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Publication: Gizmorama
Experts: Internet addiction growing

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Gizmorama - Experts: Internet addiction growing
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Good Morning,
Today one of our articles is about internet addiction. It 
states that some young adults spend 14 to 18 hours a day
on the net. When you spend that much time on the computer, it
is definitely an addiction. On average, how much time do you
spend a day on the net? 

Until Tomorrow,

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	 Satellite begins mapping Earth's oceans

The U.S. and French space agencies say their Jason 2 oceanography 
satellite has produced its first complete maps of Earth's oceans.
The maps produced by the Ocean Surface Topography Mission, or 
OSTM/Jason 2, satellite were generated from the first 10 days 
of data collected once the satellite reached its orbit of 830 
miles on July 4. OSTM/Jason 2 and its predecessor, Jason 1, are 
flying in formation approximately 55 seconds apart, making nearly 
simultaneous measurements that allow scientists to precisely 
calibrate the new satellite's instruments. "These initial 
observations from OSTM/Jason 2 compare very closely to those 
of Jason 1," said Lee-Lueng Fu, OSTM/Jason 2 project scientist 
at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "To be 
able to collect such high-quality science data within a month 
of launch breaks previous records. "It is also a direct reflection 
of how mature the field of satellite altimetry has become and of 
the seamless cooperation of our international team," he added.
The French space agency provided the Jason 2 spacecraft, while 
NASA provided the launch. Both agencies are responsible for 
satellite operations, while JPL manages the mission for NASA.

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	 Study: Antarctica had no ice 40M years ago

Welsh scientists studying marine fossils say they've determined 
Antarctica 40 million years ago had warmer seas and little or no 
ice. Catherine Burgess from Cardiff University's School of Earth 
and Ocean Sciences and colleagues studied the chemical analysis 
of exceptionally well preserved fossils of marine micro-organisms 
found in 40 million-year-old sediments on a cliff face in New 
Zealand. "Because the fossils are so well preserved, they 
provide more accurate temperature records," said Burgess. "Our 
findings demonstrate that the water temperature these creatures 
lived in was much warmer than previous records have shown. 
Although we did not measure carbon dioxide, several studies 
suggest that greenhouse gases 40 million years ago were similar 
to those levels that are forecast for the end of this century 
and beyond. "Our work provides another piece of evidence that, 
in a time period with relatively high carbon dioxide levels, 
temperatures were higher and ice sheets were much smaller and 
likely to have been completely absent," she added. The research 
that included scientists from New Zealand's Institute of Geological 
and Nuclear Sciences, the University of Bristol and the Royal 
Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is reported in the 
August issue of the journal Geology.

The Heavy Duty Bovano Backpack just $9.99

Bovano, the renowned name in hand bags, has produced this 
heavy duty back pack. Stylish enough for school yet durable
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With over 5 separate compartments, this adjustable, double
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Bovano Backpack

	  Experts: Internet addiction growing

The author of a book on Internet addiction says that 5 to 10 
percent of the U.S. population is hooked with larger percentages 
in other countries addicted. Kimberly Young, clinical director 
of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, told Medill News 
Service that many addicts are hooked on one particular aspect 
of the Internet. The major ones include online gambling and 
gaming, sex sites, compulsive surfers and even addiction to 
eBay. Coleen Moore of the Illinois Center for Addiction Recovery 
said that she has seen young adults who spend 14 to 18 hours a 
day at their computers. At that point, the Internet is keeping 
them from work, family life and friendships outside the virtual 
world. Young compared the Internet to alcohol. Many people can 
use it and then turn to something else but some lose control. 
She said that treatment is in its early stages, depending on 
therapy. Young is the author of "Caught in the Net," a book on 
Internet addiction. She said that in some countries like Taiwan 
and China as many as 30 percent of computer users may be hooked.


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