlash pay-per-view information has been 
sent to cable operators: "Rivalry and rage explode in 
controversy as ECW and Smackdown join RAW at Backlash. 
Catch the intensity as John Cena, Batista, Undertaker, 
RVD, and Lashley face the consequences of their actions 
from WrestleMania." 

- Sources close to Hulk Hogan have said that the filming 
for Hogan Knows Best Season 4 has official begun. 

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Kurt Angle Interview, "I Think Batista Is Horrible" 
Story By: Devis Owens
Source: Steve Gerweck

Live Audio Wrestling recently interviewed Kurt Angle, here 
are the highlights: 

- He said in WWE, he was on the road for about 300 days 
per year. He wanted to either reduce his schedule and work 
part time or quit. 

- Angle said he called for the meeting with Vince McMahon. 
He said he was tired of working hurt. 

- He said he showed Vince his lower body which had black 
and blue marks from hip to hip. According to Angle, Vince 
said, "I guess you won't be wrestling in the triple threat 
ladder match tonight."

- When Angle wanted the meeting, Vince kept avoiding him. 

- Angle felt trapped by his contract, and told Vince that 
he felt like he was going to kill himself. He said Vince 
threw the $30 million MMA contract offer back in his face, 
and released him. He feels Vince saw liability, and decided 
to grant his release. 

- Angle said he and John Cena were the most productive 
wrestlers in WWE. 

- Angle wanted to just do television and PPVs in WWE, which 
of course Vince didn't want any part of.

- Vince told Angle to take six months off, and come back 
re-sign with him, and Angle agreed. Angle said his plan was 
to jump to TNA. 

- "Vince Russo is the best writer in wrestling," said Angle.

- Angle said he isn't involved in creative, but does offer 
his opinions as he feels necessary. He said if they wanted 
him to be apart of creative, he would do it. 

- He said TNA is looking to get a two hour time slot by 
year's end. He said a one hour television show is really 
42 minutes. 

- Angle said TNA has talents they haven't even introduced 
yet that are better than most WWE’s main eventers, and are 
holding off until they get the extra TV time. 

- He feels Christian never got a chance in WWE because of 
the perceived lack of size. He feels Christian is as good 
if not better than Edge. Angle said WWE could have been 
made money with Christian. 

- He said Cena is a very hard worker, but not a very good 

- "I think Batista is horrible," said Angle. He said 
Batista is a product of Vince's fetish with big guys.

- He said he would rather have Samoa Joe over Cena or 

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                      Reader's Forum

billy kidman was not known as sick boy in raven's flock in 
wcw. sick boy was apart of of the flock in ecw before the 
flock came to wcw. 

- Brad H. 

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