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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Early WM24 Plans

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, April 4, 2007

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Early WM24 Plans, Ric Flair Hall Of Fame Class Of 2008
Story By: Ryan Gray
source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The city of Orlando is promising WWE officials that they 
will bend over backwards to help promote WrestleMania 24. 
Plans are already being formed to promote the event all 
over the metropolitan area. With revenues in Detroit 
reaching upwards of $30 million, Orlando is getting 
extremely anxious. 

Speaking of WrestleMania 24, the logo has been officially 

Ric Flair is scheduled to be inducted into the WWE Hall 
of Fame next year. Officials within WWE are hoping he 
will help draw people's interest to the ceremony. 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Fire Scare During Mania & List Of Stars At Ringside 
Story By: Douglas Nunnally

According to an article in The Detroit News today, there 
was a backstage scare during Kane's entrance as his pyro 
created a fire behind the entrance ramp. The fire was 
extinguished eventually (while Kane & Khali's match was 
going on), but it was said to be a major frenzy backstage 
after this happened considering some of the pyro that 
would later go on, most notably the big pyro display they 
had planned for Undertaker. 

In the same article, there was a small list of celebrities 
that were seated around ringside which were Bill Ford Jr. 
(Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman), Chris Webber (Detroit 
Pistons), Curtis Granderson (Detroit Tigers), Brandon Inge 
(Detroit Tigers), Joel Zumaya (Detroit Tigers [& was wear-
ing ear plugs apparently]), Pudge Rodriguez (Detroit 
Tigers), Rev. Run (Run DMC), Thomas Hearns (Boxer), Katie 
Blair (Miss Teen USA), Rachel Smith (Miss USA), and Zuleyka 
Rivera (Miss Universe). 

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TNA Announces Location For Slammiversary PPV 
Story By: Devis Owens
source: TNAWrestling.com


Music City Homecoming To Take Place Sunday, June 17

By Bill Banks

On June 17, 2007, TNA Wrestling will celebrate five years 
of Total Nonstop Action by bringing the huge "Slammiversary"
Pay-Per-View event back to Nashville, Tennessee, for the 
first time since 2004. It has been three years since 
Nashville fans turned out every Wednesday night to help 
make TNA the global success it is today! 

"We will never forget our loyal fans in Nashville and all 
that they did for us in our early years," said TNA 
President Dixie Carter. "On a night where our company and 
its fans will celebrate a major milestone in TNA Wrestling 
history, what better place to hold Slammiversary than the 
city that embraced us as we launched the TNA brand. Every-
one at TNA Wrestling has been looking forward to this very 
special homecoming. Expect big things on June 17." 

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                      Reader's Forum

To the person asking about the Lawler/Hogan match: It's 
true. They are going to have a match at a legends show in 
Memphis on April 27th. It's going to be at the Midsouth 
Coliseum (reopening for "one night only") and I'm consider-
ing going. They've been hinting at it/promoting it for the 
last few weeks on the weekly Memphis Wrestling program. 
Hogan must not be taking his usual paycheck that he 
requests, because there's no way that the Memphis wrestling 
scene is pulling that kind of money in right now. Maybe the 
tickets are $100 a person. Let's see, maybe a 1000 will 
show up, Hogan will probably want at least 10% of the gate, 
so that'd give him $10,000. Doubt he'd go for that. Lol, 
maybe that's where all the money from the recent Memphis 
utility scandal is really going... to pay Hogan to let us 
watch him no-sell Lawler's offence. :( 
- Memphis Wrestling Fan

Pass the ketchup, and my bib, I am here to eat crow. My 
predication for W. Mania and the bald billionaires was 
a wee off. Hell I missed the whole boat. I will keep my 
"predictions" off the web and just espouse them to my 
drinking buddies. The upside of being wrong is that maybe 
this will keep Vince off television for awhile. We can 
only hope and pray right? Maybe the story line writers 
plan to team him and Eugene together ala Basham Brothers 
- Ben 

Ben, you are worse than Donald Trump with not knowing 
both Lashleys and Umagas names. Seriously if you called 
yourself a fan you would know their names. And yes I saw 
Wrestlemania and Vince did in fact get his head shaved. 
I think you are as much of a fan of WWE as Donald Trump 
- Slacker 

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