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Publication: Fairs, Festivals & Oddities
Thanks for everything.

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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Greetings FF&OO Member,

As you know, this is my final newsletter, and I thought I
would share with you a few of the kind words my readers
have written, they meant so much to me. Thanks. I wish you 
were the powers that be! I will truly miss sharing these 
fests with you, but I trust you all will carry on and 
continue to attend Festivals & Fairs wherever they may be. 
Be sure to always have fun, life is too short!

P.S. Don't worry, folks. Your subscription isn't disappearing. 
We're putting you in the very competent hands of Jan, the 
editor of "Weekend Getaways." Make sure to look for that 
newsletter in your email box this Friday. I know you'll love 
it! Thanks again for everything. 






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March 22-26, 2006                St. John, US Virgin Islands

If you have the opportunity to be in the Virgin Islands for
Spring break, this is a must. The 4th Annual St. John Blues
Festival stars Blues legend James Cotton and The James Cotton
Blues Band. They will blow your socks off! 

Also appearing: The Nighthawks, A hard-driving DC-based bar
band with strong Chicago blues roots. Mark Wenner & The
Nighthawks and Chris Carcel & The St. John Blues Boys...plus
other surprise guests. Bring a blanket, bring a chair, but
please, be cool-no coolers.

"We're talking about the blues, loud and fast and often
get-down dirty; we're talking about James Cotton, a singer,
stomper and harp-player extraordinaire." says the New York
Daily News. We're talking good times!!


July 14-16, 2006                                 Sequim, WA   
http://www.lavenderfestival.com/                877-681-3035

Come celebrate eight beautiful farms on tour in the stunning
Sequim-Dungeness Valley. Celebrate the essence of purple
fields swaying in the breeze, the heady aroma of sun-kissed
flowers, and the many tastes of lavender. You may even think
you're in the South of France! Join more than 30,000 visitors
from all over the world in this glorious Festival.

Be sure to visit the street fair, featuring Northwest crafts
and Olympic Coast cuisine. Check out the many colorful booths
with tons of handcrafted products to delight the senses.

Lavender ware, art work and natural crafts are offered by
more than 125 vendors from across the Northwest. It's a
wonderful opportunity to experience the many varieties of
lavender and appreciate the fine products of the artisans.
Lavender, lavender products and so much more.

Take advantage of the relaxing green lawn to rest your feet.
Come celebrate the joy of lavender. By July the rains will 
have stopped!

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August 4-6, 2006                              Twinsburg, OH
http://www.twinsdays.org/                     330-425-3652   

This one is for my twin nieces, Gracie and Ally, tell your
Mom and Dad to take you here this summer for a really great
time. This fest is one of the world's largest gathering of
twins (usually anywhere from about 2,000-2,700 sets of twins)
and is held in Twinsburg every year.

The secret to the success of this event are all of the twins
who return year after year, and promote the festival
throughout the world. It has become a three-day reunion of
old friendships and an opportunity to kindle new ones.

You or your kids are never too young or old to enjoy this
event. The attendees every year run the range of ages from
newborns to octogenarians. Recently, the youngest twins in
attendance were 11 days old! Obviously, at that age, the
festival is more for the parents to meet other parents of
multiples than it is for the kids. But there are quite a few
kids who have been coming since they were born - and now that
they're 8-12 years old (or older) the festival has turned
into an event they can look forward to every year.

What about non-identical twins you may wonder. Why yes! There
is a place for everyone here. There are tons of twins who are
not identical at this festival. It may not show from all of
the photographic evidence - people tend more often to take
pictures of all of the "doubles" - but there are a lot of
non-identical sets every year, and they are equally welcome.

What's really fun is when the brother/sister sets show up in
identical clothing any ways. Sure, it's silly. But it's a
great lot of fun!  

Also, it's perfectly okay to bring friends and family.
(Somebody has to take all those pictures of you and your twin
with all the other twins!)

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Once again I thank you for your kind words and here's a
sampling of a few more...

I really enjoy your newsletter. -Amanda

Thanks a lot and blessed be dearest informer. -Kit

As a denizen of San Antonio for 47 yrs., I thank you for the
nice things you had to say about our city. -Deb

I enjoy seeing all the events from all over the USA on your
site. -Sharon

Add me to your list of devoted and grateful fans. Thank you
for your every pen stroke of past. I printed your every
newsletter. I am sick you will not be in my future. -Sherry

I LOVE your ezine.. thanks sooooo much! -Brenda

You do a wonderful job getting the word out about so many fun
and interesting events. Keep up the good work! -Lyn

I've been getting your newsletters for about a year now and
wanted to drop a line of thanks. Thanks for the goings on
updates and thanks for your well wishes to the Southeast. I'm
in Charlotte, NC and while I've been spared all the
destruction of the hurricanes, I've seen what they've done to
other parts of the state and around the region. -Kelly

I've been a subscriber for several years (this newsletter,
and several other GopherCentral newsletters). Your
publication is great! -Jonni

luv your newsletter... Just me

I've enjoyed your efforts for a few years now, and I'll miss
your information in the future. Best Wishes. -Steve

Just wanted to let you know I never tire of reading about the
different fairs and festivals. Keep up the good work. -Genie

I love getting your Fairs and Festivals e-newletters. Keep up
the good work! -Kristen

I love FF&OO, and read it every week. Good luck! -Cole

Gabby... sorry to hear there won't be any more of the
newsletters. I've been able to attend several festivals that
I would never have known about it not for your newsletters.
Thanks for all the hard work. -Janet


By the way, Happy MLK day! I hope you had a great three day
weekend. Farewell!


P.S. I can't promise to answer all of your letters, but I
love reading them. Feel free to send me your suggestions and
comments at: Email Gabby

P.P.S. Please keep in mind that listed events may be
modified, rescheduled, or canceled. Please call before
traveling to confirm start times, admission prices, and
other details.


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newsletter have been selected by our editors. Apart from
those offers clearly set apart from the text, none of the
links presented here are paid promotions for any company
or organization.

    (c)Copyright 2006 by PENN LLC. All rights reserved. 

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