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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Flair Suffers Injury

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, April 23, 2007

Flair Suffers Injury, Orton Out With Virus, MSG, More 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - PWInsider.com

King Booker will begin hosting his own radio show starting 
this Saturday called "Tea Time with King Booker." The show 
will air on KBME 90-AM in Houston, Texas from noon until 
2 p.m. ET. For those of you out of the Houston market you 
can listen to it online here. 

Both Ric Flair and Randy Orton did not wrestle at 
yesterday's WWE house show in Munich, Germany. Flair is 
said to have injured his ankle during the European tour 
while Orton has taken a stomach virus. 

The Internet pre-sale for WWE's Madison Square Garden 
return on August 13th sold out in approximately two 
minutes. Both RAW and ECW will be taped at the venue. 


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Latest On Angle's Injury, TNA's Creative Team, More
Story By: Joe Gentry
Source: PWTorch Newsletter

- There were no severe injuries coming out of the Lockdown 
PPV. Kurt Angle, however, limped to the back after the 
Lethal Lockdown match. He was also seen limping in to the 
hotel carrying several bags of luggage. Another witness 
account said that he struggled carrying his bags down three 
steps from the hotel lobby to the elevators. 

- As far as TNA's creative team goes, it consists of Vince 
Russo, Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell. Russo, at this time, 
is only writing 5-10 percent of TV and PPV shows. Jarrett 
and Mantell write a majority of it and Russo is left to 
fill in the blanks. 

Russo is also doing a majority of scripting when it comes 
to promos for the undercard guys such as Chris Sabin and 
Jay Lethal. 

Russo also wrote the Breakfast with the Devil segment, 
between Sting and James Mitchell. Russo wrote the entire 
segment, word for word. Management was upset with Sting 
for his deliverance on the few lines he had. 

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Top RAW Star Filming New Reality Show About Himself 
Story By: Steve Carrier
Credit: PWInsider.com

Mick Foley recently discussed filming a reality series 
plot for the A&E Network in an interview with 

In the interview he noted, "You know, the people at A&E 
really sold me on what the show could be. I watched some 
of their shows specifically and I think that in the same 
way I was really proud of being in Beyond the Mat, I could 
be proud of a reality show, especially if it allows me to 
cover some of my interests outside of wrestling and may 
draw people into supporting some causes that I do." 

Foley also noted that his wife was "terrified" of the 
idea but the intention of the pilot is to focus on Foley 
himself, not his family. 

For upcoming Foley fictional novels in the future, Foley 
may be releasing under a pen name to prevent what has been 
a recurring theme in his writing career when it comes to 
reviewers, his work being dismissed because he's a 
professional wrestler, as opposed to being judged on its 
own merits. 


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                      Reader's Forum


- Peer1012

I think John Cena should lose the title to The Miz. He
would make a great Raw champion.

- Slacker

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