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Publication: Coffee Break
Fisherman catches Swedish swimmer

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Friday, August 1, 2008             
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers
not to eat raw serrano or jalapeno peppers grown in
Mexico, as well as any foods containing them.

The FDA said laboratory testing has confirmed both serrano
peppers and irrigation water from a Mexican farm in the 
state of Nuevo Leon contain Salmonella saintpaul with
the same genetic makeup as the strain that has caused a 
salmonella outbreak in the United States.

"The FDA is still analyzing many of the samples taken at 
various farms in Mexico," the federal agency said in a 
statement. "If laboratory results warrant, the FDA will
provide consumers with additional cautions or warnings
necessary to protect their health."

What are your thoughts on the Mexican pepper Salmonella

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            Fisherman catches Swedish swimmer
Swedish authorities said it is illegal to fish in Kroppkar
Lake after a fisherman tried to reel in a swimmer when his
hook became stuck in the man's neck.  Per Pettersson was 
swimming in Kroppkar Lake outside Karlstad, Sweden, Sunday 
when he noticed he was being pulled through the water by 
his throat, the Swedish News Agency TT reported.  "It felt
like I was being strangled in the water. I was wrenched 
backwards by the fishing line and the pike hook got caught
in my throat," Pettersson told reporters.  The surprised 
swimmer said he pulled the hook out of his bleeding flesh 
and realized it was at the end of a nearby fisherman's 
line.  The report said he received minor wounds.
Officials said they have plans to post signs telling people
it is against the law to fish near the swimming area.


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          Man's pet snakes frighten park-goers
A British man said he doesn't plan to take his two large pet
snakes back to the park after police made him leave because 
the reptiles were scaring visitors.  Danny Palmer was simply
trying to enjoy a day with his 12-foot albino python and
4-foot boa constrictor at Southampton Common in southern
England when trouble began, the Daily Mail reported 
Wednesday.  Palmer and his pets had problems before they
even reached the park when the python hid itself in the 
frame of his owner's car.  The newspaper said Palmer moved
on with his Tuesday visit to the park after the snake 
slithered out of the car.  The newspaper said Palmer's
plans were thwarted for good when police asked Palmer to
leave the park because his pets were flustering other 
visitors.  "The police came and moved us on, so I won't be
taking them there again," Palmer told reporters.


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           Bear with head stuck in jar killed
Police in a Minnesota town shot and killed a young black 
bear that got its head stuck in a large plastic jar rather 
than risk anyone getting hurt.  The 2-year-old male bruin
had been sighted several times over a period of days in
the Frazee area and then showed up during the town's Turkey
Days celebration last weekend, the Star Tribune reported
Wednesday. Police said they didn't have a tranquilizer gun 
readily available and so killed the bear to avoid anyone 
being injured, the newspaper said.  "With all the people 
around ... you're never sure what the outcome is going 
to be," said Rob Naplin, a state Department of Natural
Resources wildlife supervisor.

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