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       TODAY'S ALMANAC- Wednesday Dec 27, 2006
    "The History, Days and Events that Shape Your Life" 

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     an anonymous saying goes, "Education is what you 
     have left over after 


Today is Wednesday, Dec. 27, the 361st day of 2006 with 
four to follow. The moon is waxing. The morning stars are 
Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. The evening 
stars are Venus, Uranus and Neptune.

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Those born on this date are under the sign of Capricorn are:

German astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1571; 

English engineer George Cayley, father of the science of 
aerodynamics, in 1773; 

French bacteriologist Louis Pasteur in 1822; 

actress Marlene Dietrich in 1901; 

news correspondent Cokie Roberts in 1943 (age 63); 

French actor Gerard Depardieu in 1948 (age 58); 

and former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon 
in 1951 (age 55).


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On this date in history:

In 1932, Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City.
In 1941, Japanese warplanes bombed Manila in the Philippines, 
even though it had been declared an "open city."
In 1947, the first "Howdy Doody" show, under the title 
"Puppet Playhouse," was telecast on NBC.
In 1968, the Apollo 8 astronauts returned to Earth after 
orbiting the moon 10 times, paving the way for moon-landing 
In 1985, terrorists killed 20 people and wounded 110 in
attacks on passengers of the Israeli airline El Al at the 
Rome and Vienna airports. U.S. President Ronald Reagan 
blamed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
In 1991, a Scandinavian Airlines jet with 129 aboard crashed 
and broke apart after taking off from Stockholm. No one was 
In 1992, a U.S. jet shot down an Iraqi fighter over southern 
Iraq's "no-fly" zone in the first such incident since the 
Persian Gulf War.
In 1997, Britain's Windsor Castle was reopened to the public 
following restoration work. One hundred rooms of the palace 
were damaged in a 1992 fire.
In 1998, the smallest of the Chukwu octuplets, born earlier 
in the month in Houston, died.
In 2001, Arab TV played a tape of fugitive terrorist leader 
Osama bin Laden in which he said he wanted to destroy the 
U.S. economy.
In 2002, Chechen rebels, seeking independence from Russia,
killed 52 people with two vehicle bombs at pro-Russian 
government offices.
In 2003, the search continued for bodies in the aftermath 
of the Christmas Day mudslide in California's San Bernardino 
Mountains. At least a dozen people were feared dead.
Also in 2003, the Italian government took control of 
Parmalat, the dairy conglomerate, and arrested its chairman 
in a major accounting scandal.
In 2004, the death toll jumped to 23,500 in the Asian 
tsunami with hundreds of thousands reported hurt and many 
thousands missing.
In 2005, workmen installing a water main in the Iraqi 
Shiite city of Karbala unearthed a grave containing dozens
of bodies from a 1991 massacre.

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