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Publication: Bass Matters
Find Fish Quickly

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Hello Anglers,

Bass have a tremendous appetite, but studies have shown that 
they tend to have a preference for a particular forage type. 
They like a long, thin prey better than they do a short, fat 

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Find Fish Quickly 
By BassHawg [www.bass-hawg.com]

Whether you are on a new lake, or the one that you call 
home, the main objective is to find and catch as many fish 
as possible. Every body of water has an endless supply of 
different types of structure and cover in a variety of depths 
and water conditions. The list includes; docks, weeds, trees, 
stump fields, ledges, humps, channels, creeks, cold fronts, 
droughts, floods, and hundreds of other variables that alone 
can make finding fish difficult.

The most helpful piece of equipment for this is a good lake 
map. I use a map before I ever put my boat in the water. A 
map can show you potential hot spots. This will enable you 
to narrow down a lot of water before you have to make a cast. 
Looking for spots that have a combination of cover and 
structure will make finding bass easier. 

There are times when a lake map is not available, but that 
does not mean that you can not find the structure that you 
need. You can get an idea of what is below the water by 
looking at what is above the water line. You can follow old 
roadbeds into the water, or if you find a steep bank that 
ends in the water, it will have similar features under water. 
This goes the same for bank make up if it is gravel on the 
shore it will probably be gravelly in the water.

Now that you have a few areas to check out lets hit the 
water. The fish will tell you what to throw. If you take in 
consideration the current weather, time of year, water 
temperature, and fishing pressure. When you are looking for 
fish use the fastest lure that you can get away with. At 
times you will not be able to move a lure fast enough, but 
under other conditions you will not be able to move it slow 


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Lets run through a few scenarios to give you an idea of what 
I am attempting to tell you. Let us set the first scene.

It is pre-spawn; the weather has been steady and slightly 
warming. Where do you start looking for active fish? Get 
your map out and look for the spawning grounds, with access 
to deep water. The map will show you flats that have a creek 
channel next to them. These kinds of areas will be a good 
place to start. With the good weather patterns and the 
rising water temperatures, I would begin with crankbaits, 
Carolina rigs, and suspending jerkbaits. Every fish that you 
catch will give you small pieces of information that you can 
use to catch more fish. 

If the first fish came from 6 foot of water on the edge of a 
break into 12 feet of water look for similar areas and try 
to repeat the pattern. Work that 6-foot edge with a variety 
of lures. If you connect with more fish then you have the 
beginnings of a pattern. If you do not catch more fish then 
try another area, or look at the last one with a little more 
detail. Maybe a stump was holding the first fish. You should 
be starting to get a feel for the way this works.

Scene 2, summer time, water temperatures in the upper 80’s, 
Heavy fishing pressure


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In addition, a cold front just passed through your area 
leaving you a blue bird day. The first place that I would 
look for fish is in the heaviest cover available. This can 
be weed beds, flooded timber, tight to boat docks, or under 
floating vegetation. Except for a chance at an early morning 
topwater bite, I would concentrate on placing slower moving 
smaller baits in as many places as possible. The heavy fish-
ing pressure would make me use smaller baits or find fish 
that others ignore. 

Many fishermen will probe the outside edges of thick bushes 
or trees; few will put their lures in the center of the 
worst areas. I use this to my advantage. I have lost many 
fish in the centers of thick snags, but at least I had the 
chance at getting them out. If I flipped just the outside 
edge, I would never have had the chance to get those other 
fish. The other options available in this scenario are 
covering a lot of water with a spinnerbait or some other 
fast moving bait. 

Another option is to fish areas that no one else does. Most 
people have fancy fiberglass bass rigs and do not enjoy fish-
ing shallow water that is full of stumps and culverts. If 
you can get to waters that are guarded by shallow water or
heavily stump invested waters, you can get at bass that 
others pass by.

As you can see a search lure can be as fast as a buzz bait 
or as slow as a 1/8 oz 4 inch worm. Let the fish tell you 
what to do, and make certain that you listen closely. Do not 
allow your favorite spots or best memories dictate where you 
fish. The conditions and season will tell you the general 
locations you have to refine the presentations to match the 

        GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you think that Iran poses an imminent threat against 
the United States?

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Weighted down with fishing paraphernalia, the man staggered
up to the department store cash register. The total was rung
up, and, as he stood there writing the check, he was heard
to murmur, "It'd be a hell of a lot cheaper if you guys just
sold the fish!"

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