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Publication: Film Quotes & TV Trivia
Final Issue!

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      Film Quotes Video Clip - Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007
       "For Quotes and Trivia You'll Go Nuts Over"
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Fellow Screen and Tube Nuts,

Attention FilmQuotes Video Readers! Today is the 
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Today's clip features Charlie Chan, one of the greatest 
detectives in cinema history. Charlie Chan meets Dracula, 
really Bela Lugosi. It's quite a funny scene. 

Thanks for reading. 

Later, gators.


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              Last Week's Clip Ratings

             Star Wars: A Silent Film


              Rating: 3.7 out of 5

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This Week's Video Clip - Charlie Chan Meets Bela Lugosi 

Honolulu Policeman Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) posing 
as a Chinese merchant meets Tarneverro (Bela Lugosi). 
Tarneverro, a famous psychic, sees through Chan's clever 
disguise with a little detective work of his own. 

Click here: Charlie Chan Meets Bela Lugosi 

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