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Publication: Fairs, Festivals & Oddities
Catfish and Shrimp!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Greetings FF&OO Member,

Well, this is it, the fat lady has sung! Next week will be my
last newsletter. Budgets are tight! I will miss all of your 
kind words, ideas, as well as your corrections, and most of 
all - sharing such wonderful festivals with you all. It's 
been an honor to be apart of your travel plans. Please 
remember to get out there and enjoy yourself.

P.S. If you're interested we now have a blog. You can post 
comments on this and recent issues at... Fairs Blog




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March 3-5, 2006                                   Dallas, TX
http://www.ntif.org/                             214-821-4173

Cead Mile Failte! The 24th North Texas Irish Festival is now
starting to take shape. The theme for this years festival is
Heirs of Erin, which is the reason for the new look to the
website in which they highlight 20th Century immigration to
the United States and the cultural heritage brought by those
people. Many of their featured musicians and dancers are well
known second and third generation Irish-Americans, and a
number of the cultural presentations will focus on the ways
in which the Irish integrated into American life yet
continued to remember their rich heritage.

The festival includes live entertainment on 8 stages, dance
exhibitions, games, traditional Irish food and drink,
cultural displays and educational workshops, children's area,
Celtic artists, Scottish Clan Village and much more.
International performers include; Eileen Ivers & Immigrant
Soul, The Makem Brothers, Aoife Clancy, Robbie O'Connell,
John Williams and Dean Magraw, Ed Miller, bohola, Brother,
Jed Marum, and Beth Patterson & Kalafka.

Their featured  performers this year are some of the finest
musicians from the local Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as
Houston, Austin, Mississippi and as far away as Virginia,
Kentucky and Tennessee. Performers include; Amberhawke,
Behan, Betsy McGovern, Beyond the Pale, Boru's Ghost,
Brothers 3, Roger Drawdy and The Firestarters, Gallus, Glass
& Taft, Irish Rogues, Jiggernaut, Jigsaw, Jim Flanagan,
Michael Harrison, NeedFire, Paisley Close, Poor Man's
Fortune, Sarah Dinan, Seamus Stout, Threadneedle Street,
Tinsmith, and Trinity River Whalers.

35,000 plus are expected to attend this years festival. Will
you be one of them? Maybe I'll see you there...


March 16-19, 2006                            Scottsdale, AZ
http://www.festivalofthewest.com/             602-996-4387

Get ready for four days of pure family fun in a celebration
of the American West. Festival of the West features five
stages of western entertainment, 250 merchants, mountain men,
movie stars, chuck wagon cook off, cowboy mounted shooting
national championship, cowboy poetry and much more.

Performances include a special tribute to the history of
Western Film with special guest appearances by a number of
contemporary western celebrities and artists. Entertainers
include the best in western music and come from around the

Performers include; Jack Alan, Joe Bethencourt, Donnie Blanz,
Win Blevins, Call of the West, Kip Callahan, Circuit Riders,
Stan Corless, Palo Duro, Rino Elverhoy, Kata Haye, Paul
Hendle, Jim Jones, LeGarde Twins, Jim and Jeanne Martin,  
Rockin M Wranglers, Carin Mari Lechner, Janet McBride,
Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers, New Pioneers, Rusty
Richards, Saddle Tramps, Gary Sprague, Rollie Stevens, Doc
Stoval, R. J. Vandergriff, Barry Ward, Jerry Warren, Johnny
Western, Jim Wilson, and Rex Allen, Jr.

Chuck wagons, complete with cantankerous cooks, come from all
over the country to vie for prizes for the best "trail style
grub." Cooking over open fires, contestants conjure up the
three "Bs" -beef, beans, biscuits- plus taters and a dessert.
Chuck wagons are also judged for authenticity. Grab your
"eatin' irons" and be ready for some delicious grub on
Saturday at the Chuck Wagon Cookoff.

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April 1, 2006                                    Belzoni, MS
http://www.catfishcapitalonline.com/             800-408-4838

What a way to spend All Fools Day! Located in the Heart of
the Mississippi Delta the 31st annual Catfish Festival is one
fest not to be missed. Known as the Catfish Capital of the
World, the Humphreys County Catfish story is a saga of
Southern enterprise, ingenuity, determination, dedication and
just plain down-home good neighborliness. 

Be sure to check out the catfish statues all over town, see a 
sneak preview online. The Humphreys Arts Council along with 
the City of Belzoni and the Belzoni-Humphreys Development 
Foundation will unveil "Catfish on Parade," an art display of 
33 creatively painted fiberglass catfish in front of local 
businesses and through-out the quaint Delta town. You will 
see characters strutting around town such as "Florence 
Nightingale" sponsored by the hospital, "Alicat" at Alison’s 
restaurant, and "D.Fin Der" in front of a local law firm.

A simply beautiful and original public art project definitely
worth seeing. And unlike other cities where the artists are
paid, the catfish artists volunteered their time and put in
may long hours. "It is what artists can do to help the
community and bring everyone together," said Halbrook. "It is
a labor of love and just a fun, fun project."

Due in part to its reputation as a family oriented event, the
World Catfish Festival has received several awards including
Top 100 Events in North America and Top 20 Events of the
Southeast. No fooling!

May 5-7, 2006                              Amelia Island, FL
http://www.shrimpfestival.com/                866-4AMELIA

As the folks in Florida say, "Hear ye fair maidens, noblemen 
and scallywags, all hands on deck - 'tis time to set sail for 
zee Isle of Amelia for zee 43rd Annual Isle of Eight Flags 
Shrimp Festival. Fill ye bellies on a bounty of shrimp zee 
5th day of May through zee 7th day of May. But, beware of 
freebooters with their eyes on hornswaggling ye booty." 

Pirates roaming the Atlantic are just one of Amelia Island's 
tales that come to life at this year's Isle of Eight Flags 
Shrimp Festival, celebrating 43 years of all things shrimp, 
catching them, cooking them, eating them and even drawing 
them. What would a shrimp festival be without shrimp? Seafood 
and shrimp dishes abound, all prepared with a local flair and
flavor by volunteer organizations from the Fernandina Beach
area. The treats for the taste buds and eyes are rivaled only
by musical performances from regional and local acts that
will fill the seaside air with the sounds of jazz, pop, rock,
folk, country and, of course, beach music.

When not feasting on shellfish, visitors can enjoy the works
of over 300 award-winning artists and craftspeople and their
creations in watercolor, acrylics, oils, sculpture, metal,
photography, pottery and more. Families can dress up like
pirates for the adult and Little Pirate costume contests, and
be entertained by special musical guests yet to be named.

Come celebrate Fernandina Beach as the birthplace of the
modern shrimping industry with more than 150,000 visitors as
you enjoy fine arts and crafts, antiques, regional and local
music acts, shrimp and seafood dishes, parade, fireworks,
pirates and family fun.

A bit a trivia for ye, Amelia Island is Florida's Golden Isle 
that the French visited, the Spanish developed, the English 
named and the Americans tamed. It is the only U.S. location 
to have been under eight different flags.

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I enjoy your Fairs and Festivals newsletter very much,
keep up the good work. -Linda

The listings are great, wish there were more. -Bev

Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your
emails. It's wonderful to be able to see all the festivals
and fairs that go on around the country. I just thought that
you might be interested in one of our festivals that we have
every year. It will be coming up the end of July, it's the
Great Texas Mosquito Festival. You can find out more
information about it at www.mosquitofestival.com. It's really
a whole lotta fun and a pretty major deal to all of us
locals. Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up! -Stacey

I love reading your e-mail for upcoming festivals. -Wendy

Gabby, I love getting your list of events. In regards to the
latest about renaissance fairs - there's a great one in
Northern California - here's the link. Thanks again! -Araceli

We count on you to let us know about the good stuff, so
please add this. -Capt. Falcone

I love your newsletter. Thanx a lot!!!! -Samantha

Love your newsletter! We're planning a trip to eat some of
that good Cochon de Lait in Mansard, LA. Thanks to you for
all the work involved with keeping us informed! -Joan

Hey, why don't you take your father out to see the tall ships
if you think he would like them. Sincerely, Bob

Hello there, Just wanted to take the time briefly to say how
much I enjoy receiving your newsletter. It's great!!!! I love
hearing about all kinds of different festivals whether it be
about arts, crafts, jazz or flowers. I live in Canada and
enjoy hearing about new places. Especially 'little known
gems' of towns that I may never have heard of. Thanks again
for an awesome newsletter! -Kat

I love FF&OO, and read it every week! -Mary

I really like this website. I've attended some of the
festivals in my area, and I send info regarding other areas
to friends who live near them. Keep it up! -A faithful reader

I love getting these emails especially this time of the year.


Until we meet again....


P.S. I can't promise to answer all of your letters, but I
love reading them. Feel free to send me your suggestions and
comments at: EmailGabby

P.P.S. Please keep in mind that listed events may be
modified, rescheduled, or canceled. Please call before
traveling to confirm start times, admission prices, and
other details.

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