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Publication: Fifty & Furthermore
Final Nominations for Person of the Year

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FIFTY & FURTHERMORE - Thursday, December 28, 2006

"I'm Dr. Dorree Lynn, founder of FiftyandFurthermore.com. 
Growing older can be a time for creative and passionate 
living, and I will apply my years as a psychologist to 
help you with the challenges and wonders that come with 
this new life stage."

Hello and welcome to FIFTY & FURTHERMORE! 

To close out 2006, I will share with you some final nom-
inations for person of the year. I do encourage all of 
you to think of who has been the biggest inspiration to 
you this year and if possible, let them know. Too often 
we don't express our gratitude. Take the time this 
holiday season to say "thank you" to those who matter 
to you. If you would like to make a comment or ask me a 
question, please email me at the address below and as 
always, I will do all I can to provide you with the 
advice you seek.

As I always say, "life is too hard to do alone - reach 

Dr. Dorree Lynn, Psychologist

Please send questions and comments to: 
email Dr. Lynn


l would like to nominate an instructor that I had this 
past year.  I am visually impaired and I attended a 
session of classes to learn how to live independently.  
I had an instructor in the communications class that 
was such a joy.  She was so personable and made you feel 
right at home.  With her teaching, I learned so much.  
She was a gracious lady. 
I speak in the past terms, because of today, I learned 
that she passed away last week.  She is truely missed 
by so many but she gave all of us a piece of her heart.  
We go on to face the challenges of life more easily 
because of her help.  I am so grateful that she became 
a part of my life.


What a great example of mentoring at its finest. I do 
hope you will pass on what she has taught you to others 
who may also benefit from the knowledge. Sounds like 
she has left quite a legacy.

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I would like to nominate the Mayor of Westminster, 
Colorado as person of the year.  Her name is Nancy 
McNally.  Nancy is the most giving and true friend 
to all people. Whenever there is  a Holiday she makes 
sure the people who are alone spend it with her and 
her beautiful family.   She sews for herself and her 
daughters. She works full time at a very demanding job, 
does her duties for the city (in her spare time), which 
takes an enormous amount of time approximately 30 + 
hours a week and finds time to Knit a blanket for a 
needy family for Christmas.  She also knit or crocheted 
blankets for all of the fire stations and for the Police 
Department.  She also makes covers for the protective 
vests  for the Police Department and embroiders what 
ever they want on them. She bakes birthday cakes and 
decorates them for everyone's Birthday at work and at 
the City. How she does all that she does is beyond most 
peoples comprehension but if someone is in trouble and 
needs a ride or food for their house she is there, if 
they are sick she is there and checks on them.  She is 
a great example of a decent and wonderful Public Servant.  
Rarely does she get the credit for being such a caring 
and giving person.  She is a true Dynamo and a wonderful 
friend.  Most  Politicians could take lessons from this 
lady. Thanks for letting me tell you about this miracle 
of Westminster.


You are truly lucky to have such a giving and hardwork-
ing woman serving you and your city. She sounds like a 
truly selfless sort and indeed gives politicians a good 
name. I encourage you to print out what you have written 
me and give it to her as a token of your appreciation. 
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My nomination for Person of the Year is Steve Irwin.

To be honest, I never paid much attention to him while he 
was alive: too boyish, too enthusiastic, too MUCH!

Then he died, in a totally heroic, totally appropriate -  
to him - way. I watched the memorials, saw his family, 
heard about his efforts to promote good earth stewardship. 
His whole life was dedicated to helping and saving wild 
animals and the wild places of our planet! So much so that 
finally it killed him.

He was a hero way beyond what we expect to find in these 
times; and he has done more to save our planet than any 
other person I can think of. His work lives on, in the 
preserve his parents founded with him, and in his wife 
and children; and in the videos he left behind.

Steve Irwin is truly the Person of the Year; and his wife, 
children, parents and friends all deserve this honor as 
well! Bless you, Steve, and bless the loved ones you left 
behind to further your work.


Animals are an important part of our world too and can 
provide us with valuable clues about eras long past. 
Steve Irwin dedicated - and in the end GAVE - his life 
to advancing science and preserving nature. His legacy 
will live on in his family and the many people he 
inspired world-wide. 

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