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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Dream Interpretation

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Issue date: Saturday, January 20, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hi, dear readers!

"A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which 
is not read." -The Talmud 

Dream interpretation is popular subject across the board 
so I thought I'd address a couple of questions/comments 
sent in recently by some of our readers. Dreams have many 
functions, and one of the most fascinating is that they 
are windows to the paranormal and mystical realms. Of 
course, they can also be great tools for self-discovery 
and healing. I dream journal on a daily basis, and although 
this is time-consuming, it is crucial to do if you wish to 
delve in depth into dream study. For me, it is my 'personal 
time' - I make sure I am the first one up every morning, 
and over my morning coffee, I write down all my dreams and 
thoughts, and then I try to make sense out of the jumble. 
(Just this morning I woke up from a dream thinking about a 
dear lady who had passed away some time ago and the feeling 
she left with me was so strong that I dug out her death 
announcement. I wasn't at all surprised to see that today 
was the 2nd anniversary of her funeral). 

I always think of dreams as being many-layered, like onions 
- and if you want to peel away all those layers, it does 
take some time and doing. Dreams can be literal or symbolic 
or both. Often, our subconscious uses current events and 
thoughts in our lives as a backdrop or as a reference 
point, while sometimes current issues are only brought up 
to view one more time before they go to the 'recycling 
bin'. It's not always easy to ascertain why the dreaming 
mind brings forward many of the scenes and symbols it does 
but when we keep a dream journal, we can begin to identify 
any patterns that are there over the course of days, weeks 
or even years. 

Dream dictionaries are useful as a starting point to dream 
interpretation and as a reference to universal symbols and 
archetypes, but more often than not, our dreams will be 
filled with symbols that are personal to us. Dream 
interpretation is an art, not a science, and can certainly 
help us in our spiritual growth as well as developing our 
psychic senses. In the dream state, we not only receive 
messages from our own subconscious but we also receive 
messages from the spirit realms, when our egos and 
conscious minds are on 'off' so that the channels of 
communication are unhindered. The dream state is a time 
when we may be more open to telepathic communication and 
of course, many people receive psychic information in 
dreams, either personal messages or larger predictions 
and prophecies. 

"Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in 
daytime language." - Gail Godwin 

Recently, a reader named El wrote asking, "Why do I dream 
names? I do not recognize them and have no idea why it 
happens. One of the first names was  Connie MacViolet. 
Then there was Fideladoon, and a dog  named Normie and 
the list grows. I went to Google with some  of the 
names, but they came up blank, so there is no connection. 

Another reader named Steve responded, "This has happened 
to me and usually the names will make sense at some time 
in the future.  Unfortunately there is not set time 
period that this occurs (at least for me). The wait can 
be anywhere from 1 year to 8 years, does this happen to 
any of your other readers? I also have dreams of situations 
that will occur in the future, they really have no great 
importance, just the fact that I can remember what is 
going to happen next." 

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I agree that it can sometimes take a very long time for a 
dream message to become clear or a prediction to be proven 
correct, which to me just goes to prove that our linear 
concept of time is so very limited and limiting. Dreams 
that predict seemingly inconsequential events that unfold 
in the future, to me, are often just nudges that remind 
of us of our sixth sense. 

When words or names appear in our dreams that do not relate 
to anything or anyone obvious, consider the fact that the 
dreaming mind most often speaks in metaphors and even in 
puns. Dreaming of someone named Fairway may mean doing 
something justly, or being treated in a fair way. Of 
course, it might also mean you have been wanting to go 
golfing for a while:>) In El's case, the dog named Normie 
might mean a friend (as dogs symbolize loyalty and are pack 
animals) who is acting in a normal or predictable way, or 
it could mean something she is being left out of if the 
word is broken up into syllables, i.e. nor me. Taking the 
name Connie MacViolet, we can consider the fact that Connie 
is short for Constance - faithfulness. Violet (the flower) 
can symbolize shyness - so perhaps this name is a reference 
to someone who is a shy but steadfast friend. We can also 
consider the colour violet. Violet is the colour of 
creativity and it is a colour of high vibrational 
frequency, the colour of the crown chakra and also is 
associated with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Any one 
of these associations may give clues to help identify this 
dream symbol's message. 

The name Fideladoon also contains the word 'fidel' from 
the Latin word faithful, so I see a definite trend in 
El's dreams. 

Another way to work with names and words that don't have 
obvious significance is to make anagrams out of the 
letters. The dreaming mind does work in mysterious ways! 

Loriann write to ask: "I have very strange dreams and they 
are always about toilets. The toilets are too dirty to use 
or overflowing. Sometimes in my dream I wander from room 
to room looking for a bathroom I can use. Have you ever 
heard of this?" 

As a dream symbol, toilets can represent the theme of 
elimination, emotional venting and the need for release. 
Searching for a toilet can represent the need or desire 
to express yourself and care for your personal needs. 
Finding only dirty or otherwise unusable toilets can 
symbolize a sense of overwhelm in the dreamer's life. 
Perhaps the dreamer puts her own needs last and therefore, 
finds no place for her to express her own true self and 

Sue asked about a recent nightmare. "I had a dream that 
several people and myself were kidnapped and I saw us 
all tied to a chair. My dog, Rocketman (minpin) was in 
another room and they told me to shut him up and I told 
them to just let him loose and he would come to me and 
be quiet. Well, they didn't do it..and I heard a few more 
barks and a shot and no more barking..I was screaming and 
twisting and it was the most horrible thing for me to go 
thru.  Is there any significance in this?  I told them 
to kill me not him and then I woke up..but still have 
this terrible feeling. And I do love this dog very much--
and ask him very often..'who are you?'" 

There could be many possible explanations for this dream, 
and I obviously can't analyze it definitively but perhaps 
Sue could look at the dog's name, "rocket" and "man" and 
see if there is a clue there. Also, because she loves 
her dog so much, I would ask what else she holds very 
dear that was being threatened on some level around the 
time of the dream. It would probably be something that 
involves other people, friends or a group of some kind, 
because there were several people 'tied up' or unable to 
act and when the dog barked (dog symbolizing a friend and 
barking symbolizing speaking up), the friend was silenced 
- and/or that which was very dear to Sue was 'killed off'. 

I truly hope that these initial ideas will help Sue explore 
the dream further so she can overcome the bad feelings 
that undoubtedly remained afterwards. While the literal 
interpretation of such a dream can't be totally discounted, 
chances are that uncovering the metaphorical meanings of 
the dream will bring insight and resolution. 

Dreaming of oneself in anachronistic settings are often 
past life memory fragments, and vivid dreams of departed 
loved ones are considered by many to be actual spirit 
encounters. Dreams seem to have no bounds and do not seem 
to be limited to that which we know and recognize from 
daily life, so truly they are "letters" worth reading! 



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Recent feedback from our readers:

Hi Zsuzsana;

In Feng Shui, the bed is not recommended to have the foot 
facing the door as it is bad and may hasten death. By the 
description given, it sounds like the position of the bed 
may be directionally opposed to how the person should be 
orienting their bed. For example, my bad direction is 
east, so if I sleep with my head to the east I have 
frightful and weird dreams. For me informative dreams are 
north or west, south will produce dreams that can be 
considered metaphysical. Perhaps they should also consult 
Feng Shui practitioner. 

Thanks for the in-depth metaphysical research!



This is a suggestion to Laura about her son.
She asked: He's asked for the plant not to be outside 
of his room and asked that the African violets I had in 
the bathroom be removed. Can you find an explanation for 
this please? 

My first thought was that he might have allergies.  Some 
plants seem to make my asthma worse.  It took a while to 
figure it out, but when I removed an Aloe plant from the 
kitchen area, I immediately quit having breathing 
difficulty every time I sat down to eat.  Perhaps his 
isn't as bad as mine and he merely feels uneasy because 
it does bother his breathing a little.  Does he have 
other allergies as well?  I have so many that I quit 
trying to keep track of all of them and only avoid the 
worst ones.  Wouldn't hurt to check into it. 

I really enjoyed today's newsletter and will be printing 
most of it out for a friend of mine who is PC-less. 
(She's 92 and I'm 75 years old - love my PC). 

Thanks loads.  You're the best!
Jackie Laurent


Silver Eyes

I am sorry but, this information is coming to me for your 
members, Donna. 

The Seraphim Angels are the angels with the eyes, along 
with wings, they move so fast that all we are allow to 
see are their eyes and sometimes their wings. 

The Seraphim fly around God throne and are called the love 
of God, their color is fire like, silver, white living 
fire. They are God's fiery love. 

I have found several sources for some of this information, 
my self being one of them the other night. 

Revelation 4:8, Isaiah 6:13, Isaiah 6:2 and of course 
Psalm 91:11. 

Archangel Gabriel is also a Seraphim. Gabriel appeared to 
Mary in the chapter of Luke. He is also the known for the 
hope he brings also. 

Peace and Love

Hi Zsuzsana,

Can you stand another story about apports?  This goes back 
to my teen years (over 20 years ago), back when Keds white 
sneakers where popular in the early 80's.  I had my 
favorite pair, which I wore into the ground, but I loved 
them so I wouldn't get rid of them.  One day they 
disappeared and I looked high and low, but couldn't find 
them.  A month later, I gave in and bought a new pair.  A 
few days later, what do you supposed showed up in the 
closet, RIGHT NEXT TO THE NEW PAIR! Yup, the old ones!  I 
blamed it on the ghosts in my parents' house - they have 
quite a few.  They played the same trick the following year 
with a letter I had received from a boy I really liked.  I 
read the letter, put it down to get a drink, came back to 
read it, and it was gone.  I was alone in the house at the 
time.  I ranted and raved, and scolded the ghost who took 
it, demanding that they return the letter immediately.  I 
found it a few hours later in a schoolbook!  Thanks for 
letting me share. 

Jenni S., NJ

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More Readers' Letters

Pennies From Heaven

For the last 6 years I've been finding pennies everywhere 
- in my car,pockets and through my house.My dad died almost 
2 years to the day before I found the first one but his 
favorite saying was "find a penny and pick it up all day 
long you'll have good luck." They stopped showing up about 
2 years ago, then a couple months ago I had my MS flare-up 
and almost everyday I find 1 or 2 pennies laying somewhere 
that I know didn't have a penny there before. The favorite 
place for him to put them is on the washing machine because 
that's where I always put the change he left in his pockets 
when I did his laundry for him. I think it's his way of 
telling me he's still watching over me. 



I just wanted to email you with some of my experiences.  
In my old house, one of the strangest things that happened 
was in my walk-in closet in my bedroom. I went in there to 
get something, and there was a horrible smell, kind of 
like rotting flesh. I was totally grossed out and went 
downstairs to get my son to see if he smelled it. When he 
came up to smell it, it was gone. In fact, it smelled kind 
of flowery. In this same house my son had seen the spirit 
of an old woman. It was night time and he had to use the 
bathroom. He started to come out of his room, and stopped 
cold because she was standing just a few feet from him. I 
also had a spirit sit on the edge of my bed. I could feel 
the pressure of the mattress going down. Also, on our last 
night in that house, we were all sitting in the living 
room (including our pets) when in my bedroom, which is 
directly above the living room, we heard little footsteps 
run across the bedroom floor. Each and every one of us 
heard it. 

Now in our new house, which is much more pleasant than 
the old one, we have some activity but not as much. My 
husband left our digital recorder that we use for 
investigations recording in the family room overnight. 
Then he fell asleep. When we listened to it the next day. 
There was the voice of a child saying, "I'll get you." 
We've had quite a few other voices recorded also. 

One night when my husband and I were at a cemetery dating 
back to the 1700's doing an investigation, our digital 
voice recorder malfunctioned. We had put brand new 
batteries in it. We started to do a recording and within 
about 2 minutes the batteries died. Out of curiosity, we 
got in the car and drove down the street to a parking lot. 
We sat for less than five minutes and the recorder started 
working again. We proceeded to go back to the cemetery and 
do another recording. The batteries died again within 
minutes. Once we left, we were about a quarter mile down 
the road and the recorder started working again. We have 
had plenty of good results in this particular cemetery. It 
is known to be one of the most active in N.J. We've also 
heard footsteps on the gravel that sounded as if they had 
gotten close enough to touch us. When we looked, no one 
was there. In the same area, we've also gotten a recording 
of a voice saying, "This is a protected place, step back." 
That one blew my mind. Another voice while were in the car 
in this cemetery said, "Is anyone here." I could go on, 
but I've taken enough of your time :) 



Hi Zsuzsana,

In relation to Maria's tradition of a basket, my 
experience, which is an old Irish tradition, is this; 

Should you visit friends or family on New Year's Eve, 
take with you, as a gift, a piece of coal and a loaf of 
bread, which signifies that the family you are visiting 
will not suffer from hunger or cold for the coming year. 

Secondly, you LEAVE YOUR GIFT with those you visit.

As for the removal of the Christmas tree, traditionally 
in England and Ireland, the tree is to be put up 12 days 
before Christmas (December 13th) and removed 12 days 
after Christmas (January 6th). 




Hello Zsuzsana,

I enjoy reading your  articles, however this is the first 
time I have ever replied. The article on your experience 
with your departed uncle struck a nerve with me. You see, 
for approximately 3 years now I have had a spirit with me. 
I have moved twice since I first saw him. He will show up 
in unexpected places and at unexpected times (like while 
I am driving). He never does anything to scare me - it's 
more like he just simply lets me know he's there. I am 1/4 
Native American and have had "dreams" since I was a small 
child, but never something like this. At first I wondered 
if I could be losing my mind. Even though I believe in 
spirit communication strongly, that is one gift I had 
never had. The only time I have ever been able to 
communicate with him was on a day I was doing laundry and 
I found him in the bathroom watching as I gathered things 
to be washed. Thinking that I was going crazy, I walked to 
the laundry room and thought to myself "if you are real, 
give me a sign, so that I'll know I'm not crazy." Almost 
instantly, I heard a sound from the bathroom, and I went 
back to find a candle placed in front of the door tightly 
against the wall. There was no way it had fallen because I 
kept that particular one by the tub on the other side of 
the room. I picked it up, placed it in its spot, and said 
"Well now I know, and if you can live with me I can live 
with you." Since that time, he has invaded the radio in my 
old and new SUVs. If he doesn't like the song he will turn 
the volume down and if I turn it up, he turns it off. He 
also likes to play with the wipers. I have had everything 
checked and nothing was found to be wrong with either 
vehicle. I have been told that he may be an angel sent 
to watch over me, but I get the feeling that he wants or 
needs something from me. And as I said I have only 
communicated with him that once and even though I talk 
to him, out loud and to myself, I cannot do it again. If 
anyone has any ideas to help me get through to him it 
would be greatly appreciated. 

She Who Dreams


Dear Zsuzsana,

After reading about that woman's recurring dream in the 
last issue, I came up with my interpretation of that 
dream. Since these dreams took place so soon after her 
mother's death, I figure her mother's presence in her 
dream, sitting in a chair with her head down, may mean 
that she was unsure how her mother still fit into her 
life. She could see her sitting there, but not her face. 
When she finally spoke to her and asked her mother to 
look at her, I believe that was her mother's spirit 
acknowledging her daughter and telling her she was there. 
So, even though her mother is no longer on the physical 
plane, her spirit is still alive and with her daughter. 
I hope this answers some of her questions. 


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