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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Dream On

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Issue date: Saturday, May 20, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Last week's issue of the Paranormal Insider was devoted to 
a researcher who theorizes that the horrors that took place 
at Abu Gharib prison can be traced back to 9/11. 

This week's issue was to highlight your responses to him. 
However, a meltdown in the e-mail system has made it 
impossible to access those comments. Hopefully, the tech 
people will soon resolve the problem because I'm eager to 
share what you have to say.  Oh well. In a lighter vein, 
here are dream interpretations based on The Dreamer's 
Dictionary, by Lady Steam Robinson and Tom Corbett. Called 
"the most complete and revealing guide to interpreting your 
dreams ever published," this classic book is hard-to-find 
but highly recommended.

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Dream On.

If your dream featured any of the following subjects, 
here's what it means, based on The Dreamer's Dictionary: 

If you dreamed of winning this prestigious amateur talent 
contest, you are being cautioned against arrogance and 
reminded of what goes before a fall. But a dream of 
rejoicing in this achievement by a friend or relation is 
a forerunner to happy family news. Of course, if you are 
already an American Idol winner, the dream has no 

Be prepared for a period of hard work against hostile 
forces if you saw blood in your dream. If you were 
bleeding, try to avoid any sort of controversy with 
friends or relatives. However, if the blood involved a 
transfusion, you can expect your difficulties to be over 

Meat bones signify business reverses. Human bones indicate 
a coming inheritance. Fish bones suggest you should 
schedule a medical check-up.

Be prepared to sit out a rather extended period of boredom 
if you dreamed of this dull boiled cereal.

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Dream A Little Dream For Me.

To dream of writing a novel portends trouble and vexation, 
but to dream of reading one augurs happy social activity 

Whether you ate them, bought them, fried them or just 
looked at them, the inclusion of these round goodies in 
your dream forecasts travel. If you weren't expecting to 
go on a journey, you'd better get ready. And if you WERE 
expecting to travel, you'd be smart to prepare for a longer
trip than you anticipated. 

When you dream of fizzy soft drinks like Coke, exciting 
events lie ahead in your personal life. A dream about any 
sweet, syrupy non-carbonated drink predicts a passionate 
love affair. However, drinking an alcoholic beverage from 
a 40 oz. bottle indicates an unsatisfactory romantic 
experience in the foreseeable future.

Oddly enough, a dream of hay in the sunshine is a warning 
that you are on the verge of serious financial straits and 
should take measures to cut your debts. But when accompanied
by cloudy or dull weather, hay predicts unexpected money 
will be coming your way. 

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Perchance To Dream.

Toasted on the end of a stick or eaten straight from the 
bag, dreams of these mushy morsels signify you are about 
to meet an unusual new friend of the opposite sex. Romance 
may or may not be involved, but the relationship will be 
pleasant and highly memorable.

If your dream features the saliva of a dog, it indicates 
that you are needlessly concerned about the loyalty of a 
friend or colleague. A dream of the saliva of a horse is 
a forecast of prosperity. Dreaming of the saliva of any 
other animal suggests you will shortly find a way to over-
come your present obstacles by using your wits.

To dream of wearing comfortable sandals predicts a new 
romance. But if the sandals hurt your feet they portend 
irritation involving small amounts of money, such as 
lacking change for the parking meter.

For a woman, a dream of using or buying cosmetics is a 
very fortunate omen. But if a man has such a dream, it 
is a warning of possible business or personal reverses 
due to the aging process.

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