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Publication: In the Courts
Has he been served?

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          IN THE COURTS - Friday, April 14,2006
   "Straight answers to tough questions from people going  
     through real divorces from a top divorce lawyer."
       By Jim Gross, Esq. http://www.MDDIVORCELAWYERS.com

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How do I know when my husband has been served the citation? 
-- Kate


Kate: If service is by mail, you will get a return receipt. 
If by private process server, they will usually notify you. 
If by sheriff, then you may have to check the court file by 
calling the clerk or actually going to the courthouse. 


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As part of our divorce settlement, I agreed to a 50-50 
split of the money when my husband's company was sold. 
He reported to me that the most he would receive would 
be $60,000 so my half would be $30,000. Two weeks before 
his company sold, he sent me a check for $30,000 to cover 
this agreement. His portion of the company selling was 
not $60,000 but $600,000.I believe that he misled me since 
he was a partner in the company at the time and purposely 
gave me a false verbal report of the company's worth at 
the time we were dividing property.Do I have legal recourse 
to recoup the rest of what should be my 50%? -- Diana


Diana: The court will enforce the terms of the agreement, 
but only if you ask it to, by motion or petition.


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In a divorce case, is it preferable to have a female or 
male attorney represent a female client? -- Pat


Pat: I think there are more important things than gender 
to consider when selecting an attorney, like experience, 
skill and trust.

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