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Publication: Diet Buddy
Food Heaven?

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi there Buddies:

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and since the 
weather has been pleasant again, I hope everyone is 
taking advantage of these nice summer days we have left. 
Try going for a daily walk, enjoy some gardening, or just 
do some sort of outside activity to get your body moving. 

We all certainly need to make a consious effort and take 
some time out of our busy daily schedulde to devote to 
noone but ourselves. Walking or gardening is a wonderful 
way to clear your mind, do some soul searching, and just 
enjoy nature's scenery we take so much for granted. It 
also works wonders for your health and well being, not 
to mention the extra calories you burn. 

Eating delicious fruits and vegetables that are in season 
this time of year, are not only quite refreshing and quench 
your taste buds, but are also loaded with many vitamins and 
anti-oxidents to help us get and stay healthy, and hope-
fully slimmer. 

So today I'd like to share an incredible concept regarding 
these fabulous fruits and vegetables we all take for 
granted, that might make you view them in a whole different
weight loss light, and make you wonder whether you've died 
and gone to food heaven. (Courtesy of NFPT Personal Trainer 

Just imagine burning more calories eating your food, than 
the actual calorie content the food consists of.  Yes, you 
read right!  Doesn't that sound just too good to be true?  
It's like giving your body something that is not only good 
for it, but it will also thank you, by losing some weight 
for you?  Confused?  Read on !!!

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"Is it possible to actually have not only no calories, but 
even negative calories? And, if it is possible what effect 
would ingesting negative calories really have? Could you 
literally eat your way to fat loss.....the more you eat the 
more you lose?

All foods have some calories. No food is actually a 
"negative calorie" food. BUT the overall effect of certain 
foods in our body is that of "negative calories". Negative 
calorie foods use more calories to digest, than the 
calories the foods actually contain!

Calories from these foods are much harder for the body to 
break down and process.  In other words, the body has to 
work harder in order to extract calories from these foods.
This gives these foods a tremendous natural fat-burning

A piece of dessert consisting of 400 calories may require 
only 150 calories to be digested by our body, resulting in 
a net gain of 250 calories which is added to our body fat!
According to this theory, for example, if you eat 100 
calories of a food that requires 150 calories to digest, 
then you've burned an additional 50 calories simply by 
eating that food."

All foods have a caloric (calories), nutrient 
(carbohydrate, fat, protein), and vitamin and mineral 
(enzyme producing) content.  While it is true, enzymes are 
not found in foods, it has been simplified by researchers, 
that vitamins can be considered biochemicals found in food 
that, among their many other functions, stimulate living 
tissues to produce enzymes that ideally are sufficient to 
break down that particular food's caloric nutrients. 
Therefore, the relative result of vitamin ingestion in the 
production of enzymes. 

As a side note, this lay definition of vitamins paves the 
way for a more clear understanding of empty calories (junk 
food) as well.  Foods falling into this "empty calorie" 
category would be foods with too little enzyme producing 
vitamin and mineral content, while containing a surplus of

The ingestion of empty calorie foods requires the body to 
produce its own enzyme (usually in the lining of the 
intestinal tract) to be able to convert these "empty 
calories" into usable energy.  Obviously, these enzyme 
producing functions in the body should be reserved for the 
performance of other internal, and more vital metabolic 

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It is a given these days, that it is difficult to find 
foods that contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and 
minerals to alone break down their own "host" caloric 
nutrients (purely natural food).  This situation can be 
attributed to nutrient robbing pesticides application, 
processing, the use of preservatives, and various commonly 
used poor cooking practices. 

Surprisingly, in the case of the negative calorie foods in 
question not only do they contain sufficient vitamins and 
minerals to break down the host calories, there is actually 
a surplus of these enzymes producing biochemicals.  This 
simply means that once ingested these "negative calorie" 
foods provide for enzyme producton in quantities sufficient
to break down not only its own host calories, but possibly 
additional calories present in digestion as well.

Is this discovery truly a tremendous breakthrough?  Not 
really.  Unless of course research is performed confirming 
that these surplus enzymes produced in digestion are in 
some way transported into the bloodstream.  As likely as 
this enzyme transport would seem, until now there has been 
no real evidence to suport this conclusion. 

According to a recent study performed by Dr. Dean Ornish, 
MD., of the University of California, at San Fransisco, a 
vegetarian diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables, 
was adhered to by research subjects as experimental study 
on the reversal of heart disease.  As a result each of the 
research subjects (all suffering from heart disease), lost 
an average of 20 pounds without cutting or limiting serving 

In light of the fact that these subjects were 40 years and 
older (with relatively slowed metabolisms) and the research 
performed involved no prescribed exercise program, this 
constitutes a dramatic weight loss that could only be 
attributed to the consumption of various fruits and 

With the above information in mind, while obviously not 
conclusive, let us assume the transport of these "surplus" 
digestive enzymes into the blood is a given and pick it up 
from there.  The fact is, enzymes are responsible for the 
acceleration of ALL chemical reactions in the body.  The 
acceleration of chemical reactions in the body then equates 
to a faster metabolism (this effect is implied by the 
earlier referenced studies performed by Dr. Dean Ornish, 

In building upon the obove conjectures, to optimize this 
metabolic acceleration, these researched and identified 
negative calories should preferably be ingested in the 
absence of additional enzyme robbing "empty calories" (junk 
food).  This would insure that an optimum amount of enzymes 
are produced for absorption into the bloodstream and not 
wasted during digestive processes on assimilating calories 
from foods with poor vitamin and nutrient content.

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Negative Calorie Food List:

Fruits and Vegetables

asparagus          chicory          lamb's lettuce
beet               Chile peppers    lettuce
broccoli           (hot)            onion
cabbage (green)    cucumber         papaya
carrot             dandelion        radishes
cauliflower        grapefruit       spinach
celeriac (celery   garden cress     turnip
root)              garlic           vegetable marrow
celery             green beans      (zuchini)
chinese cabbage    apples           cantaloupe
chives             apricots         cherries
corn               artichokes       chervil
cranberries        beet greens      eggplant
cucumbers          beets            endive
currants           blackberries     garlic
Damson plum        blueberries      grapes
green beans        broccoli         oranges
honeydew           brussel sprouts  parsley leaves
huckleberries      loganberries     parsnips
kale               mangoes          peaches
kohlrabi           mushrooms        pears
kumquats           muskmelons       peas
leeks              mussels          peppers
lemons             mustard greens   pineapple
limes              nectarines       tangerines
sauerkraut         okra             tomato
scallions          pomegranates     turnips
squash             prunes           watercress
strawberries       pumpkin          watermelon
string beans       quince           rhubarb
rutabagas          raspberries
salsify            red cabbage           

Tips for weight loss:

-  You will get maximum benefit if you eat them in raw 
   natural form, without any butter or oil.

-  There are reports that you may drop up to 2 pounds in a 

-  The "negative calorie" effect will vary depending on 
   one's physical condition.

-  The most important thing about these Negative Calorie 
   Foods is that you will never feel hungry if you are on 
   a diet with negative calorie foods.

Did You Know ???

That "about 10% of daily caloric intake is used to process 
foods in the body.  You can expand more by doing physical 

Now if we could only get away from our 21st century foods 
we are so used to eating, and revert back to what our 
ancestors lived on, many, many years ago.....we probably 
would have a good shot at keeping our weight issues to a 
minimum.  Unfortunately we all seem to be eating more and 
more processed and preserved foods that do not contain the 
proper vitamin and mineral content, making us wonder why 
we cannot digest our foods properly and why many are 
becoming so overweight?  With all the different chemicals 
from different foods we seem to be eating these days it's 
no wonder why we're an ever growing nation of overweight 
food-aholics.  Let's try and get back to what we've been 
told since we can remember.....that fruits and vegetables 
really are good for us.

Have a great week everyone !!!

I'm happy to announce that we now have our own Diet Buddy 
Forum.  Please take some time to join our fellow dieters, 
reading and discussing our personal diet ups and downs at: 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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