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Publication: Liquidation Alerts
Flexible Chopping Mats under $3

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Liquidation Alert

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Liquidation Alerts!

It's time to throw away that bulky cutting board and bring out this little gadget. It's what every kitchen needs and used by the finest chefs of  the world... the revolutionary Flexible Chopping Mat. The best part of the whole deal is that you will receive 2 chopping mats for the price of 1!


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Flexible Chopping Mats (2-pk)
Normal Retail: $9.99 

Perfect for cutting and chopping, the futuristic surface won't dull knives. Not only will it protect your countertops it also
provides a sanitary work surface. Great for camping, boating, picnics and RV's. You can even fold the sides and it becomes a funnel... great for your veggies. Oh yeah, did we mention its dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Each Flexible Chopping Mat measures 13" x 10"

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