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Publication: Diet Buddy
Energy Boosters, Household Chores, Spot Toners and more...

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi there Buddies:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather as 
far as I'm concerned can stay this way all year round. 
Of course living in the Midwest means season changes, and 
while I get very excited around spring time with everything 
coming out of hibernation and starting to bloom, I love the 
summer with all it's beach weather, picnics, BBQ's, 
festivals and County Fair's the best. 

I can hardly believe it's the end of August already, and 
Fall is right around the corner. With that also comes the 
beautiful change of colors in the leaves and cooler 
temperatures..... but wait a minute! I'm not going to 
rush it, just yet. Let's all enjoy these summer days we 
have left and get out there and get physical while we can. 

Today let's look at some ways we can get our sagging energy 
levels up and going again by taking an exercise break 
instead of a snack break! These ideas from the TOPS Club, 
Inc can fit almost any situation, and take only a few 
minutes out of your day. 

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Break #1 - Take a short walk at lunchtime. Take a five-
minute walk from your work area to a place where you'll eat 
lunch. You'll get another five-minute walk on the way back, 
and you'll feel refreshed when you get back to the office.

Break #2 - Spend two minutes going up and down stairs or 
pedaling an exercise bike. You don't have to work up a 
sweat during this mini-break - just a little bit of 
activity will rev you up in no time. 

Break #3 - Find a quiet spot where you won't be interrupted.
Then breathe deeply, relax your muscles, and do a few easy 

Break #4 - Go to the dogs (or cats). Your pet would 
probably love to walk, wrestle, or chase a ball with you 
for a few minutes. If you're household isn't blessed with 
a dog or cat, visit a neighbor's menagerie. 

Break #5 - Keep "toys" on hand. Get a paddle-ball or a 
miniature basketball hoop to fasten to the wastebasket for 
a game of crumpled-paper "buckets". A little play can 
release frustration, and after a couple of minutes of 
shooting hoops you can return to your tasks with a clearer 

Break # 6 - "Season" your breaks with seasonal yard work. 
Pluck a handful of daisies. Prune a rose bush. Rake leaves 
into a small pile and bring the prettiest one inside to 
fasten to the refrigerator. You'll burn calories as you 
enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Tidy Up and Trim Down:               (calories burned)

-  scrubbing the floor                      374

-  painting the interior of the house       430

-  gardening                                340

-  mowing the lawn                          306

-  sweeping the sidewalk                    272 

These figures were tabulated for 1 hour of activity by a 
150 pound person. 

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Super Spot Toners:

-  A stability ball shape-up for a trimmer tummy.  Using 
   this exercise prop targets and isolates all parts of the 
   abdomen, from the obliques to the upper, middle, and 
   lower abdominal muscles.  You'll also strengthen the 
   back and improve your posture as you do those abs 

-  Tai Chi for better buns.  This discipline is based on 
   sustained isometric motions, and improves lower-body 
   strength, especially in the buttocks, hamstrings and 
   quadriceps.  These moves also improve balance and 
   posture, and relax muscles too.

-  In-line skating for saddlebag slimming.  Nothing is 
   better for toning those outer thigh muscles other 
   activities just can't reach.  Start slowly when you take 
   up this sport, and remember that you'll be using muscles 
   that usually don't get much of a workout.

-  Swim for buff upper arms.  Your biceps and triceps will 
   get a solid shape-up as you use them to move through 

-  Bike ride for beautiful legs.  The pedaling motion will 
   make your thighs and calves look sleeker, with well 
   defined muscles as well.

-  Climb stairs for total leg and butt toning.  Walking up 
   and down stairs is a quick toning session, that gets 
   fast results when you climb several flights a day.  Get 
   off the elevator a couple of floors below your office if 
   you can't handle the entire trip just yet, and gradually 
   add flights as your fitness level and stamina improve.

Stick-To-It Diet Tips:

-  Eat one more daily serving of fresh fruits or 

-  Cut your portion size by a third.

-  Eliminate second helpings.

-  Add one workout to your weekly exercise regimen.

-  Replace soda and other "snack drinks" with water.

-  Learn to cook a healthy new dish.

-  Remove all unhealthy snacks from your cupboards.

-  Try a new exercise class or activity.

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Great Motto! 

From our Buddy J...

At my job we have a motto for the whole facility. Walk up 
one flight of stairs and down two. That started out as 
very easy. It gets easier as time goes on to do an extra 
flight each way.  Lost 15 lbs. J

Hi J:

Congratulations on your 15 lb weight loss. That's a 
fantastic motto for your whole facility to have. I bet your 
workplace is not only fun to be at, but you must encounter 
some great looking co-workers walking past you all day long.
I'm sure you're a great encouragement for everyone. Keep up 
the positive attitude and it will pay off!

Slowly but Surely!

From our Buddy BH...

I have tried several different plans for eating healthier, 
and failed each time to continue that way of eating. This 
last time I decided to try something different that I 
thought of for myself. Judging by my weakness as far as 
discipline, I decided that I would make at least one small 
change a month to see if I could stick with that change. I 
started with soda in January, I cut every soda out of my 
diet. Then it was potato chips, not corn chips or pretzels, 
just potato chips. By splitting the "bad" food into smaller 
groups I was able to cut only one item, or a small range of 
items at a time, out of my diet. That way there were still 
options for me if I had the urge to eat something not so 
healthy. It really has been working well. I have so far 
cut soda, potato chips, flavored corn chips, any "juice" 
that isn't 100%, store-bought pie, cake and cookies and fast
food out of my diet. My next goal is sticking to it through 
vacation and then moving onto store-bought candy bars. I 
allow that I will probably indulge once in a while but as 
long as I stick to it for the most part, it will work.

Also, having even a small garden (mine is on my mother's 
land since I live in an apt) will help you eat more veggies 
and fruits, plus they taste so much better than what you 
get at the store and cost less too. Absolutely worth the 
time and effort to have a garden and make sure to can, jar 
or freeze what you can, so that you can have that fresh 
taste all year round. BH, lost 10 so far...Barre, VT 05641 

Hi BH:

Wonderful! You're on your way to a healthy life style and 
I congratulate you on your 10 lb weight loss so far. It 
sounds like you have a very carefully planned out weight 
loss strategy going for yourself. If you start out with 
baby steps and give yourself time to adjust, you will 
slowly but surely incorporate new healthy eating habits 
that you will want to keep for the rest of your life. I 
think you're doing a fantastic job of disciplining your-
self and will do great on your vacation as well. There 
are healthy food choices most everywhere now. If on the 
road keep some healthy snacks with you in case. Good Luck 
to you! 

Have a great week everyone !!!

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Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be miscontrued as medical advice.

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