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Publication: Coffee Break
Family forced out of home by skunks

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, June 23, 2008             

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A group of expectant Massachusetts high school students 
said they decided to get pregnant as part of a motherhood
pact with their friends.

School officials became suspicious in October after the
number of girls asking for pregnancy tests in the Gloucester
High School clinic unexpectedly spiked, Time Magazine
reported Wednesday.

Seventeen students were pregnant by this school year's
end, at least four times more than last year, the report 

Principal Joseph Sullivan said almost half of the expectant 
girls, all aged 16 or younger, admitted they became pregnant
after making a pact with friends to raise their children at
the same time.

Gloucester residents have said the pregnancy spike could 
be an indirect result of the area's declining fishing 
industry and struggling workforce.

"Families are broken. Many of our young people are growing 
up directionless," school superintendent Christopher Farmer

What are your thoughts on this teen pact for motherhood?

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                Google porn suit thrown out
A New York doctor's lawsuit against three former employees 
he said caused his Internet obsession by associating his
name with pornography has been thrown out.  Dr. Arden Kaisman
claimed in his suit against the three ex-employees -- who
sued their former boss for sexual harassment in 2007 -- that 
they and others conspired to have his name associated with 
hardcore pornography on search site Google, the New York
Post reported Thursday.  "I find myself obsessed with 
'Googling' my name," Kaisman said. "The Internet, the great
information equalizer, has been corrupted to hurt me ... I'm 
told I have an 'incurable Internet disease.'"  However, in
tossing out the suit, New York State Supreme Court Justice 
Jane Solomon said there is no evidence linking the former
employees to the Google association. The judge also said 
Kaisman cannot sue the three women on pornography-related 
matters because he has admitted to e-mailing them "sexually
explicit images."



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               Family forced out of home by skunks
An Ohio woman said she is having a nervous breakdown after
her family was forced out of its home by four skunks living 
under the floors.  Karen McCullough, her husband and teenage 
son have spent a month living in a crowded rental home with
their two dogs, two cats and a bird while workers repair
the floors in their house, The Plain Dealer newspaper in
Cleveland reported Thursday.  "I've cried a few times. 
Inside, I'm having a nervous breakdown," she told The Plain
Dealer.  Contractors haven't said when the McCulloughs will
be able to go home.  The family said the skunks sprayed 
after their dogs began barking at noises under the floors
in November.  The skunks have been removed but the
McCulloughs are stuck waiting in their rental home until
contractors finish repairs, the newspaper said.


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               Residents protest doggy daycare
A group of residents said they are opposing a city plan to
convert a Crystal Lake, Ill., building into a doggy daycare 
center.  Critics attended a meeting of the Chicago suburb's 
Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday to speak against a
proposal to open Cruizin' Critters & Canines Doggie Day 
Care, the Chicago Tribune reported.  Crystal Lake resident
Lisa Soens said she is trying to get approval to open the 
center to look after about 40 dogs during the day. She said 
the facility would be great for commuters because it is 
near the train station.  "I'm very conscious of the
neighbors, and I can make this place fully contained," 
Soens told the Tribune.  Residents fear the doggy daycare
center would be too loud, smelly and even dangerous for the
neighborhood. "I don't mind anybody having a pet but a whole
bunch of them? It's not safe," resident Allen Radovich said.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on Obama rejecting public campaign   
"Obama is as two faced as a lot of other politicians. What
gets me are all the sheep following along in his CHANGE! 
routine. John McCain has at least served his country more
than "Mr. Not even one term senator"."

"I think that if your going to run for office of any kind 
you should provide your own funding.  Relying on people
who can't really afford to give money in the first place
is a bunch of bull.  If Barack Hussein Obama gets in 
office we are all going to need our $5, $10, or $20. We
won't be able to afford to give money away.  I think he 
is very contradictory." 

"I agree with McCain, it is disturbing that Obama stated
he would use public funding and now is breaking statement."
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