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Publication: Doonsbury Comic Strip
The greatest recruiting tool in the history of terrorism!

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MicroGrip Non*Slip-Pads

The concept product our cars have been waiting for!

MicroGrip Non*Slip-Pads are state-of-the-art technology.
Securely hold objects in place through sharp turns and sudden
stops. No more stuff flying in the back seat.

Millions of microscopic grips act as invisible suction cups,
without glue or sticky tapes that melt in the sun.

MicroGrip works on any surface in any temperature and humidity
level. Hold cell phones, coins, garage door openers, IDs,
wallets, PDAs, portable CD players, glasses & more. Only $5.99
or 2 for $4.99 each.

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Do you think our nation should go to war with Iran?

It's Fast-Paced... It's Contagious... It's Fun...

LCR is a game that will no doubt be an INSTANT FAVORITE!

I discovered this at a friends house a few months ago and
have become addicted to it. Here's the fascinating story
about this game. It's been out on the market for over 10
years, but just recently has become SO POPULAR.

Originally this game was developed to teach kids their left
and right but now it's sweeping the nation... The reason?

A couple of college kids came up with the idea instead of
using the enclosed chips, use three quarters. At the end
whoever has the last quarter wins all the money.

So gather up three or more players and let the fun begin.
This game is great for all ages and could keep the fun
"rolling" for hours. Order one set today for $7.99 or save
on 2 or more. Just $5.99 each. Check it out:

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