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Publication: Angel Voices
Food For Thought

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   Your angel message for: Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Dear Readers: Thank you all for your ongoing support and 
interest, and a huge thank you to all of you who have 
graciously shared your angel experiences and spirit 
encounters. You are truly lighting up the world. 
peace, love and joy, 
Zsuzsana ]

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Food For Thought 

Let me first say how much I enjoy your stories from the 
many readers! 

I have a short story which happened over the weekend on 
April 1, 2006. 

As I was leaving the carwash, I noticed a homeless man 
digging in the trash can looking for food. My heart 
saddened for him, and I pulled into a fast food restaurant 
and decided to get him some food. As I was about to order, 
I noticed they had a special, 2 for $3.00, and I decided 
to get it. I figured it may be too much but he could have 
some of it later. The drive thru lady was very personable 
and we chatted while the food was being prepared. She 
ended up giving me an X-large instead of the medium I 
ordered along with an X-large drink. When she began to 
give this to me, I stopped her to mention this is not what 
I paid for but she waved me on to take it. I said to my-
self, "Okay, Lord, he must need more food that I originally 

I went back to the site where I'd seen him but he was 
nowhere to be found. I kept going down the same road for 
over 10 minutes. Finally I called out to the Lord to send 
his angel to direct me to find this man – I knew it was 
important for me to give him the food! I proceeded to the 
shopping area across the highway and still did not see
him. As I was leaving that parking lot I saw another home-
less guy and hoped that maybe they were friends and hung 
out together. I was right. As I passed him, I looked to 
my right and the first guy was sitting under a shrub. I 
was so excited and immediately began to thank my angels 
for leading me to them. I pulled up beside the friend and 
handed him the bag of food. He called to his friend and 
said, "Hey, man – we have some food." He looked back at me 
and said, "God bless you, Ma'am," and I replied, "You too," 
and drove off shedding happy tears. 



Please send your angel experiences or comments to: 
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com. In most cases, your stories are 
published chronologically. Submission Guidelines: If you 
wish to see your angel story in print, please use, as much 
as possible, proper grammar and punctuation, and do not type
in all caps. If you wish your name printed, please include 
it in your signature. love, light and laughter, Zsuzsana 

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EARTH ELEMENT: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Puppy Love.
Angelic Advice: There is nothing more exciting and
unconditional than puppy love. When we see a teenager's
first crush we often just smile and dismiss it as "only
puppy love" but intensity and delight is a wonderful feeling
to recapture. Today, look at others in a love that is
exuberant and unconditional. Your angels wish you joy in:
Exciting Encounters. 

FIRE ELEMENT: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Your Guiding Angel Today is: The Angel of Chakras. Angelic
Advice:  Make sure to align your chakras today. Visualize a
column of pure white light running from your crown to the
ground to clear out any blockages you may have in your
energy centers -- you'll be able to handle things that come
your way even better. You will feel the delightful ease and
flow of being balanced. Think balance and harmony. Your
angels wish you joy in: Personal maintenance. 

AIR ELEMENT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Your Guiding Angel Today is: The Angel of Reaching your
Potential. Angelic Advice: There is nothing out of your
reach today as long as you stretch a little. You may be
surprised at what you're capable of but the gifts have
always been inside you waiting to come out. This angel is
standing by, whether it's to give you a boost or a whisper
of encouragement. Your angels wish you joy in: Stretching. 

WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Charm. Angelic
Advice: Your success is assured today if you are sincere and
true in your goals. Other will find you charming and your
diplomacy will be appreciated. Smile as often as you can,
and you will light up every room and life you enter. Your
angels wish you joy in: Friends, new and old. 

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