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Publication: Weekend GetAways
Dream Vacation

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         WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, May 5, 2006
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Comment The Post Below...

Greetings Getaway Lover,

Well now that vacation season is here, we're going to
visit a dream of mine. I know It will never happen to 
me because I WILL NOT fly but to all of you who do, 
this is the place....Have a Wonderful time!!!!

Happy Trails,

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Maui no ka 'oi -- Maui is the best, the most, the top 
of the heap. To those who know the island well, there's 
good reason for the superlatives. The second-largest in 
the Hawaiian chain, the Valley Isle has made a name for 
itself with its tropical allure, arts and cultural 
activities, and miles of perfect-tan beaches. Popularity 
and success have led to some modern-day problems: too 
many cars, for example. Still, from the chilly heights 
of Haleakala to the below-sea-level taro beds of Ke'anae 
Peninsula, Maui continues to weave a spell over the more 
than 2 million people who visit its shores each year. 
Pursuits range from hiking in a crater to swimming under 
a waterfall to diving with sea turtles. This is without 
question the most diversified island, recommended for a 
family or group with divergent interests. 

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                  Great 1-Day Itineraries 

Maui's landscape is incredibly diverse, offering every-
thing from underwater encounters with eagle rays to treks 
across moonlike terrain. Although daydreaming at the pool 
or on the beach may fulfill your initial island fantasy, 
Maui has much more to offer. The following one-day 
itineraries will take you to our favorite spots on the 

A Day at the Beach in West Maui 

West Maui has some of the island's most beautiful beaches, 
though many of them are hidden by megaresorts. If you get 
an early start, you can begin your day snorkeling at 
Slaughterhouse Beach (in winter, D. T. Fleming Beach is a 
better option as it's less rough). Then spend the day 
beach-hopping through Kapalua, Napili, and Ka'anapali as 
you make your way south. You'll want to get to Lahaina 
before dark so you can spend some time exploring the 
historic whaling town before choosing a restaurant for a 
sunset dinner. 

Focus on Marine Life on the South Shore 

Start your South Shore trip early in the morning, and head 
out past Makena into the rough lava fields of rugged 
La Pérouse Bay. At the road's end, the 'Ahihi-Kina'u Marine 
Preserve has no beach, but it's a rich spot for snorkeling 
and getting to know Maui's spectacular underwater world. 
Head to Kihei for lunch then enjoy the afternoon learning 
more about Maui's marine life at the Maui Ocean Center at 

Haleakala National Park, Upcountry & the North Shore 

If you don't plan to spend an entire day hiking in the 
crater at Haleakala National Park, this itinerary will at 
least allow you to take a peek at it. Get up early and 
head straight for the summit of Haleakala (if you're jet-
lagged and waking up in the middle of the night, you may 
want to get there in time for sunrise). Bring water, sun 
screen, and warm clothing (it's freezing at sunrise). Plan 
to spend a couple of hours exploring the various look-out 
points in the park. On your way down the mountain, turn 
right on Makawao Avenue, and head into the little town of 
Makawao. You can have lunch here, or make a left on 
Baldwin Avenue and head downhill to the town of Pa'ia 
where there are a number of great lunch spots and shops to 
explore. Spend the rest of your afternoon at Pa'ia's main 
strip of sand, Ho'okipa Beach. 

The Road to Hana 

This cliff-side driving tour through rain-forest canopy 
reveals Maui's most lush and tropical terrain. It will 
take a full day, especially if you plan to make it all 
the way to 'Oheo Gulch. You'll pass through communities 
where old Hawai'i still thrives, and where the forest 
runs unchecked from the sea to the summit. You'll want 
to make frequent exploratory stops. To really soak in 
the magic of this place, consider staying overnight in 
Hana town. That way you can spend a full day winding 
toward Hana, hiking and exploring along the way, and 
the next day traveling leisurely back to civilization. 


Other Places of Interest:

Maui Beaches 

On Maui, you can bury your toes in golden, sugary-white, 
black, or even red sand beaches. All of Hawai'i's beaches 
are free and open to the public -- even those that grace 
the front yards of fancy hotels -- so you can make yourself 
at home on any one of them. Some of the prettiest beaches 
are often hidden by buildings; look for the blue, beach-
access signs that indicate rights-of-way through condo-
miniums, resorts, and other private properties. 

The island's leeward shores (the South Shore and West Side) 
have the calmest, sunniest beaches. Hit the beach early, 
when the aquamarine waters are as accommodating as bathwater.
In summer, afternoon winds can be a sandblasting force, 
which can chase even the most dedicated sun worshippers 

West Maui 

West Maui beaches are the stuff of legend -- glittering 
aquamarine waters banked by long stretches of golden sand. 
Reef fronts much of the western shore, making the under-
water panorama something to behold. The beaches listed 
here start in the north at Kapalua and head south to 

The South Shore 

Sandy beach fronts nearly the entire southern coastline 
from Kihei at the northern end to Makena at the southern 
tip. The farther south you go, the better the beaches get. 
Kihei has excellent beach parks right in town, with white 
sand, showers, restrooms, picnic tables, and BBQs. Good 
snorkeling can be done along the beaches' rocky borders. 
If Kihei is excellent, though, Wailea is even better. 
Wailea's beaches are cleaner, facilities tidier, and views 
even more impressive. Note that break-ins have been 
reported at many of these beach parking lots. As you head 
out to Makena, the terrain gets wilder. Bring lunch and 
water with you. The following South Shore beaches are 
listed from north Kihei southeast to Makena. 

The North Shore 

Many of the folks you see jaywalking in Pa'ia sold every-
thing they owned to come to Maui and live a beach bum's 
life. Beach culture abounds on the North Shore. But these 
folks aren't sunbathers, they're big-wave riders, 
windsurfers, or kite boarders. The North Shore is their 
challenging sports arena. Beaches here face the open 
ocean and tend to be rougher and windier than beaches 
elsewhere on Maui -- but don't let that scare you off. On 
calm days, the reef-speckled waters are truly beautiful 
and offer a beach-going experience quieter and less com-
mercial than the leeward shore. Beaches below are listed 
from Kahului (near the airport) eastward to Ho'okipa. 

East Maui 

Hana's beaches will literally stop you in your tracks, 
they're that beautiful. Black-and-red sands stand out 
against pewter skies and lush tropical foliage creating 
picture-perfect scenes, which seem too breathtaking to 
be real. Rough conditions often preclude swimming, but 
don't let that stop you from exploring the shoreline. 
Beaches below are listed in order from the west end of 
Hana town eastward. 

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Aloha Cottages 
The two secluded cottages on this property, the Bali 
Bungalow and the Thai Treehouse, are perfect for honey-
mooners or anyone else seeking a romantic getaway. The 
property abounds with lush tropical greenery allowing 
each cottage complete privacy. Intricate woodwork and 
furnishings, all imported from Bali, give the interiors 
an exotic feel. Each cottage has a large comfortable bed, 
fully equipped kitchen, and outdoor hot tub on a private 
lanai. Ranjana, your hostess, is happy to assist you with 
planning activities and booking restaurants. She can also 
arrange for a private massage, yoga lessons, or even a 
candlelight dinner in the "Lotus House" on the property. 
The restaurants and shops of Makawao are a short drive 
away. www.alohacottage.com. 2 rooms. Fans, kitchens, cable 
TV, in-room VCRs, in-room data ports, outdoor hot tubs; no 
a/c, no kids, no smoking. MC, V. 

Address: 1879 Olinda Rd., Makawao, HI 96768, USA
Phone: 808/573-8500 

Aston at Papakea Resort 
$150 to Over $200, Honokowai 
Although this oceanfront condominium has no beach, there 
are several close by. And with classes on swimming, 
snorkeling, pineapple cutting, and more, you'll have 
plenty to keep you busy. Papakea has built-in privacy 
because its units are spread out among 11 low-rise build-
ings on some 13 acres of land; bamboo-lined walkways 
between buildings and fish-stocked ponds add to the 
serenity. Fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities 
make longer stays easy here. www.aston-hotels.com. 364 
units. Kitchens, putting green, 4 tennis courts, 2 pools, 
hot tub, sauna, children's programs (ages 5-12), laundry 
facilities, A/C. AE, MC, V. 

Address: 3543 Lower Honoapi'ilani Hwy., Honokowai, HI 
96761, USA
Phone: 808/669-4848 or 800/922-7866
Fax: 808/922-8785

Banana Bungalow Maui Hostel 
Under $60, Wailuku 
A typical lively and cosmopolitan hostel, Banana Bungalow 
offers the cheapest accommodations on the island. Private 
rooms have one queen or two single beds; bathrooms are 
down the hall. Dorm rooms are available for $22 per night. 
Free daily tours to waterfalls, beaches, and Haleakala 
Crater make this a stellar deal. (Yes, the tours are free.) 
The property's amenities include free high-speed Internet 
access in the common room, kitchen privileges, a Jacuzzi, 
and banana trees ripe for the picking. Tucked in an out-of-
the-way corner of Wailuku, the old building has splendid 
mountain views. www.mauihostel.com. 38 rooms. BBQ, kitchen, 
laundry facilities, Internet; no a/c. MC, V. 

Address: 310 N. Market St., Wailuku, HI 96793, USA
Phone: 808/244-5090 or 800/846-7835

Bambula Inn 
$60 to $150, Lahaina 
This casual sprawling house in a quiet Lahaina residen-
tial area has two studio apartments, one attached to the 
house and one freestanding. No breakfast is served; this 
is a move-in-and-hang-out beach house. Just across the 
street is a small beach, and moored just offshore is a 
sailboat hand-built by the owner. He likes to take his 
guests out for whale-watching and sunset sails, no charge. 
He also provides snorkel equipment. This is a friendly, 
easygoing way to visit Lahaina. www.bambula.com. 2 
studios. Fans, kitchens, kitchenettes, cable TV; no a/c 
in some rooms. AE, D, MC, V. 

Address: 518 Ilikahi St., Lahaina, HI 96761, USA
Phone: 808/667-6753 or 800/544-5524
Fax: 808/667-0979


Aloha Mixed Plate 
Hawaiian, Under $7 to $20, Lahaina 
Set right on the ocean, this funky open-air bar and 
restaurant is a great place for "ono grinds" -- good 
food in Hawaiian slang. Crispy coconut prawns, taro 
burgers, shoyu chicken, and kahlua pork are favorite 
island comfort foods (these are the things local kids 
daydream about when they're sent away to college). You 
too can indulge in these Hawaiian treats at this awe-
some outdoor location. AE, D, DC, MC, V. 

Address: 1286 Front St., Lahaina, HI, USA
Phone: 808/661-3322

Blue Marlin Harborfront Grill & Bar 
Seafood, $7 to $30, Ma'alaea 
This is a casual, less expensive alternative to the 
Waterfront Restaurant. It's as much a bar as it is a 
grill, but the kitchen nonetheless sends out well-
prepared, substantial servings of fresh fish, burgers, 
and salads. The sidewalk tables have a lovely view of 
the harbor. AE, MC, V. 

Address: Ma'alaea Harbor Village, at Old Ma'alaea Rd. 
and Honoapi'ilani Hwy., next to Maui Ocean Center, 
Ma'alaea, HI, USA
Phone: 808/244-8844

Hula Moons 
Hawaiian, $12 to Over $30, Wailea 

This delightful oceanside spot is full of memorabilia 
chronicling the life of Don Blanding, an artist and poet 
who became Hawai'i's unofficial ambassador of aloha in 
the 1930s. The vegetarian appetizer of fresh pohole ferns, 
Hana tomatoes, and Kula onions is fabulous. Try the bamboo-
steamed whole moi, a fish once reserved for Hawaiian 
royalty, or the tangy braised short ribs. Sunday brunch is 
one of the most lavish on the island, and the wine list is 
extensive. You can dine inside, poolside, or on the terrace. 
AE, D, DC, MC, V. 

Address: Marriott Wailea Resort, 3700 Wailea Alanui Dr., 
Wailea, HI, USA
Phone: 808/879-1922

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