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Publication: Travel Freebies
Everyone could use an iPod

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Travel Freebies                               August 9, 2006

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Hello Travelers,   

Everyone could use an iPod when they travel so why now get
one for free. Just sign up for DishNetwork and they will 
give you one plus Starz for three months.

Travel On,   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Free iPod and Starz movie channel...

Get Your New DishNetwork System today! Get your New iPod 
and Dishnetwork today with one simple, short signup! And 
as a bonus don't forget to ask about getting Starz free 
for the first 3 months! Free iPod


The Heavy Duty Bovano Backpack just $9.99

The renowned name in hand bags Bovano has produced this 
heavy duty back pack. Stylish enough for school yet durable
enough for camping, this will be the only backpack you will
ever need to buy. 

With over 5 separate compartments, this adjustable double
strapped backpack even comes with it's own water bottle
holder for those long hikes. And its' best feature of all
is its' price. Only $9.99. To take advantage of this one
of a kind offer visit: Bovano Backpack


Free LG VX8500 Chocolate Cell Phone

Bold. Sleek. Feature-forward. A cell phone like no other. Get 
your free LG VX8500 Chocolate Cell Phone now by redeeming your
voucher today. Besides, how could you possibly live without it? 
Free Cell Phone


Let Us Help Your Child... 

Normal Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $2.99

We're very excited and proud to offer 'The Stepping Stones'
DVD series. This series is designed for children 3 to 9
and will help them with their basic math skills. In fact,
it will improve their skills - guaranteed. 

A one-of-a-kind DVD collection, The Stepping Stones series 
makes learning fun. This DVD series is a MUST. In fact, we 
are so committed to getting these DVDs into every child's 
hands, we've priced them WELL BELOW retails. You would pay 
up to $19.99 for a single DVD of this series, but we've made 
them affordable at just $2.99 each. Check them out at:
DVD - Learning Addition


Travel Deals...

Top Deals to Hot Destinations - Vegas, Hawaii, New York, L.A. 
and more - Save up to 70%! Just visit:
Get Your Travel Deals Now


"Last week our house was robbed, but all of our valuables
were safe because the would-be burglars didn't even think
of looking for our hidden wall safe."

This revolutionary hidden wall safe looks like an ordinary
electrical wall socket, but in fact it's holds a hidden
compartment to store your valuables. Designed to fool even
the smartest of thieves, this wall safe can hold an entire
household's worth of money. Complete with its own saw for
easy installation, you can get one safe for $9.99, or save 
when you order two or more for $7.99 each. To order Visit:
Hidden Wall Safe


Free Campgrounds...

A directory of FREE Campgrounds across The American West! 
States included are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, 
Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, 
The Dakotas, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. 
Check Out The Listing Here

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